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Sweet home  by WhisperingDreamsart
ME: Sparring by R-Aters
ME: Violet Lights [Commission] by LadyTheirin
We're in This Together by loveshakarian
Commander Shepard Female
Stay with me by Razz8
Sylith Shepard by Pythagasaurus
Sylith Shepard by Pythagasaurus
Samus Shepard by Pythagasaurus
Garrus Vakarian
Garrus Vakarian by Shaya-Fury
Melodies of the Galaxy by ErinPrimette
The Princess and the Archangel by ErinPrimette
Finding the Iifa Tree by ErinPrimette
Female Shepard and Garrus
Found You by Razz8
N7 Day ~Shekarian by BandoleraRoja
ME: Lost In You {Shakarian} [Commission] by LadyTheirin
Garrus Vakarian Pin Design by mpcreates
Commander Shepard Male
FINAL HOURS - Mass Effect by Eddy-Shinjuku
A Lesson Never Learned by Zombie-Dealers
Shepard by LordVetinari1
Team Shepard by LordHayabusa357
Kaidan Alenko
Kaiden Alenko by Pythagasaurus
Kaiden Alenko by Pythagasaurus
Kaidan the Turian by Eji
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams by Pythagasaurus
Mass Effect - Ashley Williams by lux-rocha
Ashley by pixelgorilla
Ashley Williams by mpcreates
Liara T'Soni
Liara T'Soni by Pythagasaurus
Liara T'soni by Pythagasaurus
Liara T'soni by Pythagasaurus
Liara T'Soni: Mass Effect Squadmates by mpcreates
Jeff "Joker" Moreau
Jeff 'Joker' Moreau by Pythagasaurus
Jeff Joker Moreau by Pythagasaurus
He Who Laughs Best | Jeff Moreau by Reiko-Himezono-Lirka
Jeff joker Moreau by brinx-II
Tali'Zorah nar Rayya
Tali sketch by Shaya-Fury
Dynamic Dextro Duo: I got your back by Shaya-Fury
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy by Pythagasaurus
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy by Pythagasaurus
Urdnot Wrex
Urdnot Wrex by Pythagasaurus
Jack (Subject Zero) by Pythagasaurus
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor by Pythagasaurus
Kasumi Goto
Kasumi Goto by Pythagasaurus
Grunt by Pythagasaurus
Mordin Solus
Mordin Solus by Pythagasaurus
Legion by Pythagasaurus
Miranda Lawson
Miranda Lawson by Pythagasaurus
Thane Krios
Thane Krios by Pythagasaurus
Zaeed Massani
Zaeed Massani by Pythagasaurus
Samara by ElynGontier
I'll March till the Dawn Brings me Rest by Reiko-Himezono-Lirka
EDI (Enhanced Defence Intelligence) by Pythagasaurus
James Vega
Classy Black and White Vega by Dawgoyle
Temporary Squad Members
Mass Effect Allies
Jondum Bau by Pythagasaurus
Mass Effect Adversaries
Maya Brooks by Pythagasaurus
Group Pictures
Happy N7 Day And 10th Anniversary Of Mass Effect by BarbDBarb
Others in mass Effect
Band of Mass Effect Sisters by Shaya-Fury
OC in mass effect
Thank you... by GuardianOfNightmares
Mass Effect Comics
ProtoEffect: Amazing Guy by CyberII
Mass Effect Figures
Dat Mass by CyberII
Archangel Wallpaper by PVF73
My first birthday gift by Safaria2016
Mass Effect Crafts
Happy B-day to me =] by Shaya-Fury
Nihilus Kryik by Pythagasaurus
Mass Effect items
Dog tags with Garrus by Katlinegrey


Squad Selection by KStarrLynn Squad Selection :iconkstarrlynn:KStarrLynn 33 25 Garrus 02 by PostaKiwi Garrus 02 :iconpostakiwi:PostaKiwi 15 2 Sexy Alien by GalooGameLady Sexy Alien :icongaloogamelady:GalooGameLady 164 12 Vakarian by Hayter Vakarian :iconhayter:Hayter 614 69 ME2 Out of Reach #1 Cover by Telikor ME2 Out of Reach #1 Cover :icontelikor:Telikor 52 17 ME2 Out of Reach #1 - page 01 by Telikor ME2 Out of Reach #1 - page 01 :icontelikor:Telikor 32 3 ME2 Out of Reach #1 - page 02 by Telikor ME2 Out of Reach #1 - page 02 :icontelikor:Telikor 28 2 ME2 Out of Reach #1 - page 03 by Telikor ME2 Out of Reach #1 - page 03 :icontelikor:Telikor 48 7 ME2 Out of Reach #1 - page 04 by Telikor ME2 Out of Reach #1 - page 04 :icontelikor:Telikor 35 7 Garrus Vakarian by Me4Fan Garrus Vakarian :iconme4fan:Me4Fan 100 3 Garrus_Xstitch by Zeephra Garrus_Xstitch :iconzeephra:Zeephra 20 9 No Tali, after you by 88y53 No Tali, after you :icon88y53:88y53 4 2 My favourite spot in the Citadel by Nebulaluben My favourite spot in the Citadel :iconnebulaluben:Nebulaluben 370 32 Garrus by Atomic-DNA Garrus :iconatomic-dna:Atomic-DNA 151 13 Crossover by H-Ell Crossover :iconh-ell:H-Ell 302 48 Tango by finex666 Tango :iconfinex666:finex666 73 22


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Group Rules

Here are the new goup rules.
1. Must be Mass Effect related, Can be Cannon, OC.
2. Traditional , digital any Type of media allowed.
3. Crafts and cosplay is allowed.
4. Submit all submissions to the right folders.
5. We ar now allowing all races , charaters into the group not just Garrus and Shepard.
6. Be nice this goup is a fun and friendly club.
7. No Stolen artwork period if caught you will be Banned.





Hello members new group rules will be posted soon but I have decided to open this group up to all Mass effect related artwork, cosplays ect so feel free to start submittig other mass effect charaters besides shep and garrus
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Are crossovers allowed?
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Check out this Garrus video I pieced together with "All I Need" by Within Temptation. Full of emotional Garrus scenes with my femshep…

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Thank You for accepting :)
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It's so hard on DA to find someone to draw Mass Effect art for each other. So on one of my groups :iconmass-effect-trades: you can go over and express your interest in doing art trades. Every month or so the people interested will be paired up (rotating order for fairness) and can draw something for each other.

If you're interested: mass-effect-trades.deviantart.…
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