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Comic Effect Tutorial

For an almost Tim Bradstreet effect in Photoshop.

Use Gaussain Blur. Depending on the size of the image, you will use different blur strengths. I generally use 3 or 4 for most photos. The larger the picture, the more strength. It doesn't need to be rediculously blurred, just enough so that the picture is still recognizeable but blurry.
Then go to Edit>Fade Gaussian Blur. Keep it at 100% but change it's mode to "Darken".
That usually give you a pretty good effect, but if you're looking to take it a step further,
Goto Filter>Artistic>;Poster Edges.
Put Posterization pretty high up, and the other two pretty low. Screw with the intensity and thickness until it's looking right.
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Brilliant :) much better than what I was using
Thank you very much for presenting this tutorial. I have created great graphic designs in my studies thanks to your tutorial.
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I just started working on a Photoshop comic a few months ago and now I use these techniques all the time. I found some other tricky stuff but this is the easiest, and I like the results the best. Thanks!
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very cool, was looking for this for awhile. I learned how to do it, but then forgot. Thanks! :)
jejje, gracias estuvo genial el efecto...
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Wow, thanks for the tut, I was wondering how to make comic effect with pics.

Thanks again - Pete
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this can be achieved with one filter and playing around with its parameters.
In my opinion not a very good comic book look either
thnaks man grt result man
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You've been featured on PSDTutes in case you're wondering where all the views are coming from!


Thanks for the tute!!
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thanks!!!! good tutorial....easy to do and easy to understand!!! a fav for me dear!!!
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