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Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition

By arcangel33
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GoG Cover and Disc Label for Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition. Download Zip file for printable version.

DISCLAIMER: Derivative work based on existing sources. I claim only modification.
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Hey, my friend, so good to find you again!

Was away but came back :) What happened to BB styles? Not using BB anymore?

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Yes, you just disappeared... Thought it might have something to do with your country's woes. As far as BB goes, I haven't used it in 15 years :(
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So sorry to hear that! 15 years???? It's a pity, you were such a gifted stylist. Maybe consider coming back?

Thanks for worrying about me, both me and Greece are doing fine now :)

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I didn't stop creating, just shifted focus. The cover you are commenting on is an evolution of my work in BB. The Xoblite news has stirred up some emotion, I will definitely be watching BB5 development with great interest.
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That's great to hear.

I talk to qwilk daily, his branch will be really amazing. Hope you'll be back to styling soon :)