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YouTube kid is one of the greatest step in the world of kids zone. Previously whenever we searches any projects and video for kids we see that there are lots of adult content present with the search. So to avoid such type of video with price to says that don't use YouTube because it's not for you. But after the launch of YouTube for kidsIt's safer and simple for children’s to explore the world through online content. They can watch their favourite show, music and learn lots of thing. If there are lots of things through which we can control, so!that children’s can view only that video which are best for their ages. YouTube kids is a world of learning and funs platform and giving them right options with our responsibility. There are no such platform which provide only children's video most of the streaming media provide adult content so that they can get more revenue online, but YouTube kids has broken the barriers so that kids can enjoy their on groups. All well augmented and neat and clean performed who dedicated to children's for their entertainment and education.

Youtube kids

1.Safe video for kids :

Filtering and feedback options of human reviews to keep video for family and kids. YouTube kids team continuously work on safeguard to help parents and children's provide right experience.

2.Children's profile :

Parents can create their children's profile profile who are upto 28 year old. Children's can also manage their own viewing category.

3. Subject specific channel :

Create subject specific channels so that children's can watch only that channels which they like more.

4.Content approved by patent:

Fully controlled by parents so that childrens can watch that video which are best for them under the guidance of their parents.

5.Block unwanted multimedia content:

Parents can blog videos of channels to whom that don't want to show their child.

6.Report video:

If you want to to report any video which are not for children you have options so that youTube channels team can take action against that video.

7.youtube kids control :

The channels provide you timer so that you can set time on how long your children can use this application for watching. Not only this YouTube also provide such control so that you can control on the search.

Download kids YouTube from 9apps

So what are you waiting for give your kids out best perform with the help of 9Apps Store. Simply install and its application in your mobile and download kids YouTube video and enjoy watching video with your kids.

Where did I get 9Apps APK file?

You can get 9Apps APK file from official website of 9Apps or simply search on Google and you will get lots of websites who provide direct download links of 9Apps APK file. Install that application in your mobile and enjoy unlimited software download for your smartphone.

youtube kids track :

You can also track what's your kids are watching with the help of watch history . You can watch kids TV shows and serial for more information kindly visit kids.YouTube channel.

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