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playing my emphases like harp strings your voice smokes thru the oaken bramble pour a carbonated apology, a sun-stained mile marked envelope, two ill-fitted birds, hands small holes right before a rush of river what it feels like being swallowed from the outside crushing rings into truth serum, pretend to be out of tune with that deception I have been unable to parse my own persona a pink cotton voice I remember thru the phone I remember because it formed me into a granary one crop after another of patriarchal idioms whisper my secrets so softly into a glint of red hair a saucer-eyed lace pattern cut into pine paper I practice radical self lo
love + other features essential to the species
you have been a handful of little connections to me / growing in diagrammatic blooms, giving off breaths & linear ribbons you have been a convex figure, parallel & pointing a complex arrangement of threadlike roses to express this requires terminology familiar only to those who have studied the impossible a heart light at the narrow / a center longer than long
anaphoric trash poem scrambles to explain absence
i'm handful of sober eyes i'm sliver of curve i'm clingy silver i'm little enveloping aggression i'm tenderness doubled i'm column of bitter lips i'm accidental orange tree i'm parallel to anodyne i'm ablative of fingertips i'm swirl of hollow mouths i'm throw to the first space i'm crushed cosmic chaos i'm rouge page turner i'm effective butterfly i'm faded obscurity i'm electropop Antigone i'm slick of apple butter i'm tremble of maternal salt i'm river hostage i'm Wednesday mass of the unipolar i'm triggered religion i'm beckoning lace of spinal fluid i'm puff of misted oak i'm heart-held engagement i'm a fade letting go i'm more ancient
degenerate aesthetic
Out all day carving windows into the sun to see the sky fill with newborns making labile signatures. Another fleet of events & causes and you lose your neck in the coming together of psychics & almanacs. For you alone, a sculptress tills the surface of the oceanic and to you alone, the abyss comes forth in colors, in flowers, like daughters having been given astronomical names. Here, a quiet of nitrogen diffuses pacific laughter over brick houses that should have been glimmers in the mist kicked up by our revolutions, but navigating your skin was such a pleasurable divination.
evolution poem
but I believe to seek unbecoming is more cultivated than stretching out the leaky fibers of a semi- circular self-image until they spiral into uncontrollable forests, cauterizing eyelids; yes, unbecoming, like picking bones out of a salmon's chest.
insomnia to keep you close
falling asleep with the windows open, with morning curling around you like a drop of blue ink in a glass of water, turquoise and unwritten; remembering when early dawn was a secret you kept in a soft, aortic pocket— your dead lighter spinning to the floor of Lake Ontario, a halo of its bygone, synergetic flame.
He said he was afraid of the ocean
Spring's splattering blood orange dust on branches fallen into place and when I scratch my skin open, it's because I want to see it bloom, red and icosahedral. Our mosaical tome of shifting tenses questions the swift years dwelling behind my teeth. I offered you handfuls of pink diamonds with green dirt caught under my nails and I expected you to tear my throat out of my neck, but I can't come with the sound of the sea rushing through the architecture, your body keeping house for all your slender ghosts. Here we're so electrified and warm, the air pressure inside our lungs so low that we could drown in breath but I would rather be s


Things having to be returned to their transparency:        i.        / green mist-earth / knit         atmosphere / fathomless         blue-lavender / lights         spun out from light         ii.         are recalcitrance / and you         are convergence      & - a fingernail of summer         - a melting of rain         - a crown of flowers         - a priest of sunsets (beautiful? I love you, because. Zemi. Zemi. are you beautiful because I love you? Zemi?                                   )        iii.        I imagine this is what it's like to breathe sea foam        over the Cliffs of Moher: hydration. absolution.
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where ive been ???
in 2014 i was fucked up always on substances, false confidence, eagerness in 2015 i applied metaphysical structure, moved 6 times, loved somebody in 2016 i spent 5 months in a mental hospital & emerged a mindful lil spider somewhere in there i moved to virginia and re-started school ive written a handful of poems ~20 some of whom are being packaged up for publication rn how are you angels
*taps mic*
is this still on?? helloooo~~~
You are very amazing
and I miss you very much. And I know I have missed much, so, answer me this: who are some of your favorite new or under-appreciated poets here? or, what are some of your favorite deviations that have been added recently? I deleted mostly everything in my inbox because there were thousands of them. And everyone who just started watching me, come say hello! Also, some good news: I'm going back to college at the end of the month! I'm so excited. And tired, confused, nervous, but mostly excited. How are you?


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Greetings .I encourage you .on writing . Iam not writer to make myself some things .But I tell you .to keep moving .and take opinions from your real friends only .didn't care about else .This will give you motivation . I wish success and progress for you .Thanks
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Of Zemi? I want
to ask, and
of you 
there is no asking
only your unsaid
answers will do
yet that is enough

I shall put
myself as hook
as necessary

but indeed I
should throw
the books at you

yet too scared
am I still
of words of masters

a true poet’s words
are left wet 
at the nib of the pen
mixed with salt
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silvernium|Hobbyist Writer
you came back
before you
went away where
to this day i
cannot say except
over the river
and under the bridge
where fog is grey
thick and hides 
everything that
needs to be there
right now and not
.. here ..
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I'm glad to see you're still around and still writing :heart:
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Thank you for the :+fav: on feedback, Megan.
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Hey, I hope life is treating you well!  Peace and joy!
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insomaniac55|Hobbyist Writer

Thought you might like this poem. 


Hope you're doing well.
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