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Muscle car

an old Iso Grifo 7
shot was made in the classic-car-museum in Bruxelles
first it was only B'n'W
I changed only the color into red (you'll see it)
give more contrast

Oh and a special thanks goes to photoshop-tutorials
where I get the knowledge of the "color balancing"

Thanks to
who found out the name of this car..
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An astonishing picture! :wow: It's only thanks to you that I now know of theses exquisite beauties.
Thank you! :worship:
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um fyi, muscle cars are only american pony cars and the Iso Grifo 7 is an Italian car, just an fyi, I do like the shot though
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I knew it was an ISO Grifo! They came with a Chevrolet small-block V8, and any car with a V8 is always mistaken for a muscle car.
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Ah is the shot taken at AutoWorld?
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This is sweet :P !!
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HA! You call that a muscle car? Real men eat cornmeal!
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keren bo tapi kok ada sidik jarinya sih ?
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Beautiful car! Awesome man, I really like it.
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This car here, is my dream car. Imma be driving in it 8)
Lol, nice work !
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awesome car!! i like the effect!
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Wahnsinn :omfg:

wunderschönes Auto. Das ist sogar das Sondermodell von Grifo 7 namens ISO Grifo Can AM, wie man sehr schön an der riesigen Lufthutze erkennen kann.

So einen mal fahren können, dass wäre was feines :love:

und sehr schön eingefärbt das Bild, dadurch sticht der Wagen richtig aus dem Hintergrund heraus, wirklich schick 8-)

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