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Hellsing Organization by ArchangelOfJustice12 Hellsing Organization :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 3 0 The Barony of Sugarland by ArchangelOfJustice12 The Barony of Sugarland :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 2 2 Flag of the Candy Kingdom by ArchangelOfJustice12 Flag of the Candy Kingdom :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 5 2 Pridestrivian Moldavian RepublicBall by ArchangelOfJustice12 Pridestrivian Moldavian RepublicBall :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 5 0 Farsight Enclaves by ArchangelOfJustice12 Farsight Enclaves :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 8 0 ErkadiaBall by ArchangelOfJustice12 ErkadiaBall :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 3 0 CountryBall Surrounded Meme by ArchangelOfJustice12 CountryBall Surrounded Meme :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 2 0 SarkisBall by ArchangelOfJustice12 SarkisBall :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 3 0 Greater People's Empire of China by ArchangelOfJustice12 Greater People's Empire of China :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 6 0 Free sovereign Soviet socialist republicBall by ArchangelOfJustice12 Free sovereign Soviet socialist republicBall :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 3 0 PlazlandBall 6 by ArchangelOfJustice12 PlazlandBall 6 :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 1 0 VikkStarBall by ArchangelOfJustice12 VikkStarBall :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 1 0 ChechneaBall 3 by ArchangelOfJustice12 ChechneaBall 3 :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 2 0 The New Wiscousin EmpireBall by ArchangelOfJustice12 The New Wiscousin EmpireBall :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 2 0 PlazlandBall 5 by ArchangelOfJustice12 PlazlandBall 5 :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 2 0 Stellar ColoniesBall by ArchangelOfJustice12 Stellar ColoniesBall :iconarchangelofjustice12:ArchangelOfJustice12 1 0


Mayonaise is not an Instrument by Anarchrist17 Mayonaise is not an Instrument :iconanarchrist17:Anarchrist17 6 2 Loud Kids watches Voltron by Anarchrist17 Loud Kids watches Voltron :iconanarchrist17:Anarchrist17 7 1 HTTYD Movies by Anarchrist17 HTTYD Movies :iconanarchrist17:Anarchrist17 10 0 Miguel's Disney Favorites by Anarchrist17 Miguel's Disney Favorites :iconanarchrist17:Anarchrist17 5 0 Friend Like Me by Anarchrist17 Friend Like Me :iconanarchrist17:Anarchrist17 2 77 Pharaoh's Quest: Mummy girls by PeteDRaptor Pharaoh's Quest: Mummy girls :iconpetedraptor:PeteDRaptor 10 8 All the Mummy Ladies 3 by PeteDRaptor All the Mummy Ladies 3 :iconpetedraptor:PeteDRaptor 31 11 Loud House Favorite Movie by 20jlucas Loud House Favorite Movie :icon20jlucas:20jlucas 5 11 Dinohotep Board Game by PeteDRaptor Dinohotep Board Game :iconpetedraptor:PeteDRaptor 25 13
Despicable Me (my Version) Meet Lincoln!
Lincoln walks into a coffee shop and sees a long line in front of him.
Lincoln: (sighs)
He pulls out something from his pockets. It was a freeze ray. He freezes the other customers.
Lincoln: Freeze Ray! Freeze Ray! Freeze Ray! (Laughs)
He walks to the front of the line and takes a cup of joe and a bag of pastries from a terrified cashier. For Lincoln and his Ten sisters, being super villains isn't easy.
Lincoln: We stole the Statue of Liberty!
Lisa: Actually, It's the small one from Las Vegas.
Rabbids: Awwww!
They have to control an army of rabbids. A rocket fires out of a bazooka and explodes in the crowd.
Rabbids: Bwaaaaahhhh!
Lori: Dave, Listen up please!
They have to outsmart a ruthless arch enemy. Mandark fires a beam at Lincoln's ship and it begins to shrink.
Mandark: (evil laugh)
Lincoln: A shrink ray?! NO!
Now he rides on the ship like a bike.
Lincoln: I hate that guy.
And their about to inherit...
Blossom: Hello?
Three small problems.
Lincoln: You will
:iconcartoonmaster01:cartoonmaster01 4 1
The Despicable House by Paula712 The Despicable House :iconpaula712:Paula712 12 16
OhYeahCartoonsFan's Despicable Me
Summary: A teen who delights in all things wicked, supervillain Hiro Hamada hatches a plan to steal the moon. Surrounded by an army of minion toons and his impenetrable arsenal of weapons and war machines, Hiro makes ready to vanquish all who stand in his way. But nothing in his calculations and groundwork has prepared him for his greatest challenge: three adorable orphan girls named Sophiana, Scootaloo and Sofia who want to make him their dad. Will Hiro wind up with Professor Tite-Gripp with a plan to steal the moon? Will the minion toons come up with some various plans? Will Sophiana, Scootaloo and Sofia be put back in the orphange with Hiro? Hiro must decide what to do to reform himself in time.
Gru -  Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6)
Victor "Vector" Perkins - Professor Tite-Gripp (Atomic Puppet)
Dr. Nefario - Wasabi (Big Hero 6)
Marlena Gru - Cass Hamada (Big Hero 6)
Kyle - Mightyena (Pokemon)
Margo Gru - Sophiana (Christmas Is Here Again)
:iconohyeahcartoonsfan:OhYeahCartoonsFan 3 15
Minions don't want what anymore by funnytime77 Minions don't want what anymore :iconfunnytime77:funnytime77 107 27 Minions Don't Want Teen Titans by funnytime77 Minions Don't Want Teen Titans :iconfunnytime77:funnytime77 72 79 Spongebob And Patrick Does'nt Like 2016 by funnytime77 Spongebob And Patrick Does'nt Like 2016 :iconfunnytime77:funnytime77 56 63 The Loud House in Despicable Me 2 by Dimensions101 The Loud House in Despicable Me 2 :icondimensions101:Dimensions101 9 3


Hellsing Organization
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Hellsing Organization or any characters in this show. They all belong to Kouta Hirano
The Barony of Sugarland
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Cuphead or any characters in this. They all belong to Studio MDHR
Earth/Terra Factions
Imperium of Amerika
Holy Britannian Empire (Code Geass)
Soviet Union
German Empire
Empire of the Rising Sun
Kingdom of Azadistan (Gundam 00)
Persian Empire
New Mongol Empire
Chinese Federation
Swedish Empire
Empire of Norway
Empire of Ethiopia
United Kingdom of Britain
United Kingdom of Italy
Spanish Empire
Kingdom of Portugal
Weimar Republic
Imperial Empire (Akame Ga Kill)
Kingdon of Thailand
Ottoman Empire
Arab Empire of Egypt
People's Republic of Yugoslavia
Third French Empire
Interstellar Factions
Galra Empire (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
The Cluster Empire (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
Galactic Empire (Star Wars)
Irken Empire (Invader Zim)
Greater Diamond Authority (Steven Universe)
Furon Empire (Destroy All Human)
Dalek Empire (Dr Who)
The Borg (Star Trek)
Ork Waaaghs (Warhammer)
Skaven Empire (Warhammer)
Zerg Swarm (Starcraft)
Yautja Clans (Alien/Predator)
Grox Empire (Spore)
Various Spore Empires (Spore)
Chimera (Resistance)
Locust Horde (Gears of War)
Helghast Empire (Killzone)


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