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Lethal injection in the skull
Tranquil fluid enters the brain
Incision made with surgical precision
Plastic tube inserted in the vain

A new deviation :slow: I hope to see something like this when I die

Project names: "Lethal Injection" and "Deep Space v3"

I spent some time on the starfield so I hope it is good. Most of this was nebula practice. Thanks for your clicks :P Any feedback is welcome.

Original size: 4000x2400

Added wallpaper pack!
Following resolutions included:
:bulletblue: Ratio 4:3

:bulletblue: Ratio 5:4

:bulletblue: Ratio 16:9

:bulletblue: Ratio 16:10
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This is like a three-letter word in the Starmaker's alphabet.
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truly mind blowing!!! i envy all ur work
Good job. I wonder the space really look that fantasy..
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It looks even better :)
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what did you use? if you don't mind i might use parts to model for an airbrushing project that i'm going to attempt to do in the future
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Just one word...EPIC!! :iconrocketpunchplz:
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this is f-great :D. You are like God. You are creating the universe. Something like Slartibartfast from Hitchhikers Guide ;)
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You've been featured here [link]
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Thank you very much!
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I read you had trouble with quality while saving, which file type are you saving it as? Cause that might be why.

Anyway, I really like this man, love the stars and I like the way you're using color variation, I cant really find much to critique on, but if I had to find something, it'd be the "sharp" spikey looking parts of the nebulae, maybe try using some more fluffy flames to layer over those sharp pointy parts, like some very small ones, I believe that will bring out the nebulae a bit more, but still, this looks really good, just keep at it man, you're doin really well!
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I have tried all the JPEG settings in PS and all I get is crap. I think that I will get back to my usual PNG exporting or export the images in TIFF format and then convert them into JPEG with other software with less quality loss ;)

Yeah the neb is a bit sharp and I am thinking to redo almost the whole piece because now the composition is not very well - no focal point and not very good depth. Also those comets should be removed :D Thanks for the crit mate I will sure use this advice about the fluffy fractals :D
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Thank you very much!
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Jaw Dropping. Period.
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Awesome nebula! and I could have sworn I saw a skull with two star-eyes in the blue area too :eyepopping:
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Really glad you like it mate :)
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starfield looks great!
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