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By archanN
updated my web showcase at:

Model photography by the wonderful *xKimJoanne


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This is great, i love how you did the clicing of the body, you did it well, the rock under water looks really as if its underwater so nice work there, the water is blended really well now the only thing that i was i bit choppy about is the drain voming out of her leg now if i can zoom in full scale 100% i might see different , imo the drainshould have been darkened if a little more shadow on her outer skin to make it look even more real and eye catching not to say it isn't already

all and all great work <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />
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Wow, your an amazing artist. This definitely touched me with one glance, made me wonder and imagine.
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very cool design! I like it alot!!
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woo hoo! i love the birds... they flow like smog in los angeles... no i kid... i kid. they flow like the fresh mountain air in a summers breeze. so fresh and serene. there! thats more like it!
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Amazing work, love it!
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So creative ,, Great art $$
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i like how you made it bright and sunny despite the fact that it doesn't consist of any usual sunny elements
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Great colorful artwork!
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Really excellent, beautiful work - well done :) =p
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this Rocks!!!
You're amazing!!!
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Dang she's got water on the knee.
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wow, this is great! :D how long time did it take you?
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waoooww... amazing
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Hey! I have featured this piece in my new journal that can be found on my front page --> =BloodAppleKiss :glomp:
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This pic is just...:toocool:
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Amazing work Bro. :headbang:
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Amazing details. Thanks for adding me on facebook again!
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Wow!)Amazing!Nice work!)+
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lovely! she reminds me of the dodo scene in alice where they are looking out for dry land. but everything is 'alice' with me. <3
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