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January 12, 2004
Ever tried Blackbox? Ever heard of it? Well, grab yourself Shell-Shocked Cryogenics by ~arcangel33 and download Blackbox to see why it is such a sweet shell!
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Shell-Shocked Cryogenics

Based on the 'Cryogenics' Shell-Shocked website theme by West, I couldn't resist his choice of 'Frosty Colors' so I had to make it a Style. Shell-Shocked is a great magazine dedicated to shell alternatives, anyone living under a rock and not familiar with it should head over to [link] for a enlightening read. Ravindra has been doing a great job and the magazine just keeps getting better. Wallpapers for the Shell-Shocked series are thanx to BoomeR.
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MikkelT's avatar
Very nice, reminds me a lot of the theme I'm using now, maybe I should use that one ? :P
snakerboy's avatar
Very nice, When i get fedora running ill try this out.
dlusion's avatar
Very cool looking stuff :D :clap:
arcangel33's avatar
Sorry, I should mention that it is NOT as difficult to set up as Litestep, only that any experience with LS (i.e Menu.RC creation) would be handy...
arcangel33's avatar
Blackbox has a win32 port now, in a few flavours too. The primary fork is at [link] where you can get the shell and links to plugins. My personal favorite ATM is a fork called BBLean [link] as it has more M$ friendly options. As far as easy to configure, BBLean is currently ahead of the game, but if you have any litestep experience it should be no problem...
digitalization's avatar
WOW...Looks really amazing....only one question...where can I get a blackbox for windows...I thought it's linux only shell. And is it easy to config blackbox???
breakerr's avatar
Very nice and interesting :nod: but I winder if it works like LiteStep :? and change the whole enviro/appearence, anyways good job man :handshake:
Fenixgfx's avatar
loooks nice :) im gonna keep an eye on you :nod:
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