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It was winter when I decied to go to our local pokeadopt centre and get a pokemon to care for.

Pokeadopt centres were full this time of year, and so I went inside- immediately I was drawn to a tiny eevee sitting almost mournfully in the back of a shadowed cage as though all hope was lost.

I peered through the bars of the cage at the eevee, the ones who ran the pokeshelter were a bit hesitant to give him to me.
I had finally convinced them, only because I was adopting the eevee's sister, and they thought it best not to separate them.

I opened the cage a bit nervously and stuck my hand inside. The tiny pokemon shivered as my hand got close, and I stopped.
He looked almost interested, and peered at me cautiously before sniffing my outreached hand cautiously.

The other eevee sat on my shoulder, and squeaked a happy greeting to her brother.
With that he jumped onto my other shoulder. I smiled at the two eevees, and thanked the pokeadopt centre for allowing me to have them.

Many months after I first got them, I noticed the male still seemed quiet. I had given them their names- Aku for the male, and Yoi for the female.
They seemed to be almost opposites, with Yoi being somewhat shy, but friendly, and Aku being quiet and more of a loner.

I figured by the fact that Aku was more active at night he might like to be an Umbreon, and considering Yois' love of the day time I figured she would be an Espeon. I smiled to myself at the thought- dark and light, Aku and Yoi- side by side in battle.
An Espeon and an Umbreon would be a major power boost to my team, and would look cute too.

One day I gave them each a stone- Yoi a moon stone, and Aku a sun stone, I had run out of room in my bag, so I figured their holding on to the stones wouldn't cause an issue.

Later the same day, we were in the midst of a battle with Joey, the rattatta kid. I was mentally regretting picking up the phone, not because he was battling well today, but because he wouldn't shut up about his rattatta.

He cried out again "My Rattatta is in the top percentage of Rattatta!"

Aku let out a heavy sigh, and Yoi shook her head. They were battling his Rattatta and a Luxray he seemed to have caught, it was somewhere between evening and night as the battle ended.

The Eevees seemed to grow suddenly stronger, and before I knew it Yoi was glowing, a light enveloped her, then she shook- I watched with worry as a black light surrounded her, I recognized it as the moon stone somehow being destroyed. The white light enveloped her again, driving away the dark aura. Finally the evolution stopped.

Yoi seemed to be a combination of an Umbreon and an Espeon. Her fur was a deep black, and her espeon rings were blue. She had a jewel like an Espeon which glimmered purple, Her split tail held a ring on each end. She turned to me revealing two light blue eyes. She let out a cry that sounded happy.

"Umbra! Umbrasooon!"

She grinned at me happily before turning to Aku, I hadn't noticed that he had begun glowing not to soon after.

Yoi and I watched as a dark light enveloped Aku, suddenly the sun stone he was holding smashed mysteriously, enveloping him in a whitish-yellow light. He let out a cry of surprise as the light disappeared and was again replaced with the black one.

When the light disappeared, Aku stood shaking. I noted his appearance, which gave me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Aku looked like someone had cut an Umbreon and an Espeon in half, and stuck two of the halves together.
His right side was an Espeon, and his left side an Umbreon. His eyes glowed red, as did the Jewel on his forehead.
His split tail was half purple and half black, splitting at the ends into their own seperate tails. The umbreon side had blue rings, and a blue ring circled the jewel on his forehead just like Yoi.
He let out a surprised cry

"Espeumbra! Espaumbreeeonn"

With interest I took out my pokedex to check their movesets.
I moved it towards Yoi and a question mark came up on screen.

"Unknown species of pokemon. Learned moves are: Psychic, Shadow ball, Dark void, Roar of time"

I looked dumbfounded at Yoi, before moving it over Aku

"Unknown species of pokemon. Learned moves are: Dark void, Psybeam, Shadow Sneak, Guillotine."

I felt alittle uncomfortable at guillotine, the move had always bothered me.

I shrugged it off, and grinned at the two.

"Are you guys alright?"

Yoi nodded immediately, and we continued on our way with a dumbfounded Joey looking almost disappointedly at his Rattatta.

We continued on, heading to professor oaks lab, I wanted to ask him how my pokemon had ended up evolving to be so strange looking- not that I wasn't happy, I was just interested is all.

We arrived near pallet town, but not before we were convinced into battle by a pair of twins. I sent out my newly evolved pokemon, elliciting an amazed "ooh" from the twins who sent out a charmeleon and a squirtle.

I ordered Yoi to use dark void, and Aku to follow up with a shadow sneak.

Yoi immediately used dark void, causing the two pokemon to sleep. Aku peered at the other pokemon before smiling almost dementedly, a strange froth dripping from his mouth,  and turned to Yoi.

In a sudden flurry of fur and screams there was a large crack. Several moments later Aku was glaring at me, Yoi's decapitated head in his mouth.
I felt myself cry out, and the tears rolled down my face.

"Yoi.... Aku... Why....WHY?!

To my surprise I heard a voice, the two terrified twins ran as it rang out.

"Why did you make me a monster?! You... how dare you! only you! only you have been able to make me question mns true nature! I will destroy you! I SWEAR IT!"

I stepped back as he dropped Yoi's head and jumped towards me. He grabbed my arm and I cried out in pain as blood dripped heavily onto the ground.

I heard frenzied footsteps behind me and turned to see professor oak, with a grim face.
He sent out a charizard, and Aku ripped deeper into my arm, I cried out again.

Oak yelled at me. "Kasuki! Hit him off of you, he must have some sort of disease!"

I flailed in an attempt to frighten Aku- I would never hit a pokemon, even if Aku tore my arm right off!

Suddenly there was a massive pain in my arm and my left side became lighter. I watched as my arm flew a few feet away. Aku glared right at me again, his glowing red eyes looked demonic in the darkness.

Oak took the chance, and sent his charizard to attack. Aku merely ran, leaving me the message that he would return.

It's been a few years since then. Every saturday I visit Yoi at her grave. The stump that was once my left arm is a reminder of Akus threat.
It makes me sad to think that my beloved eevee who I adopted so many years ago, and raised with love has injured me.

But it's more than just a physical wound.

The shelter told me what his previous "trainer" had tried to do. I knew it even when I adopted him.
They warned me that he may have been traumatized...

No... I won't hold it against him, even if he has hurt me by killing Yoi...

Yoi... can you hear me?

If you can... I promise you...We'll be together again someday, all three of us.

Just like the old days.
:iconakuspliceplz: Thanks for reading! :iconyoispliceplz:

okay, so this is a revamped, in-world version of my pasta,
Pokemon: Splice
Original: [link]

Due to the fact it's gained popularity even though it's fairly old, I decided to do an in-world version!
I certainly hope my writing has improved :)

And I certainly hope you enjoyed it!

Note: You'll need to read the prequel in order for this pasta to make sense, they tie together!
(prequel is listed below)
Plz accounts:
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Rules of use for characters:
Le sequels! (based off of the original)

:iconthepokemon123941: - [link]

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Go read them! They are absolutely awesome :D
Le prequel:
Aku no Hana: [link]
Le official Sequel: [link]

(the fan sequels are still very good though, I love them)
Newly released character bios:
Aku: [link]
Yoi: [link]
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added details, fixed grammar/spelling a bit, and hinted to why Aku is insane :D
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