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By archanN
*saltyshadow vs. ^archanN

the poem we are writing can be seen and felt.
do tell us what you feel about the poem?

it's really fun working with her as both our styles fuse very well together.


credits: lady is my *mjranum-stock
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fantastic. i would love to know how this was made.
thedesignaire's avatar
Very beautiful, Mr. Nair. Love it.
thedesignaire's avatar
Beautiful! Thanks a lot!
dagger3000's avatar
That is gorgeous!
Itoshiki-Ino's avatar
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! It's awesome!!!!!!
this picture it's very...I need more words xD
but I Love it, really I love it
mirelush's avatar
Beautiful work...and a very nice poem.
thepew's avatar
Wonderful! I love the composition.
Amany-o's avatar
amazing work
really great
visually poetic. love it
meryouma's avatar
très beau travail ! very very nice work
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I'm Writing You A Poem;
Of flowers as beautiful as U;
Of Butterflies as cute as U;
Of Feather that's as soft as U;
Though false i wish all this was true;
I'm writing you a poem,
I'm writing you a poem
Fantastic work!
shishibabyshyi's avatar
pass by, but really.....
love your design...
very nice and colorful....
mizzvision's avatar
I love your choice of colors and I love the shapes you do, Great Job :-)
TomasGouveia's avatar
I like this one a lot!
Icono-Graphic's avatar
wow that is fantastic, im actually amazed at how you did this
Sensitized's avatar
The colors makes me happy.
Amazing made ^^
babyface08's avatar
great ^^ i like the colors, the shapes and most the title :)
apochrypa's avatar
lovely mixing of the colours......really likedthe way u mix the colours wid one another !!


answer to life, the universe and everything = 42
mongoose-ink's avatar
ur work reminds me of brett whitely, except yours is more modern and a different subject matter.
modestNumber5's avatar
I love it! I've been looking for some art like this
raspete's avatar
wow. perfect for a t-shirt
jessicafaith's avatar
i cant stop lookin at this it's so amazingly put together. love it :)

what did you use to make this? photoshop?
undead-faery's avatar
This could come out with a great contest; to see who can interpret it most accurately or interestingly :D
Nuttinator's avatar
Seriously amazing; very beautiful! :heart:
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