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Unabashedly stealing art since 2003, apparently. I haven't dug through many of the archives, but I've already found a piece by DivineError. Go nuts, guys. You know what to do. I'm too tired to rage properly. At least they're not selling them here.
Here's a little bit of art that I wasn't originally planning on posting here, but I thought was decent enough for me to actually upload. I'll probably upload more of this kind of art in the future, given that it's not like I'm doing much else with this account. Enjoy!
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deviantART says I have 164 pieces in my gallery, yet I feel like I never post anything. Did I really post that much crap in my gallery way back when? I should probably go on a massive scrapping mission.

In other news, I still need to draw more. I wonder if I'm ever going to get to it.

E] 21 of the worst pieces in my gallery were moved to scraps. And that's only a first pass. I'm sure if I had to find all the "bad" entries in my gallery, I'd wind up with about 10 things that weren't in scraps.
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Maybe now I should actually draw something.
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...involving the word "twitter" that isn't lewd or just stupid.

I have joined the legions of twitterers with an account I won't used that often.


Also apparently I don't post journals on this site very often, and I really don't know why. Or perhaps I just don't know what to post. Oh well.
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I made some. You should all, um, "enjoy"...…
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This show is what would happen if you took Superjail and removed the violence.

ohgodwhy :fear:
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Gonna have to make a Braun Llama Dome at this rate.
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I just gotta keep telling myself that I'll draw something again one of these days.

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After a (mostly) uneventful summer, my internship is over, and I have access to tablet and scanner again. Working on a new painting, which hopefully I'll have done in a few days. With any luck, I won't severely screw this one up in the middle like I usually do and then get tired of working on it.
Yeah, so, as some of you might have noticed, I've had Beta Tester status for some number of months now, without having a subscription. Apparently this bug has been fixed now. So what does deviantART do? They give me yet more spam, except this time it has a laughing Fella saying "We noticed!" or something like that. And they give me a week subscription for free.

You know, I've not once paid for a subscription (nor will I ever), but this is the fourth time I've had one.

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And no one claimed the free pic I was offering.


Anyway, there is a chance I might get my tablet mailed to me while I'm still out here, seeing as I made a terrible mistake not bringing it out here. So maybe more stuff soon! Don't count on it though, this internship is kind of draining me, so I don't feel like doing much after work ends. In the mean time...still no new stuff. Oh well. Getting some gaming done, finally. Knocked off Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime after more than half a decade, so I'm happy about that. But I really need to draw more, even if I don't have a scanner :|
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I am out for an internship right now, and didn't bring a scanner or my tablet here, so unless I pull out some new fractals or pixel art, nothing is going to go up for a while.

I'll be busy anyway, what with the internship and all.
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Stop spamming my inbox. I'd thought about buying a subscription in the past, but this is just getting too annoying. Stop being a whore, deviantART--I'm not going to buy a subscription. Get over it.

I'd leave and go to some other art site if there were really any other one to go to that were actually serious. But there really isn't. And not SheezyArt, because I've already left that. It may not be begging for my money, but in many other ways, it's worse than this. I try and ignore deviantART pleading annoyingly for my money (which it will never get, thank you), but my patience is being tried. First it was the "no subscription" thing. I got over that. Now sticking an alert in my inbox every so often? If this is a trend, I'd hate to see what's coming later. I can deal with this. If it gets worse, though, with, say, interstitial ads, I may be force to take my gallery elsewhere, because this is just stupid. Maybe I'll take up that urge I had a while ago to write my own damn site.

Bah, this is a sorry excuse for a journal. But what can you do?

E] Good going removing a feature and putting it back as subscriber only, saying it could help you gain community acclaim! I swear, if I had anywhere else to go, I'd leave this wretched place.
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I don't know whose doing this was, but thanks. I don't know how much I'm going to take advantage of this, though, seeing as it's only one month. But I do appreciate it.

Furthermore, it looks like Apo is really fixed this time, seeing as one of the bugs fixed in the latest version of XQuartz was something to do with windows moving funny in Delphi programs under Wine, which describes my problem exactly, so I'll be doing some fractals again.

I've been busy with stuff lately, so that's why I've not submitted anything of any substance since Azure, unless you count the two fractals that I spent maybe half an hour on each (sans rendering time). I probably won't get much more time for stuff once the semester begins, so fractals every month or so may be all you get from me until the summer. Who knows. I have a few things I've been meaning to draw.

E] Found out where my subscription came from--the Epic Logo contest. I didn't win anything, but all the entrants got a one month subscription.
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The semester is over, and that means winter break! Winter break means no work, and no work means more time for other stuff! I'm mainly gaming and programming (working on a game...again! Hopefully I'll have more luck this time. I'm making fair progress...even though I started in August...and basically didn't work on it at all the last two and half months), but I'm also drawing more than usual, so expect more Sketches du Jour, and even more paintings (seeing as they don't take me an inordinate amount of time to complete anymore). Can't say for certain when they'll come through the intertubes, but they'll happen...I'm sure of it.

Also, TF2 is more fun than I remember it being. I should play more often. Although I haven't a clue where I'd play. I'm not particularly good at it. I should try a newbie server or something.

Oh yeah, and that XQuartz update did NOT fix Apophysis, so expect no new fractals for a long time. I might post some old ones that I never rendered...but there was a reason I never render any of those: they were sub-par. So I dunno what I'll end up doing. Just don't really expect fractals.
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I decided to mess around with Apophysis some more, so I pop it open on my new computer for the first or second time, and start tweaking. Only to see that it is unusably broken on my new computer :( So, until Wine fixes the bug that's making Apophysis breaks (I should go file a bug report about that...), no new fractals, unless I dig around in my stash of unrendered fractals. :(

So, um, don't expect anything from me for a while, seeing as I don't really have time draw anything, much less digitally paint anything, either.

E] I filed a bug report, which turned out to be a duplicate of a bug that had been closed with the resolution "it's a bug in OS X". Great. So I downloaded an unofficial version of XQuartz, which seems to have fixed it. Hooray!
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I have discovered that I really enjoy digital painting (when I get the time--it takes me far too long to paint right now, as evidenced by the fact that my last two (and only real) paintings have taken me ~10 and ~35 hours, respectively). If only I had ideas for what to paint :noes:. How does one improve without practice? (Answer: not at all.) Maybe I should take a request or two. I dunno. I'm in the middle of a small one right now (about an hour and a half in, and I haven't even started shading, so I know I'm doing something wrong...). Should I paint Doctor von Doktor? I guess I will if I don't get any ideas for things to paint after I finish this one...

I should also maybe update my journal more often, I guess.

(In other news, parentheticals (especially inside of other parentheticals) are fun)
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In 15 months.

Not bad.
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Or else you'll think writing a journal like this is clever.