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Sorry I have been away! I have been so busy with the baby and making hoods, and for those who know I reply to EVERY comment on my submissions, I just can't keep up anymore, and will be only replying to questions for the most part! once I find some free time I will be back, with some new hoods too!
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god beki you're such a jerk ignoring people LOL im kidding if i had as many views, comments and favs itd be hella hard to keep up!
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You do what you have to do...its all good :)
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:iconrubcheeksplz: it's totally fine! U should spend time with ur baby while u can ^^ hope u all are doing well! I look forward to see ur new hoods! XD
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Thats totally understandable :)
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Know what you are going through! I raised 4 myself and now have adopted my grand daughter! So I am back to the whole baby thing!
Don't worry about us! Know we all support you here! Enjoy this precious time with your baby!
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Yay I was starting to get worried but I look forward to seeing your new hoods :squee:
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We understand! Take your time~ :iconbrohugplz:
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Take your time! XD
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:hug: look forward to some new hoods :meow:
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Yep yep dont sweat it :D
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WoopWoop, you just keep doing what you have to! :)
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You take care of what's important. We'll still be here. :) Just make sure you don't sew the little tike into one of your hoods.... then again, you probably already have. :P
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Oh, that's quite fine! Motherhood is challenging and time-consuming but fun, I'm sure! |'D
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