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  • Please read ALL of the rules before asking anything.

Bullet; GreenMy stock pictures are completely free to use! You don't have to ask me if you can use it. :3

Bullet; GreenCredit me. I do not wanna see people using my pictures without giving me some cred for them. I'm still en main owner of them and if you're just gonna take my pictures to piss me off then you can get your pretty bum out of here.

Bullet; GreenYou can use my stocks to anything. Yes you can use my pictures just like they are on other websites like, and so on. As long as you give me the cred for the pictures then its totally fine.

Bullet; GreenUse them for ref. pictures to drawings are okay, I would be really happy if you could link me the drawing so that I can see what you do with my stocks. :) 

Bullet; GreenFree linearts and pre-cuts can be allowed if you nicely ask me first and shows me what picture you want to make a free lineart off or make a pre-cut. Don't forget to credit me for the picture.

Bullet; GreenPlease follow the rules I do this for you guys so that more people can use stock pictures, but I don't wanna see people using them without giving any cred. It this happens way to often, I will stop giving people promission to use my pictures.

Bullet; GreenDo not use them for any sign of harm, discrimination, sexually use or anything racist.

  • You can credit me with using my DeviantArt name or my real name (Felicia Olofsson). 
  • Anything that you don't understand or any questions? Feel free to contact me!