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Sexual-offenderman (Slenderman variation)



before i explain anything else, i just want to say that there will be a prize awarded to whoever can come up with a good nickname for this guy.
the best nickname so far is "Smexy" but you still have time to try and top it before prizes are awarded.

alright, i know this isn't the sort of... "subject matter" that i normally do, and for the purpose of hopefully avoiding causing any of you to think particularly less of me, i feel that an explanation is in order. while browsing Slenderman fan art, i stumbled on a conversation between people who were annoyed at all the Slenderman porn there was. i suggested that people use Sexual-offenderman instead, recalling this picture of various Slenderman variations [link]
i was asked who that was, so i showed them the picture, but that got me thinking about this character, fleshing him out in my head, thinking of how he would act, especially around the other slenders, and i actually began to feel that he was a worthwhile character to explore. already i could think of memes, funny comics, awkward parodies, so i figured it would be best to just go ahead and record the basics for you guys. hopefully he can help take some of the rule 34 strain off Slenderman and maybe add a bit to the cartoon Slenderman mythos.
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He need so pants on! OoO Yami Bakura shocked