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Beretta AR2000
So how do you follow up on the painfully successfull AR15 series? With a Plastic Fantastic Space Gun, of course! 
The knock-off M16 you all know and love, now in a fancy set of plum Magpul furniture. And just in time to hunt Space Commies on Mars!

Turns out I´m not dead though, which is pretty cool. 
Whether he's patrolling the jungles of Vietnam, defending the freedom of Europe from the Communist Menace, or even securing our vital assets in space, the US Rifleman needs a rifle that's as rugged and versatile as he is. And that is precisely what the fine engineers at ArmaLite seek to give him with their new AR15 rifle.

The AR15 is a marvle of modern engineering, combining manufacturing techniques and materiels found only in high performance aerospace craft before now. The fantastically light weight rifle is made almost entirely from aircraft-grade aluminuim alloys, while the furniture is a new type of glass reinforced plastic. This gives the weapon it´s fantastically light weight of just 6lbs with a loaded twenty-five round magazine without sacrificing any durability. In fact, in house testing shows that the new AR15 can take more of a beating than traditional wood and steel rifles.

Driving this new firearm is a new take on the age old direct impingement gas system. Unlike the French MAS49 or Swedish Ljungman which sprayed powder gasses directly onto the working parts of the rifle, the AR15 uses a different approach. Gas is piped from the gas port down a gas tube, as seen in other systems of the sort. Unlike those systems, however, the gas is piped into a chamber formed by the bolt and bolt carrier. This makes the AR15 the cleanest running, most dependable rifle in it´s class, and helps keep recoil to a bare minimum. Perfect for every environment, from the fields of West Germany to the sandy regolith of our Moon.

The amazing inovations don´t end there, though. The folks at Frankford Arsenal have been hard at work cooking up an equally space age round for this rifle of the future. The brand new .13 US, soon to be the 3.2x47mm NATO, is a spinoff of our ongoing SPIW program. Now I know what you´re thinking. A .13 caliber bullet doesn´t sound like much. But the the folks at Frankford Arsenal have managed to pack quite the punch into the little round. The standard ball round leaves the muzzle at a blistering 4,500 feet per second, and uses a specially designed jacket which lets it punch clean through a Soviet helmet at 800 yards, or his vest at 600. Special armour piercing rounds can even puncture the heavily armoured space suits worn by their Cosmonauts. And best of all? It barely kicks harder than the old .22 your dad taught you to shoot with. 

Magazines for the AR15 are unique as well. Each one is made from stamped aluminium, to help shave precious pounds from the rifleman´s fighting load. They´re also disposable, so you don´t have to hump them all the way back to base. 

Merry Christmas to all!
ehrmaghurd a mg

Mostly done. Will be adding markings as I think of them
5,9x40mm GPC
In case you ever wanted to know more about what the G.83 shoots, along with it's upcoming MG companion. The projectile is 6,4g and has an MV of 855m/s from my rifle's 45cm barrel. It generates 2355j at the muzzle, 1430j at the rifle's 300m MPBR and 580j at it's maximum effective range of 800m. The case is 4cm long, the projectile 3,2cm and the overall round 6,3cm. Base diameter is 11,4mm. 



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Happy birthday, my fellow gunsmith!
birthday cake 
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My fondest thanks, Commrade.
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Very nice shooty bangbang sticks you got here.

I love your technical design sense, really shows a understanding of the mechanics beyond what just looks cool. I hope to see more from you.

I'll be watching. ...always.
Archangel-Industries Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Many thanks, both for the watch and the compliment. I do try to err on the side of realism with my projects. I don't always succeed, but they generally come out looking okay
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Hey Archangel, do you take commissions for firearms designs?
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