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My Bio
I always hate these things, how to sum up yourself in X amount of words, seems so Shallow and egotistical May as well be named tell the world How awesome you are.... Anyway...

I'm a 26 year old man child, with a love of Sci-Fi, Fan Fiction, Manga and Cartoons. I love Nartuo, Animaniacs, Pinky and The Brain, Kingdom Hearts, Fallout 3, Game Modding, and almost every kind of music but mainly Classical.

Current Residence: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga/Toon Style
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Yakko Warner
Personal Quote: "I'd Come up with something Profound but I'm far too drunk to be coherent"

Favourite Movies
Summer Wars, The Girl Who Leapt through Time
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rock Sugar
Favourite Games
Fallout 3/New Vegas
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Animation, Anime, Writing, Game Design, Antagonizing the United Nations

A Thanks

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I just wanted to waste a couple of words saying thanks to everyone who fav'd commented and added the Yakko Photoshop to their groups. So big thanks to everyone.
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Yes i know i never got round to produced a 100 greatest figures in animation history, i didn't forget but my commitments to Excalibur have left me far to little time to spend on much else, not that i'm complaining since that project is becoming so much fun to work on right now. I also had to put all my video projects on hold since i simply don't have the time to commit to them fully which i'm a bit disappointed at but can live with. I'm not stopping my Toon style projects. If i have some free time i may add more Animations to the list, i have a separate Yakko and Wakko sheet now although my Yakko one has been damaged badly by a mixture of a
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No Surprises

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So No surprises the journalist i was trying to get in touch with RE: the 100 greatest people in animation history failed to respond to me... figures. Not that it matters too much anyway i read and researched that list a bit more and it was... questionable.. of course its all opinionated and you can debate everything endlessly. Still it does mean i have to start a new list from scratch, which i'm only slightly annoyed by. Sometimes i wish there was more time in the day, then i would be able to  spend time on all my projects....or play minecraft more.... the latter is the more likely scenario since i seem to have developed some sort of addict
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Your Animaniacs drawings are really good, man. c:

I notice you're from the UK! What part? I've visited England and Scotland.


I found that a lot of people here in the U.S. don’t know much about their own country,

much less anyone else's.  :(


I post prayer updates about different countries. Part of the reason is to raise awareness

about what's going on in the rest of the world. Recently I’ve started my own private initiative; if I notice someone on DA  is from another country, if I've done their country I let them know. It’s my way of letting them know that others are thinking about their home. :)


These updates are about your home!



Pray for EnglandEngland is part of the United Kingdom and makes up the central/southern part of Great Britain.
It is bordered by Scotland in the north and Wales in the west, the Irish Sea
in the north west, the Celtic Sea in the south west, the North Sea in the east
and the English Channel in the south.
The country includes over 100 smaller islands including Portsea Island,
the Isles of Scilly, the Isle of Wight and the Isle of Sheppey.
London is the capital and largest city.
The population is over 53 million.
The name 'England' means 'Land of the Angles'.
English is the most widely used language in the world.
London was founded by Rome in 43 A.D.
According to legend Glastonbury Abbey was founded by Joseph of Arimathea
during the 1st century.
Sherwood Forest is a Royal Forest in Nottinghamshire, England.
It is famous for its association with the legend of Robin Hood.
The University of Oxford (founded 1096) is the oldest university in the English-speaking world,
and the 2nd oldest surviving unive


Pray for ScotlandScotland is a country that occupies the northern third of the island of Great Britain
and is part of the United Kingdom.
It is bordered by England in the south, the North Sea in the east, the Atlantic Ocean
in the north and west and the North Channel and Irish Sea in the southwest.
Scotland also has over 790 islands including the Shetland Isles, Northern Isles
and the Hebrides.
The population is over 5 million.
Edinburgh, the capital and 2nd largest city.
Glasgow is the largest city.
"Scotland" comes from Scoti, the Latin name for the Gaelic celtic tribes.
The national flag of Scotland has been in use since the 9th century
and is the oldest national flag in the world still in use.
The Shetland Pony was originally bred in the Shetland Isles.
The Highlands are a region in northwestern Scotland.
The area is known for its many mountain ranges.
Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British isles is located in the Highlands.
Inverness, located in the Highlands, is the northernmost cit

Northern Ireland

Pray for Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland consists of the north eastern section of the island of Ireland.
It is bordered by the Republic of Ireland in the south and west and the Irish Sea
and the North Channel in the east.
It is part of the United Kingdom.
Belfast is the capital and largest city.
The population is over 1 million.
The name Belfast means "(River) Mouth of the sandbar” or "(River) Mouth of the ford".
Ireland has historically been divided into four provinces:
Connacht  West
Leinster   East
Munster   South  
Ulster      North
Northern Ireland is located within Ulster.
Ulster means "Fifth of the Ulaidh” (A group of tribes)
Northern Ireland was once home to one of the largest ship builders in the world.
Hurling, an outdoor team sport of ancient Gaelic and Irish origin,
is thought to be the world's fastest field team game.
99.15%     White
0.41%      Asian  (6300 Chinese, 6,200 Indian)


Pray for IrelandIreland is an island located north west of Europe.
It’s separated from the neighboring island of Great Britain by the Irish Sea
and the North Channel in the east.
To the west is the northern Atlantic Ocean and to the south is the Celtic Sea.
Politically, Ireland is split into two nations:
The Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland, (Part of the United Kingdom).
The population of the Republic of Ireland is over 4 million.
Dublin is the capital.
Ireland is the 3rd largest island in Europe and the 20th largest island on Earth.
It is often called the Emerald Isle due to its lush vegetation.
The illuminated manuscript the Book of Kells  was made in Ireland.
The Irish Setter and Irish Wolfhound were originally bred in Ireland.
Ireland has historically been divided into four provinces:
Leinster  East
Ulster    North
Munster   South  
Connacht  West
14% of Canada’s population, are of Irish descent.
12% of Americans are of Irish descent (36 mil


Pray for WalesWales is a country on the island of Great Britain and a member of the United Kingdom.
It is bordered by England in the east and the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea in the west.
Cardiff is the capital and largest city.
The population is over 3 million.
The name "Wales" means ‘Foreigner’, or ‘Stranger’.
The modern Welsh name for themselves is ‘Cymry’, which means ‘Fellow-countrymen."
Wales has over 750 miles of coastline, and is largely mountainous.
Wales has over 600 castles.
Wales has one of the oldest literary traditions in Europe.
Wales is often referred to as ‘The Land of Song&rsquo
It has also been known for its harpists, male choirs, and solo artists.
The Welsh Pony and Welsh Corgi dog both originated in Wales.
The Tudor Dynasty, which ruled England from 1485-1603, was of Welsh origin.
Colin Ray Jackson, (b  1967)
A sprint and hurdling athlete.
Olympic silver medalist and three time world champion.
Joseph Wil

Isle of Man

Pray for the Isle of Man by SeekHim


GOD bless

John 3:16

Im from the north east, a town called Newcastle a few miles from the coast.

While im not a religious person myself i still appreciate the gesture thank you.

Oh fun fact:  The clock tower isn't "big ben" its acctually called the Elizabeth Tower the bell inside the tower is "Big Ben" its a common misconception. ;)
I'm working on an Animaniacs Fallout 3 mod :D