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GoG Cover and Disc Label for Haven.
Download Zip file for printable version.

DISCLAIMER: Derivative work based on existing sources. I claim only modification.
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Hi, your game covers are great, will use them for my 'on discs' backups. Are there any chances for jewel case versions of covers?

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Apologies, I'm afraid my time is limited for much of anything outside of work. I essentially do these for myself now as there is little interest in them outside of a few edge cases. I appreciate your interest, and thanks for the kudos.

You can find more covers, and perhaps interest in your jewel case idea, within the GOG forums.

Sure, no problem, maybe I will try to create something from scratch by myself cause I rarely see jewel cases used this days. Anyway, thanks for your work as I was looking for some neat looking cd labels for my GOG games and yours are exactly what I was looking for.

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I look forward to seeing your creations.