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Draconequus Wave

Just an updated pic of my draconequus My little pony oc.

Update: her name is Arcanna
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I have a draconequus oc as well, can you tell me your opion? :)
It's my first time making an oc beside ponies. 
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could you link me to your oc?
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Ooooo, that's actually pretty good for a first attempt at designing a draconequus
LazzyBon's avatar
Sorry! I'm drawing her right now.
After I finished I will give the link to you right away. :)
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FINALLY. SOMEONE ELSE who can actually make a unique chimera/draconequus! Looks very nice! Very insectoid inspired, it seems. X3
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thanks, Ive found that good looking draconequus are actually way harder to design than most seem to think at first glance. ive maybe found like one other besides discord that doesn't seem like a cheap oc.
MagicaITrevor's avatar
Yeah. Mind taking a peak at mine and letting me know what you think of her?
arcanineryu's avatar
can you give me a link?
MagicaITrevor's avatar…

Thanks. (And just for the record, her tail is SUPPOSED to be a large, fluffy squirrel tail, not a pony tail.)
arcanineryu's avatar
eh, it's well drawn, but it still seems pretty average for these kinds of characters.
not really iconic or recognizable enough to be memorable.
also she's not easily recognizable as a draconequus, or any of the recogniseable incarnations of the classical chimera's.
it really just looks like a oc pony with mismatched limbs.
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SO CUTE!!  *hugs her softly*
larafanVGC's avatar
ha! :)

Interesting! Is she related to Discord?
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she doesn't really have a story to be honest. ive been too busy to try and make her one. she's just basically one of those "me as a draconequus" things
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A Draconequusona?
arcanineryu's avatar
yep, thats about it.
it seems to fit better than my ponysona anyway.
baconpie99's avatar
she looks awesome
arcanineryu's avatar
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Nice draconequus oc, whats her name? 
arcanineryu's avatar
She doesn't really have one since Ive been too busy to try and create a story for her.
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