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Notepad++ Icon

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Because an Icon means .ico, not "here's a .png I made, go turn it into an icon yourself."

There are 8 sizes, from 256x256px through 8x8px.

The standard Notepad++ icon, depending on which you pick, is pixellated and meh. But I love Notepad++, so I scoured Google until I found an image. Took this from the image, and touched it up a bit in Photoshop - the individual who made it initially (can't even find the actual image on the webpage Google pointed me to, just the link to the image Google gave me) saved it as a .jpg so the quality was terrible. Made it better. And made it an icon, an actual .ico file, for all to actually use and not just stare at helplessly.

In any case, it's a snazzy icon for Notepad++. Enjoy!

EDIT: It was only after posting this that I double-checked via search on here of the Notepad++ icons that I found that another guy found the same image I did, and the link to it is here:… The downside is that that icon is only in 32x32 and 16x16 sizes, and not a full range. However, he did put his own spin on the image.
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Thanks for this Notepad++ Icon

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Taí rapaziada, o link do arq. ".ico"

Here is the ".ico" file.
(Made with Format Factory)
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Awesome thanks!