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For two straight weeks, every morning started with a jolt of adrenaline. A gasp, a groan, and a lunge out of bed – I was late for work! The forces of evil drawing in on me, my termination ensured, I stumble to the shower, shaking the sleep from my mind. The shower starts, the steam rises, my mind frantically piecing together reality. Finally awake, finally understanding, I shout loud for the gods to hear, “What are you doing, moron?” The steam stops after I turn off the water, and I stare once again into the drain as the last trickles disappear into the blackness. Shell-shocked, I sleepwalk out to the kitchen, and begin my
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Stepping through the doorway, I sequestered my belongings and continued to my post in the ongoing war against product complacency. My newly-minted commanding officer was still finding his place here, and suffered with the delusion of accelerated promotional tactics. Specifically, failing to see their direct correlation with the snowball effect and how it would one day crush him. Raising the bar also raised the median. At some point, you would be unable to produce even the minimally excepted throughput, and watch in horror as you are trampled beneath your own machinations. I had witnessed the destruction of many an ambitious ladder-climber in
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The walk to work was uneventful, the morning calm and chill as I followed my customary path alongside the railway tracks. It was a route that took me through what greenery I could find, giving me a few minutes of clean morning air before the eight hours of recycled facsimile that I would soon be inhaling. Once again my thoughts drifted to the ‘the story’, my constant companion on this walk to the walled kingdom where ambition goes to die. Starting as a single flash of imagination as a metro car passed by, the next year watched it evolve into a monstrosity that my memory was struggling to hold. It demanded to be recorded onto pape
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Hi! how are you? i hope everything is fine! just in case you don't upload any more covers this month,first i wanna thank you for all the GOG and STEAM covers that you make this year (keep them coming),second i wish to you and all your family,a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  
You're welcome, people who appreciate the effort make it all worthwhile. Secondly, thank you for the wishes. All the best to you and yours as well...
Thank you! you are the genius and the artist here! :) have a good one,my friend!
Thanks for the llama :D
Belated wishes for your birthday, my friend! :) :party: :cake: Hope it was a great day for you....
Thank you sir, it was a good day...
I am happy to hear it :) And you are very welcome!