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The only Deviant member who still has no clue what all that Llama thing is about...


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TDBK Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
StoryKillinger Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You are not the only one brother...

I guess its a way to score liquidsex with pageviews. The llamas i mean.
StrawberryCucumber Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Hey I still have no idea what this 'llama badge' business is all about! :D

Also I found you through a forum thread about the dystopian wars minis (that I can't for the life of me remember the name of... lolz :B )

I'm not well versed in complicated 'hobby' games or minis but I'm diving in head first as I intend to try my hand at this 'painting miniatures' business! :P

Wish me luck! XD
Archibald-TK Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
Ah Dystopian War... maybe one day I'll manage to get my hands on one of these minis. I was very interested by that game some months ago but it's so difficult to get the actual models that I'm beginning to think that that game doesn't exist and is just the fruit of my imagination. :p

I wish you good luck with your first painted miniatures. Don't hesitate to use small metal models instead of plastic ones for your first try as you can easily clean them so they are very good when you're not 100% sure how the final paint will look like and you're testing different combination of colors.

After that on the other hand, you'll see that plastic miniatures are quite nicer to paint and manipulate, while metal ones, especially the big ones, will hate you, and you will hate them too :D
L-tech Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
Also I'd like to kindly request for two compatibility patches for popular Morrowind mods:

1. Necessities of Morrowind 3.03 - if I remember right this mod adds an important merchant to St. Delyn Plaza in Vivec. There is also a tutorial that explains how to change existing objects (like water supplies, ovens etc.) to be compatible with NOM.

2. Starfires NPC Additions 1.11 - it is an alternative to MCA. In my opinion it's a lot better because it has the aim of adding NPC's that perfectly blend in and maintain the feel of vanilla morrowind.
Archibald-TK Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011

As soon as the mod enters the final step of beta I'll reopen the thread on the Bethesda forums (or create a new one). You are of course free to translate it as much as you want (I personally started modding years ago by doing translations):)

Last version was 100% compatible with Necessities of Morrowind up to the last bottle (I just have to add the merchants), as for Starfire I'll have to check that mod first as I don't remember it at all.
L-tech Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
Hi Archibald-TK,

I'm really glad you came back to modding morrowind. Open Top Vivec mod is simply amazing. Keep it up! I think that it is a good idea to show your work in official bethesda forum (Morrowind mods section) as way to get more exposure.

I'd like to translate the final version into Polish, if you don't mind.

Olovni Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Dear archibald, i looked over your gallery and frankly, i have to ask you:
Who hit you over the head and presuaded you that you are a rusty painter?! Those paintjobs are awesome, they're well above average, in the upper classes definetley. Yes there is room for improvement, but we're talking mastering specific NMM techiques and similar high-end stuff.
I LOVE how you paint, it's effective, good, well explained, WELL PRESENTED IN GOOD PHOTOS, and with a dose of self-criticism needed to improve your own work and to inspire others to improve theirs.

Keep up the good work.
Archibald-TK Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
Thank you for the kind words.

Well, when it comes to miniatures I have flaws that are not obvious when you look at a pic:
- I paint slowly, and by slowly I mean sloooooooooooooooooooooooooowly.
- I lack focus and can let a miniature unfinished for weeks if not months.
- I'm lazy, I use shortcuts and cheats anytime I can while painting. My Tau are a perfect example, I'm using a single color lightning on the edges instead of a two step lightning simply because the intermediate color would require mixing two colors and I don't want to be forced to find the good ratio every time I need to do a correction.
- I can't sculpt green stuff, seriously I can't assimilate the most basic principles of sculpting. I can plug holes and do basic shapes, but if I try to use a sculpting tool the chain reaction will cause my miniature to implode.
- I can't draw even if my life depended on it (unless you want an Imperial Eagle to look like a rabid gerbil). So doing freehand is out of the equation.

Add to that that there are only two type of players around me, those who don't paint at all and those who paint better than me, and you can understand why, while I was optimistic when I came back to the hobby for the first time in a decade, I now realize how far behind I actually am. :(
Olovni Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
oh relax, you're far from behind. Trust me ;)

As for your "flaws", using shortcuts is not a flaw. Everyone does that, and proper use of a shortcut to get a better desired effect than a longer-route would is a mark of a true master painter. As for greenstuff, leave that to us sculptors and designers ;)

Freehand, like everything else in painting, is learned through patience and practice. And since you paint your minis as long as i do (or longer, hehe :) ), it will come to you. Just don't let your locals harras you, they might be better than you, but they're far from good, and you're in no way unable to reach or even surpass their level.

There is a neat trick i figured out on how to speed up my miniature painting - i do speedpaint tournaments from time to time. You know, paint a mini in under 2 hours. Loads of fun, really tests your skills. You should try it.
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