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Tiger Beer : Energy

Artwork I did for Tiger Translate. Theme is energy
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This is amazing!
This is a very good display of creative intelligence! No advert designed like this would go un-noticed. This therefore helps the product to acquire a wider reach and sells faster. I love the art and creativity used in designing this copy. The only thing I noticed is that this advert does not include a warning or age restriction e.g "Not suitable for people under 18" Does this suggest that everyone can take this beer?
OMIEPRIYE TOLOFARI (Caleb University. Lagos, Nigeria)
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perfect art i like the colours
Hi! Great work!, I am learning photoshop do you know where I could find a tutorial to do this kind of drink advert graphic
(with a montage of many elements in the middle)
Thanks for the inspiration!
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love the colours!!
Great job!!!
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Perfect! Congratulations.
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Great art :) I like it

Carried in Cruzine: [link]
OMG!! i was meaning to do this myself (not turning out well...). This is like the pics on the coke and fanta bottles...sweet
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Excellent work!
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