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Ello all ovo I've just recently started up a new Facebook gallery page which I use to post slightly more casual stuff and also planning on working on commissions through it before I attempt to move on to DA. Would really appreciate it if you could give it a like and a share. Hoping to finish up a commissions chart soon to get things going here as well. Thank you all~!
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Hi guys. Just showing signs of life with nothing particular to add.;;;
Tell me about your day.
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Hey guys <: been a while, once again. Just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas, and a happy new year!
I've been sick as a dog lately, and I've also started a new job, so art will be low again (even though I actually want to do it this time, damnit OTL)

On another note, I would like to beg you guys once again to come vote for me in this facebook manga contest ;v; Only a few days left!
Click on the link, and like and share the picture if you can. Spreading word about this journal entry would be really appreciated too!

For those who may not have seen the description on the actual drawing submission: It's a facebook manga styled contest that I entered to win a tablet for a friend of mine who's never owned one before. The contest is based on likes, and the top 10 drawings with the most likes will move up to the next stage to get judged by the pros. But it's still based on 60% likes and 40% the judges' impression. l: So I could really use your help!

The link:…

Thank you for those who will take the time to vote! <3
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Welp, after very casually straying away from DA to post things on Facebook and Tumblr, but having none of my Tumblr tags work for me because Tumblr fukken fails so no-one actually gets to see my stuff, I am forced to drag myself back here with a little less dignity than before (  ´_ゝ`)

Not much else to say except "hi, I'm back (´−`) ン".  
Gonna do some serious renovating all up in this shit. Whoot.
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Cus I can't;;;

I come back home every day feeling exhausted, I do the shit I gotta do, and then I crash ;A; No energy left to draw.

In other news, MY MOM BOUGHT ME AN INTUOS 4  :iconilavplz: Too bad I've been so tired that I haven't even had a chance to plug it in. It's still sitting on my desk, still in its box. <_> I really take this baby out and see how it works. Gotta clean the house first though.
I also still have about 2 Pchat dumps I gotta post, and the doodles just keep piling up, and I never get around to editing the whole damn thing; It's awful. I dunno what to do with it. I NEED MORE HOURS IN MY DAY :icongwahplz:. Anyway ]: just showing a sign of life.
BRB an heroing.


Or get my period. One or the other.
Hey guys, I just got a Tumblr blog for no apparent reason. If you wanna watch me post REAL random stuff, go stalk me there (please be my friend, I'm so ronry)
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I guess it's the down time after all the con stress? That and -gasp- real life issues. I have real life issues. I feel so productive. ;3;

Anyway, uh, guess I have a  bunch of things I gotta update on. First off, the con. It's been like 2 weeks since, but some of us are still reeling, I think. xD So I had a booth, and I wore a cosplay, and everything was super special awesome fun. Probably the best con I've ever had. And my friends are already making plans for the Passover event and summer con. xD Aside from that, there's this art school I really wanna get into, but sadly I'm lacking some of the basic qualifications needed to be able to apply to it, so I've started working on finishing those, and hopefully I'll be able to finish those off in less than 2 years from now orz. Also work. It's boring and short and doesn't bring a lot of income and also really really effing boring. So I'm looking for something full time now. I have a meeting this sunday regarding that, so wish me luck plz <_> ;;

So uh...I have a bunch of things I gotta upload. The drawings I made for the con, my huge, huge, hugeeeee Pchat dump who I will probably need to split into 2 parts (if not 3), and uh...a couple cosplay pics here and there I guess. I still hate doing that. l:


:iconrainbowpowder: tagged me on something. I hate being tagged. But since it's her, I can't say no. But don't expect me to be serious <_> So anyway, here goes.

1. Post these rules
2. Each tagged person must post ten facts about themselves on their journal
3. Choose ten friends and put their icons on the same page
4. Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them

1. I'm a cat person.
2. I suffer from about 3 'serious' phobias. (you know, the real kind, not the "skjhgsgd BUG OMG AHHH" kind)
3. I love yaoi. I'm not a fangirl. l:
4. I'm so lazy, I'd probably skimp out on breathing if I could.
5. I have a twin brother.
6. I currently have a crush on two people OTL
7. I love anything horror related. Especially video games.
8. My delusional little dream is to become a game concept artist.
9. I can't sing worth shit, but sometimes I like to pretend I do. ._.
10. Once drawing becomes 'work' for me, I lose all motivation to work on something, and will most likely never finish it.;;

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING THESE UTTERLY UNNECESSARY FACTS ABOUT ME. No I'm not gonna tag anyone cus I'm too lazy to do that (see? It's right there in fact number 4, har har).

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Heeeey, just changing journals cus it's been a long time since my last one. ]:
First off, happy v-day (even though I don't really give a crap). I was hoping to at least do a little collab in Pchat, cus I couldn't be assed to make a special drawing for a pseudo holiday l: but I ended up sleeping most of the day away after spending 13 hours RPing in Pchat OTL;; HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ME.

Nothing else to add really. It's going to get a bit busy soon with all the community events coming up, so hopefully I'll have most interesting stuff to post.

One more thing; I finally got around to working out my Livestream channel, and I was wondering if anyone would actually be interested in following me there(keep in mind that it will most likely just be Pchat sessions for now). xD If I see people actually care I'll post journals when I go live.
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In case any of the 3 people who usually read these journals are wondering why I didn't post any Christmas or HAPPY NEW YEAR(!!!11) journals like everyone else, the answer would be; I was sick as a dog through the whole of December. All I've been able to draw were little doodles here and there on Pchat. ]: So I didn't accomplish much. I also never finished my secret santa, or any of my christmas gifts OTL It's been a rather hardcore fail month, art wise. I hope I can get back to it soon. On a side note, I just got a new job (again). This one is pretty lax so I wont lie and say I wont have as much time to draw anymore. >A>

So uh, anyway, it's a bit late but MARRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY BLOODY NEW YEAR. My new years resolution is to try and suck less. But that's my resolution for every year and I never seem to be able to accomplish it -runs-
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In the spirit of being white as a cracker, I would really fancy it if you drew this sad bastard for me If not, then just pick whatever you want lol idk -goes back to being sick-
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Someone tell me how this shit works. l:< ;
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Hey guys, happy Halloween. ;A; I didn't get to finish my Halloween pic on time, but I did a bunch of collabes in Pchat, so I guess that counts for something. I'll probably finish it sometime this week, after I finish working on my dad's birthday present. Naturally I'm not doing anything for Halloween because we don't celebrate it, and also I'm broke. ]:

On a side note, today I realized that the brightness on my monitor was way off, and that things I thought were too dark to see are actually quite visible now. So now looking at all my latest works, THEY ARE FUCKING BRIGHT AND DETAILESS GDI WHHHHHHHHY ;A; I want to jump off a cliff.

OTL anyway, I haven't forgotten your requests guys, I already made a couple rough sketches for some of them, but I admit I was pushing them aside for the Halloween pic (which I never got around to finishing, bloody hell). I think I'm going to do all my stuff in Pchat from now on. At least, all the stuff I agreed to do for free.
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Hey you guys. I'm bored, and I wanna experiment with new things, and my art isn't good enough to charge money for. So give me some random requests for me to draw. Nothing too overly complex though. l: ; I'm gonna go come up with a Halloween pic until someone drops me a note.;
looooooool I can't believe people still come visit this page. More so, I can't believe I even managed to get 7000 hits, considering I don't post anything (then agian it did take me like, 5 years to achieve. Man that's pathetic).

Anyway, :iconkirachan1991:  Got my 7k hits, and she even took a picture. So I guess I'm obligated to draw her something now. Along with about 5 other people who have birthdays this month.

Expect it sometime near 2012 :D <3
Dude, I know I should already be used to leaving this place for months and then coming back for about a week to post a lousy doodle of some sort, and then repeat the process all over again. But I didn't expect to actually find comments and fav notifications when I come back. x_x If you're wondering why I'm replying to a comment you made 2 months ago, this is why. OTL

Anyway, I haven't drawn anything seriously in a long, long time. Work and personal projects have been taking up all my free time, and I physically feel like I don't have the energy to do it anymore. But in the past couple of days I feel like I've been slowly getting back to it. Pchat still isn't working for me, but I think I found a rather decent replacement. And I hope to initiate it soon with one of my friends. <3  So MAYBE, I'll have something to post soon.

I've been noticing that people really like my Headshot comic strip xD and it makes me wonder if I should make more stuff like it, since I really felt like my creative freedom was running wild when I was making it. I guess I should stop worrying about presentation and just do things the way I like best.

Now to go empty my inbox from 1380 deviations. ;_;
Lol DA. Happy April Fools day everyone. lD (hatesTwilight)

-offers llamas-
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Not that anyone really waits up at night to see if I update my gallery, but xD; I guess some of you noticed that I haven't been updating in awhile. There are a few reasons for this;;

Main reason is, I've been sick for nearly a month now. This nasty throat virus keeps coming back and I just can't get rid of it. So I'm finally gonna go do some tests to see what's up with it. I'm already on my second dose of antibiotics, and it's not fun. l: Needless to say, when I feel this shitty, I don't really feel like drawing. I don't even check my inbox anymore. OTL

Second reason is, my monitor died. I'm using my brother's monitor right now, which is much smaller then my old one, and also kind of crappy. I can't see most of my sketches on it, and it constantly has these lines flickering across it like my room is exploding with electro-magnetic waves or something (it's not, the monitor is just old and sucky). I'm expecting my epileptic seizure any day now. So yeah, that also makes it kind of hard to draw.

And uh...that's pretty much it I guess. Life kind of sucks a bit right now, so I guess it's affecting my will to draw. I'm actually surprised at how long I haven't touched my tablet. Maybe it's because it's stashed at the corner of my desk.

...maybe the solution to all this would just be to clean my room; orz....
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I'm a little late, because fuck, I got sick again. xD; This time my voice is hardly working. I must have pissed someone off pretty bad this month. =w= Karma's a bitch.


The coooooooooooooooooon.

The con the con.

It was fun.

I got there around 9am and waited outside for about 10 minutes with all the other poor saps who got there early and had to wait in the rain. But I had a booth so they let me in early. :iconimhappyplz:

After that, I set up my booth with the very few products I had. And things actually sold pretty well. More then I expected anyway. I wish I would have kept a list before I started, but I didn't expect to sell as much as I did xD;...hell, I finally managed to sell my german Little Butterfly volume. lD

Besides that I didn't leave my table all day. But I got to meet all my friends. I missed you guys so much ;3; Sem, Shani, Tohru, Cnani, Jess, Hila, Ayelet, Rin, Yuliya, Inimi, Elad, Kira(even though you didn't come orz), I love you all. ; v;

At around 5 I started packing up to go to the cosplay event, and wow...I think the quality of the cosplays in our country is seriously going up. I think some us are already in the same league as american and japanese cosplayers.  I might be part of a cast for the summer con, and I hope our cast will stand up to the bar our community set up * v* I'm a perfectionist after all.;;;

So final summation, this con was epic. Not because of the events it had, but because of the people. I'm still trying to get off the con high, which never lasted this long before. xD I already want summer to come so we can go again. And I'm waiting for december even more so that I can be part of the staff this time. x3

BUT, this definitely was the best part of the con ;3; WATCH IT!…