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Microsoft - IE8

Art Direction and Illustration produced for the New Internet Explorer 8 Interactive website by Microsoft. You can view the live website at:

The globe is not the same one here, as it is the 3D globe in flash, and the live version has the complete web interface.


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internet explorer rules
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I would say this is quite a good advert. The imagery used depicts that Microsoft is accepted all over the world and the airplane suggests that it is accepted globally. But looking at this ad. critically, I would say it is too jam-packed i.e. there are too many activities playing at the background. Apart from this, the design is quite colourful and beautiful.
OMIEPRIYE TOLOFARI (Caleb University. Lagos, Nigeria)
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would be really good as a HD Wallpaper! Remember to visit my website in sig!
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Hi, You have been featured in my journal [link] :wave:
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Just creative, unique just beautiful.
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Very creative and profesional. Congratulations!
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Wow its very well done =D
I really didn't expect someone from DA to make a commercial for a company. Well about the browser, its safer than its previous versions yes but.. Not faster and easier to use. It just can't compete with browsers like Firefox. Many people use Explorer because its already on Windows.
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not a big fan of IE but i love this design!
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very very nice
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Wow. Impressive art. I'm not a fan of IE myself, but this is art, not the browser itself, and this art is extremely good. Nice job, and I love the textures and all. Very impressive. Wish I could do stuff like this... I can't even get my line arts scanned in correctly. -.-
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Very great graphic composition!
Look like a professionnal work!

Keep up this very good job! :)
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very nice work!! looks amazing
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Awesome. I don't mean to be rude but how much do you get paid for making something like this?
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If they've only gotten you on their advertising campaign...
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Your work is spectacular. It's amazing to see someone be able to work with large brands such as Microsoft, and Pepsi. Your website is bookmarked on my computer, and my whole family is amazed by your artwork. We are planning on buying a print soon ^_^
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so cool! love the perspective
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Pretty cool, nice and virbrant and definetily has that environmentally-friendly charm to it, which I'm assuming was required, cool job :earth:
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