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For Sev [SFM/4K]

By Archangel470
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Finally got round to doing something with the Battlefront II Republic Commando models! Seriously, with The Mandalorian and Jedi Fallen Order, I would be REALLY interested in another RC! Just do it with the right people, please?

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop. Extra credit to :iconcptrex: for his edit of the Delta Squad skins by Sample.

I do NOT own Star Wars! Copyright belongs to Lucasfilm and Disney!
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Love this game! Loves delta squad!! When will there be a sequel!? And for the love of pete what happened to Sev!?!!?!?!!!!? I gotta know!!!

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I have always been a fan of Star Wars. Awesome graphic! Blessings be. -K

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I wish there was a second Clone Commandos game and the first mission would be about Sev.

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"Delta Squad, lock and load."
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Where did you find this interior?

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The interior is a wallpaper I found on Google.
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looks awesome 
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Luv U 2 by Wynet
Loving it!    :D
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Dang that's a lot of nostalgia for one picture.
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I can't believe this is SFM. I wish I was half as good as you at this.
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Republic Captain: "This is unacceptable. Soldiers should not go AWOL during wartime!"

Plo Koon: "When ones own brothers are in danger, do not be surprised if they decide all other concerns are secondary."  
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Words of wisdom. . . Plo should've met the RCs more. In fact. . . *fanart idea approaches* Haha, you've just inspired me! :D And Sev will live on!

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I dont think I'll ever understand why clones were replaced with Storm Troopers. Why??
Clones were so much better!
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Clones were more easier to manipulate, while normal, regular people are more reliable.
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Clones were far better than storm troopers in many ways. They were much better at fighting, and they were just in general far better soldiers. Storm troopers arent nearly as good as them, so I dont get why the Empire prefers them.
Also in what way are storm troopers more reliable?
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Stormies are mass recruited so the costs are almost non compared to paying and maintaining cloning facilities with sped up training. That's the first REAL advantage (also means you have several cheap recruiting stations instead of a limited number of suppliers)

Second, it allows the Empire to have DIRECT control over a large part of the population. Can't exactly be against your direct employer and also allows for direct propaganda spread.

Third, Humanoids (as most Stormies are) will have a diverse biological template which makes biological attacks somewhat more difficult if you want to target just "Stormtroopers". Clones have had an issue of having multiple biological weapons catered to their biology. Can't have that happen.

Forth, Storm troopers right after the Empire's birth, benefited from the "Legacy" of the Clone troopers without having the battle fatigue and weariness of experience veterans (makes it easier to control a population).

I don't have a fifth but there is probably one.

You are correct though, Clone Trooper were the far better specialized army. But there is no way they could have supported the Empire with their infrastructure (Empire is both Seperatist and Republic combined)

awesome work! don't forget visit my work

Thank u!

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Think Boss there's missing his custom shoulder armor. Apart from that, always nice to see the RCs again.
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We need a sequal
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There was a sequel planned years ago but it got scrapped in early production, not much more then a story idea and some concept art
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