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VZ Royal Ride

Please vote at DBH at [link]

Collab with ~saltyshadow for von zipper contest at DBH.

Please do vote for the tee at [link]

You just have to register which doesnt even take a minute and is very simple and vote.

Thankyou so much for all your support :heart:
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that is awesome, I couldn't even begin to start designing something like this!! sooo many things in it! great work!
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hey your art is awesome! If you have time check out my t-shirt designs, and if ya like any vote :) thanks for your support

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Wow this is so awesome! :happy:
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wow nice work
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this realy good!!.. :star:
how do u do this?! also whats would u call the uhhh style... of art it is?? LoL
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wow me liks lol dis is super cool!!!

(\__/) this is bunnie...
(+'.'+) Coppie it and put it in you signature
(")_(") and let bunny rule the world!!!
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I'd be proud wearing such a T-shirt.
Are you doing those vectors with illustrator?
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Your art is truly inspirational.
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So inspiring and cool!! Got to download this one :)
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rawr colours!
trust me i am dazzled
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This work was featured on my Journal. [link]
Your works are wonderful!
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this is so amazing!! i love it :D great job
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this is wicked, kewl!
Its neat the mixture of colors. . . .

the usage of figures . . . .

beautiful. . .
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