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used Vincent Cassel face (screenshot from Le Pacte Des Loups) as base for painting over

4hrs, Photoshop CS5, '2010

you can also visit my website IDOLUM.ORG
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Beautiful work!

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I love the tone of his skin, looks like porcelain, almost translucid =)
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You are amazing. Such a handsome man
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He looks awesome, and kind of reminds me of Malfoy's father in Harry Potter 
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The face sold me on this painting. Excellent rendering.
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Very regal and commanding.
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Amazing! Majestic, powerful and imposing.
Vincent Cassel? oO
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Thank you much! :D
Yes, he is. ;D
Kind of reminds me of Elu Thingol... kind of strange, cuz I haven't even thought about all that stuff in years. But that's definitely what came to mind when I saw this. Nice work ;)
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He looks like a very talented mage, or an elf king . . . or a Malfoy lol. SO gorgeous, his hair is beautiful. Your art is beautiful, all of it, and I've been stalking your gallery for about two hours now just looking, looking, admiring . . . you're SO talented, gah!
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Thank you very much! ^___^
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I love this, it's so beautiful. Your pictures have given me much inspiration
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Amazing... well done! :D
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a very aristocratic vampire elder sort of look. I love it!
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:jawdrop: utterly beautiful!
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