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Globidens Skull
Restored skull of the mosasaur Globidens phosphaticus, a sea reptile that lived in earth's oceans between 66-85 million years ago; this particular specimen is thought to have lived some 72 million years ago.  At 6m (20ft) in length, Globidens was a large mosasaur with a wide distribution, with specimens of the genus being found in North America, Africa, and Indonesia; the remains of the particular species was found in Angola.  The most unique features of Globidens was its more robust than usual skull and the semispherical, almost mushroom looking teeth it carried.  Both of these features were adaptations for crushing the armor of its preferred prey, which could range from small sea turtles, ammonites, and bivalves like oysters; indeed, while most mosasaurs had jaws and teeth that could crush ammonite shells, none had the specialization that Globidens did.  This particular skull cast, creating using 3D imaging, mold making, and casting due to the fragmentary nature of the remains found, is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History as part of the Sea Monsters Unearthed exhibit running until 2020.
Platecarpus Skull
Reconstructed skull of the mosasaur "Platecarpus" ptychodon, a sea reptile that lived in the waters of the nascent South Atlantic around 72 million years ago.  At 4.3m (14ft) in length, it was a rather mid-sized mosasaur, though remains found in the US, Belgium, and Africa suggest it was a transatlantic genus; the remains of this particular species was found in Angola.  The narrow snout and needle-like teeth, as well as the remains of its stomach contents in other specimens, suggest it was primarily an piscivore, or fish eater.  This particular skull was reconstructed from the fragmented remains of the actual specimen using 3D modelling, mold-making, and casting.  The skull is currently on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History as part of the Sea Monsters Unearthed exhibit, which will run until sometime in 2020.
Skeletal remains of the sea reptile Angolasaurus, a genus of mosasaur that lived in the South Atlantic around 88 million years ago.  It was not a large mosasaur - only about 4m (13ft) in length - it is one of the few, of not only, transatlantic mosasaurs of its time, with remains found in Angola, Niger, Brazil, and the US.  It is one of the oldest mosasaurs yet discovered in the South Atlantic.  This display is part of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's Sea Monsters Unearthed exhibit, which is scheduled to run until 2020.
Replica of the sea reptile Prognathodon, a genus of mosasaur that prowled the oceans between 66 and 84 million years ago.  Prognathodon was a wide ranging genus, with the remains of various species being found from ancient sea beds of North America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and New Zealand.  This particular skeleton is based on a remarkably well preserved skeleton of the species P. kianda. Found in Angola, the specimen is thought to be around 72 million years old and represents an individual that had grown 7m (23ft) in length before it died.  Among its remains were also the remains of three mosasaur heads in its gut, which gives scientists an window into what it ate - including cannibalism, as one skull belongs to a member of its species.  This particular skeleton is the centerpiece of a new exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Sea Monsters Unearthed, featuring several mosasaur fossils (as well as a couple of other sea reptiles) discovered in Angola and will run until 2020.


M. Hamilton
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So if you been reading, listening, or watching the news today, you know that President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.  According to the Washington Post, Obama won for "his work to improve international diplomacy and rid the world of nuclear weapons." (…).

My reaction: "What?" :?

Let's not get the wrong idea here: I like Obama, I voted for him last November, and I wish him the best.  But I'm not so in love with the guy that I'm not questioning what he's actually done to deserve the award.  Most recipiants either accomplish something major or spend a lifetime on a cause before they recieve the award.  I understand the concept of "A for effort," but seriously, I can't list anything Obama's actually done in the eight or nine months he's been office to deserve this award.  I think the Nobel committee in Norway jumped the gun on this: they should have waited at least a year before even considering Obama.

Still, I congratulate President Obama on the award and hope it leads to bigger and better things in the future.

On a more personal note, I will be heading down to Richmond, VA tomorrow (10/10)to visit the Metro Richmond Zoo.  It's a one day trip, so I won't be away for more than a few hours (at the most).  I will post a few pictures of the animals there here, along with a larger "album" on my Facebook page.

Later gators. :flagus:
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