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Star Trek Star Chart

By ArcherXX
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Based heavily on the book "Star Trek Star Charts" this is a large high resolution map unifying the various maps and charts included within the book.
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how do you get you pitchers to zoom in so far?
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I use Adobe Flash for the line art which can then be resized without loosing resolution, then render out to a PNG format which seems to have lower compression loss than JPEG.
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thank you mister
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
Your map's very helpful. I've been doing some sector worldbuilding for an AU Star Trek saga
I'm working on and I've been trying to figure out where to put the sector!

GOD bless
John 3:16
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Always a fan of fan fiction, you will have to link me when you feel ready.

I recomend double checking my names against Memory Alpha and Beta, as i made some mistakes in this original version i was working from very poor scans of the ST: Star Charts and their have been a few revisions since then with the release of the Star Trek: Stellar Cartography Collection
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer

Here is info on the sector…

If you're curious as to where I put this sector check your own map :)
Star Trek Star Chart by ArcherXX

I finally decided to put it in the empty sector (square) south of Talos.
The people of this sector first made contact with the Federation in 2165 not long after it was founded
so it couldn't be too far away. Of course maps might be entirely different in the Abrams Star Trek.

You can see art for my series here…

And my stories here…

My stories take place in an AU of the Abramsverse where Kirk leaves the Enterprise shortly after
becoming captain and accepts command of a different ship.

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If i remember Talos is 160 lightyears from earth. (343 Days at warp 7 [TOS Scale], or just over a year into a 5 year mission)

Im not really a fan of the JJ Abrams take on trek, i didnt mind the last movie but the rest i found a bit frustrating, The JJ verse seems to lack consistancy in how its tech works prefering to substitute consistancy for the sake of the plot but thats just my opinion, others like it so it must be doing something right, just a matter of taste i guess.

Best advice i could give (and im not a writer so it would just be my opinion) is to resist the urge to "invent" some technology or ability to solve a problem. Voyager fell into this trap a few times it makes your characters and your plot appear smarter when the characters are able to resolve the problem using what they have on hand. If there is a problem to solve then that should be a plot point in the story (Solving the problem)
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SeekHimHobbyist Writer
I used this chart for warp reference.
I've tended to measure distance by sectors.
In the early days of the Federation, ships travelled at warp 5.
At warp 5 it takes a month to cross a sector so I figured that since the Norayis Sector
is about six sectors away it should take six months to reach it.
By TOS Kirk's time ships are faster and it takes 19 days to cross a sector, so at warp 6
they could reach it in 120 days.

Star Trek Warp Chart by omegadjin

I can understand your not caring for the Abrams verse sometimes. I personally like it,
but sometimes I get irritated with their lack of consistency.
For instance getting to Kronos from Earth and back in only 1 day!
But at the same time I like the idea of faster warp because it takes less time to get somewhere! :)

The Prime verse could get a bit confusing with warp too. In DSN Quark often visits his home on Fereinginar.
Feringinar is a few sectors away from DSN but instead of taking days to get there he's there and back in one

In another DSN episode 'Valiant' a crewmembers explains that their ship had been on a mission to circumanavigate
the entire Federation. The mission was only supposed to last a year. Seems even at warp 9 it should have taken longer.

Truthfully I usually ignore maps. I'm trying to boldly go where no one has gone before after all! ;)
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Depends on which scale you are using, the warp speed scale was recalibrated for TNG, TOS and Enterprise used an old scale (When speeds were slower and you could go "faster" than warp 10[not the same as warp 10 in later series]) TNG, DS9 and Voyager used a different scale. As far as i remember the JJ Verse doesnt seem to have "Warp speeds" they just engage it.

Another problem is more in the scope and feel of the universe. If your characters can go anywhere in the galaxy in a couple of days then from a settings perspective you make things seem smaller, subconciously anyway.

Its the same issue we had with the space program in the 70s and the space shuttle, men were going to the moon every few months, the shuttle was going up three or four times a year, exploration had become "mundane" because of how accessible it was.

Its not as noticable in a movie where you can push things like that into the background, but for a series of stoties it can be noticable. You end up with that infamous trope "Always the only ship in range" which if your ships can go super fast is less easy to accept on face value.
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Leopold002Hobbyist Writer
Love Star Trek!
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