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I really love working with 3D renders now, so the talented *tonare and me decided to come up with a mix of our styles. he gave me a 3d render and I really enjoyed working on the entire artwork with it. :heart:
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I have started up a new page and I am looking for both artists and photographers who wish to share their creativity with others. This is a place to where you will receive constructive criticism and positive feedback on your work of any media platform. I have taken a chance to look over some of your work in your gallery and I am very impressed. I would love to personally you to

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Cool!!! Downloaded :love:
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beautiful! great work :love:
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color is very well
very good job can u see my galary.I expect you to critique
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wooow:O it is awesome... how do you do something like this?...
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Great Job. Congratulations
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Very nice , the whole composite has great depth and awesome flow. :+fav:
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Wow man really nice job on this..
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very very nice work dude!!!!
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looks excellent faved ;)
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These crazy, abstract scenes look really difficult to make, I've only attempted something with even remotely similar effect recently and I had a hard time finding where to begin it all :phew: is this all "vector" work in Illustrator (excluding the 3D that is) or is it just clever Photoshopping :?
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hey bro.

apart from the 3d, the rest has been mostly done in photoshop :D

thanks a lot bro :heart:
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weow. i love it!!
it's so fresh!!
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nice experiment with 3d :)
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Really nice, love it! So much to look at...
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OMG, WOW, What do u use to make this, (whats the 3-D render thingy??)
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