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Triple Zero [XPS + Photoshop]

By Archangel470
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Decided to remake some Republic Commando art with XNALara + Photoshop, specifically the piece that would be used for the novel Triple Zero. Hope you guys like it!

The Delta Squad models (Boss, Sev, Scorch, Fixer) were all ported to the program by :iconshaunsarthouse:

I do NOT own Star Wars! Copyright belongs to Lucasfilm and Disney!
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I've pretty much always liked the armor design used by the RCs. Even at some point bought a replica helmet.
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I just bought the game on Xbox One, and I relived those moments with Delta Squad. There’s no better Star Wars game then Republic Commando.  I hoped someday a long waited sequel will come out... if Disney don’t screw it up first. Welll done Archangel470! Well done indeed. 
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Kar'buir wrote such an amazing series! Loved it so much I hated that it ended so soon. Love the work!Clap  
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vidgamer123Hobbyist Digital Artist
Scorch: [after killing a Geonosian] "Hey Sev, this one looks like your mother."
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WhovianBron3Student Filmographer
Good work. Go get some BACTA Delta. 
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This is awesome 
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HopeDiamond3Hobbyist General Artist
Good thing that before I entered Fortnite, bloom was removed, so that I wouldn't have to suffer the indignity of having the accuracy of a Stormtrooper.
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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing :)
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Crimson-Storm0Hobbyist General Artist
Nice job
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I could finally play that game last year and boy, it was great.
Epic work here, they really look like the thoughest clones
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CrisisPndaStudent Traditional Artist
There's always jokes about how deviantart will make you see drawings 10x better than yours, and drawings that will make you cringe. This is one of the 10x times
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VCWORKSHobbyist General Artist
Is it red red green or red green red...? - Scorch
And he's supposed to be our demolition expert? - Sev
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Deltas form up.
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Nostalgia galore here!
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RC-5968FrankHobbyist General Artist
It's a good day when I see Delta Squad on the home page. :D
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My least favorite of the books story-wise, but my favorite cover! Nice recreation!
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WOLFBLADE111Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! :la:
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Please dont tell me I'm the only one who heard Vode An (the main theme/soundtrack for the game) start in their head when I saw this picture
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RC-5968FrankHobbyist General Artist
you aren't alone ner vod!
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Oh thank fuck lol
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