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Orphen, Hollow Shades Leader
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A log, a wooden balls, and a rectangle log.

Born and raised with a single father due to his mother’s death on birth, Orphen led a simple life for the most part. His father, Even, used everything in his power so that his kid would have a good time for himself and it was enjoyed as such for the young foal. A curious one for all things nature even outside of the place he was growing in, with Hollow Shades being a forest in of itself, he was a quick enough learner for the lessons his dad would give him and put them in practice from the get go, even if it meant sometimes going outside a bit too far than what Even would let him.
One of these times, he went so far into the forest that he wasn’t able to find his way back in, and with no way to recognize the path he had taken, the young brown
:iconarcanel8:Arcanel8 2 0
Mature content
Hollow Shades :iconarcanel8:Arcanel8 5 11
The Night's Mind, Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Human meets… royal pony conscience? Part 1
I could finally start thinking properly…or at least so I think. I can't even remember…ohhhh, my brain…'Ugh…what in the world happened?...And why does my head hurt? I should at least try remembering what happened before. Okay…I was…great, I can't even remember what I WAS doing…but I CAN remember what happened after that…I was in a dark void…and then…there was a…er…a…talking horse and a bright flash?...Nah, that can't be. Nice try brain. But you're not going to trick me that easily'
After I finished my talk with my own mind, I went to check on my own body. Only to find that I couldn't move my hands. Nor my feet.
"The hell? Why can't I move my arms and legs?! What's going on?!" I yelled to the air, trying to locate who had done this to me. Only then I realized, the strange and pale light emanating from me. When I looked down, I saw that my legs, or rather, my ankles,
:iconarcanel8:Arcanel8 2 8
Pony Terrestrial, Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Discoveries and a faint
'OH my GOD! Did I just say that?! What was I thinking?! And did I just say everypony? Oh god' To say my mind went Pinkie for a second, would be an understatement…wait, nothing goes over that level… (Sigh). Everyone was looking at me like a madman, except Fluttershy who just hid herself behind Twilight and Pinkie who just smiled. If somebody explodes from cuteness overload, please, don't be me. I know I can resist!
"Oh…I…hehe. Sorry, I went stupid for a second. A-A-anyway, what do you want to know to know first?" I managed to stutter after a few moments.
Twilight was the first to react. "O-Okay. Who and what are you?" she asked with a tad of nervousness in her voice.
"As I already explained to Princess Celestia, my name is Arcanel and I am a human." I explained.
At this everyone jumped a little. "How do you know the Princess' name? Or even that she IS a princess?" Twilight asked, raising her voice a bit.
Now I could have been more c
:iconarcanel8:Arcanel8 0 0
Pony Terrestrial, Chapter 1
Arc one: Part one: The start of normal life's disruptions
Chapter 1: Introductions
"Ahhhhhh, nothing like waking at 9:00AM." I said.
It was quite the normal Sunday morning and with the free time that I got, it meant only one thing: multiple entertainment choice after breakfast.
"Now, what the hell do I do?"
When I filled myself up, it only meant doing 3 things in days like this: Watch the new episode from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, continue playing Gran Turismo 5, or replay with a guide Tales of the Abyss. Having both Playstations 2 and 3 was VERY useful, heh heh.
"Well … better start playing GT5; I still have a LOT to do there." I decided, knowing the game was something close to "FAR long" to quickly finish. But then, there was a sudden spark.
"Wait…what was that?"
I WAS going to play but when I was going through the hallway to my parents room where my PS3 is, I know, weird, but they have HD, but sudden sparks get get ALL of your attention, wherever you are...but t
:iconarcanel8:Arcanel8 1 3
The Night's Mind, Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Welcome to my mind
"Ugh…where in the world am I?..." I said, lying on the floor, feeling completely tired and lost. I tried to pick myself up, but I still felt too weak.
"What in the world happened to me? I…wait…I can't remember what happened…I can't even remember anything! What's going on?!" I screamed, starting to grab my head when I failed to remember anything. 'No no no…this must be a dream…why can't I remember anything? Wait…I remember…having a family…my name…and…I think just a few more moments…but that's it!'
"ARGH! Come on mind! Help me out here! Let me remember!" I screamed to my subconscious, trying to make sense of the situation. I don't even know where to start!
"Alright…I still know my name. I still know my family. So that's something…but what the hell did I do to make me lose my memory like this!? Or more importantly, what could I have possibly been doing that was stupid enough for me to risk
:iconarcanel8:Arcanel8 2 6


Free art raffle/giveaway! [RESULTS]
#1 winner

#2 winner

Congrats seaskiies and Reactor33 for winning the raffle! and thank you all for participating! I might make more of these in the future, so stay tuned!

Hey hey! let's do two free art raffles!
All you need to do to enter is to +fav fav this journal! No need to share or watch me.
At the end of the raffle I'm gonna take all the names from the fav list and pick one winner for each picture by using
The winners gets to choose what character will be drawn on the sketches above.
Character can be either OC or canon, pony or similar species only.
Either male or female.
The final picture will be full colored and 3k pixels on it's largest side.
You can also choose the background, clothes/accesories for the characte
:iconshinodage:ShinodaGE 107 60
Thanks to those who have stated their opinion on my previous journal, the prizes are kinda influenced by them =P
1. You
have to be a watcher;
2. You have to share this journal in your journal/poll/whatever really;
3. You may or may not favorite this journal, but it's always some kind of a sign that you at least read the rules :B
4. You have to put in a comment with a link to your journal, the tagged person if you want to take part of an additional drawing, and if you want to a word "Bald banana" putted somewhere in a sentence. Just for fun =P
But it can't all come down to just rules, that's not how society works, does it? ;)

:iconbaldmoose:BaldMoose 33 67
Feather's 300 Follower Giveaway! (Closed)
Hello all, as you know, as major thanks for 300 Watchers, I'm running a giveaway!
There are now TWO prizes, one each for two winners!
The First prize will be for one chibi/ beanie plush commission, it can be a Pokémon, Digimon, My Little Pony, or other character as long as you can provide references.
:bulletblue: This can be a standing chibi plush, or a floppy 'beanie' style of up to 8 inches long/tall.***
:bulletblue: I will consider OCs*
:bulletblue: I will not do any accessories**
 :bulletblue: usual rules apply of not accepting anything pornographic or offensive.
:bulletblue: I will pay for standard postage to yourself. I would love to pay for insured and tracked shipping to other countries but I'm afraid I'm strapped for cash. If you wish to have a special delivery service, we can discuss splitting the bill. Otherwise it's completely free!
:iconsylenisarts:SylenisArts 279 434
320+ Watchers Giveaway! Winner has been declared!
Hello everybody!
The time for the registration is over, I'll let choose for a winner tomorrow!
RANDOM.ORG has spoken:

The number 102 is the chosen one!

Congratulations to  
:iconKasar700: who had in his 4 numbers the number 102!
Please Kasar700 send me a note with your request! :)
As said at the start, this is what you have won:
Full artwork, colored, shaded, with background and with max two characters (can be any OC or canon) of your choice, like these: 
:bulletpurple: Ponies, TLK Lions, Humans, whatever! SFW or NSFW, everything it's fine for me :3
:iconladybelva:LadyBelva 15 95
Princess Luna Custom Plush by Nazegoreng Princess Luna Custom Plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 2,539 565 Moo by firebird145 Moo :iconfirebird145:firebird145 26 4
Free pixel icon mini giveaway [CLOSED!]
So the winner is...
She wins a free pixel icon!
So sorry to everyone else! I'll surely do lots of contests, raffles and giveaways in the future!
Hope it's okay!
>Hi everypony c:

So, I'm really, really bored, and I didn't draw any icons last time
French Vanilla Bullet You must be my watcher (but don't watch me only because of this giveaway!)
French Vanilla Bullet You must fave this journal to participate
French Vanilla Bullet I will choose the winner with "".
This giveaway ends 3rd September at 18:00 EST
Good luck! And thanks for participating.
Heart Bullet (DL's Purple) - F2U!  Bronycane
:iconnao-shii:nao-shii 26 76
'Thank You for Senior Status' Giveaway! Extended!
Made a last minute decision to go to my parents cottage so the giveaway has been extended to Sunday!
Hey guys!
Soooooo I woke up this morning to see that my shining star beside my name has been replaced with a badge! I have no idea who nominated me or for what reason, but please tell me who you were so I could thank you properly ; - ;
I never even considered becoming a Senior member at any point, so it was a complete shock for me to see! It's a huge stepping stone on dA for me, and I couldn't have done it without you amazing people, watchers, friends, and random strangers!
So to celebrate, I'm going to be doing an art giveaway :)
The only rule is that you must fave this journal so you have your number! That's it! No sharing, no commenting, just give this journal a fave and you're entered :)
The giveaway will be closed on Friday, August 8th (so tomorrow)!
The winner can chose between a full body soft shaded pony/animal, half body soft shaded human, or a full body chibi soft
:iconquila111:quila111 21 21
lets get this started
so I had so much fun at bronycon 2014 that I have decided that I will be having a giveaway for several badges to get in next year once they are open. I will hopefully be giving away one silver sponser badge but I do know that I will be giving away three basic badges.
heres what you have to do to enter: fav this journal, spread it around so that it gets more attention.
since these badges cost a good amount of money I need to make sure that those who enter will be to go but im sure most of you who enter have plans of making it so that's not too much of a problem.
everything else like hotel food and etc has to be dealt with by the winners of the giveaway.
this is unless I consider you a friend and you are willing to help will everything be provided.
just leave a comment below and you are automatically entered into the giveaway and do the above mentioned things also of it doesn't count.
I have every right to end this giveaway if it does not go well but that most likely will not happen~
:iconrainboomdragon:rainboomdragon 10 14
This ends on the 8th guys! Better do this when you can! c:
So I decided I'm bored an I'm gonna do a quick 2 maybe 3 day raffle
So what I'm gonna do is draw a pixel for the winner-- now I've done pixels before but they look like this 
This is a simple pixel I did over a year ago, what I plan on doing is drawing the most detailed pixel possible
So how do you went?
Pretty easy actually, basic rules I've had before--
So rules
1. Must be watching me because I really don't like doing free art for other people unless their watching me, and if your not watching me all you have to do is click the button. But don't unwatch just because you lost or the raffle ends. Thats rude yo :U Stick with me, I host raffles a lot
2. In order for more people to know about the raffle what you have to do is post a journal titled, "FREE PONY PIXEL RAFFLE" Or something close and then provide a link back to this one.
3. So I KNOW you did it, you have to LI
:iconsyico:Syico 27 44
3000 Point Giveaway *Closed*
*The 3000 Points Giveaway is now closed! Any more favs past this will NOT be counted! Thank you so much guys and the winner of the points will be announced tomorrow~*
IMPORTANT: Remember, you MUST be watching me in order to participate! If you fav this journal and you're not watching me, I will NOT count you!
Also, be sure to link me to any journals, polls, ect that you advertise this journal in. It just makes it easier for me to find and I don't wanna accidentally leave anyone out. ;w;

You heard right guys! I am giving away 3,000:points: to celebrate reaching 600 watchers! :dummy:
This is a BIG step for me and I want to thank each and every one of my wonderful watchers who have stuck with me no matter what! I've gained a lot of watchers and I've lost some too, but today, I'l celebrating the ones that I have!
:star::star::star:How To Enter:star::star::star:
:bulletblue:You MUST be a watcher! So long as you are watching me, whether you have been or you did after seeing th
:icondevils-downpour:Devils-DownPour 78 254
Coco Pommel by baitoubaozou Coco Pommel :iconbaitoubaozou:baitoubaozou 303 26
2,500 Watchers Giveaway CLOSED
The giveaway has officially closed! A big thank you to everyone out there for all of your entries! :D
Stay tuned for the official announcement of the lucky winners coming up very soon! ;)
:icondj-blu3z:DJ-BLU3Z 780 2,919
I Want to Draw Your Pony OC! (CLOSED)
Hello, everyone!
Today, I am in the mood to draw some pony OCs, so I thought it would be nice to do a free-for-all! It is first come first served kind of thing! So, if you want me to draw your pony OC, then here is what you must do!
1. Comment on this journal by telling me about your pony OC (include reference)
When commenting please include the following:
Character Description (who they are and other info)
*This is just so I can add a description about your pony OC!*
2. Share this journal by writing about it, include link to this journal
3. Send me a link about your journal through note OR by commenting
You may submit multiple pony OCs, as long as you follow my rules.
If you do give multiple pony OCs then I don't expect you to write another journal but you will have to give me a character description and reference!
Optional: Watch me and favorite this journal
Here's some examples of what you
:iconfoxgirlkira:foxgirlKira 17 215
Speedpaint 1 by BDraw2012 Speedpaint 1 :iconbdraw2012:BDraw2012 19 0 Rarity wants an applehug by xWhiteDreamsx Rarity wants an applehug :iconxwhitedreamsx:xWhiteDreamsx 298 29


Some of you may have seen this already, but really, I think spreading out the word as much as possible is more than just imperative. REALLY good artist ShinodaGE is in some severe economic issues, and as someone from Argentina like he is, and knowing how screwed up our economy is, seriously guys, ANY single dollars you can send in would do absolute wonders to help him out. Dollars are worth A LOT in our country so seriously, any little bit can help. As an Argentine, even if I had the ability to, cannot help Shino because Paypal's STUPID newfound policy that Argentines cannot use Paypal to pay other Argentines through it, as far as I'm aware of.

Te deseo lo mejor Shino. Buena suerte. D:

Help Hey guys, due to family issues, I've been away from home and living in a hotel room for the last month. I've been told to leave tomorrow, and I have nowhere to go. My father and I have no money to get a place to rent, I don't have a job, and I won't be able to take commissions until I find a place to set up my PC.
 I don't like what I have to do, but it got to the point where I have to ask for help. Finding a place to live right now is the most important thing. I don't want to have to ask for money, but this is the last thing I can think of that will stop me from becoming homeless. If you want to help me out, I would be eternally grateful.
 My paypal email is *deleted*. Due to the fact I live in Argentina, I can't accept personal payments, so if you're donating you'll have to select "goods/services", sorry for that. If you can't donate, sharing this would also help a lot.
 I promise if we get out of this situation I will try my hardest to get my family


Let me tell you something about myself. My life story...somewhat XD:

Hello people of the world. My name is Antonio but here, call me Arcanel. I for now am found in Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I always lived, and I am 18 years old. I am Argentinian but I am half-Peruvian from my father. I'm going to give writing a try . However I do not know how commited I will be nor how much will I be able to write (considering my forte is SUPPOSED to be numbers, vectors and elements, not letters) so please bear with me. Don't hesitate to critic or correct me as much as you feel you need to (especially since I'm not from an English speaking country, rather from Argentina, so please do help out if you can) and any questions I have for you I'll write in the fic, considering I'm a good old newbie. Do please DROWN ME in ideas XD. Just remember, haters will be ignored and flamers will be abhorred.

As for my likes: Cars, dragons, games, Spyro (HELL YEAH!), My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (again, HELL YEAH!), Gran Turismo series (Going to race baby!), Tony Hawk series (Skating through hell and back!), Crash Bandicoot (that lovely little orange guy), Final Fantasy (so many hours...lost from my life in those games...especially FF XII, my favorite), everything from music (favorite group being Muse (HELL YES!), along with Tenacious D, Dragonforce, Break of Reality, The Black Mages and more, and my favorite genre being progressive rock, but I like many other genres from rock, and even classical music, blues, jazz, metal, even Celtic music and more) except a few stuff, playing drums, minerals, sweets (my source of life XD), Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Astronomy, Tennis, and maybe Philosophy and Psychology.

And my dislikes: Hypocresy, prejudice (yes I know, those 2 are unavoidable but I still hate them even if I use them...oh the irony...fuck), cumbia, reggaeton (shudders), and probably comercial pop (I'm watching you Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber, all you got are crazy fangirls, nothing else), politics, politician, everything related to politics (excuse me for the repetition but I REALLY hate them right now...or at least the ones in my country).

Well here I am. I am writing something after being reading in the internet for almost 3 years. I never even thought of this. Hell, even if I did I would have probably facepalmed myself if I DID have the idea XD. Regardless, I will do my best in this. Anyway. I will also say a bit more of me. I HAVE read some books in life, example being John Katzenbach's "State of Mind", and Stephen and Lucy Hawking's "Cosmic Treasure Hunt" (in Spanish, of course XD), as well as Pablo de Santis' "El Buscador de Finales" and "El Inventor de Juegos", and Adrian Paenza's "Matematica, Estas Ahi?" Collection of books, both these writers from my country Argentina. But not much else. If anything reading those kind of books would be my preference (if you know Spanish, then look them up. You might be intrigued). I also like reading a lot of stuff here in the Internet. Right now, I am going to see if my best chance is at blowing stuff in a laboratory, calculating numbers in my house, see if I can calculate the trayectory of a football ball (in my country, it would be soccer, in case you are confused), writing things from my mind, or something else XD.

As for what I read in the internet...I read webcomics (my recommendations include Twokinds, Slightly Damned, Bittersweet Candy Bowl and Housepets!, I would put more but it would be too much for me for now XD). In the reading I also go see fics from Pokemon (even though I haven't watched the anime in a long time, and haven't played not one game XD), Spyro the Dragon, and My Little Pony, the last one I also watch in Fimfiction, a site for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fics exclusively. In the first I recommend reading "The Wing's Edge" from denmawarlight, "Solaceon Daycare's Excellent Adventures" from megadeth425 (If you don't mind the constant lemon stuff), and "The Unknown Latios" and it's sequel "Remembering an Old Friend" from raginazn. In the second I recommend the "Age of Heroes" saga by Spatan-029, "The Legend of Spyro" saga by montecristo709, "Temple Academy" by Onix Da Rager, and the "Spyro Madness Saga" books by The Chaotic Queen of Madness. And in the third I recommend the "Leap of Faith" series by Wolokai, the "My Little Dashie" stories, the first by ROBCakeran53, the second by ty500600 and for now the third by EpicBG, "Moonbeam" by Laurence Brown, "Beating the Heat" by Andrew Joshua Talon (if you don't mind comedy and innuendo even bigger than Two and a Half Men, something I didn't thought was possible XD), and "Apples'n'Wrenches" by Ficksitup, "Lessons Taught" by Ghost2291, and "My Little Pony: Torn Between Two Worlds" by Alex Barkhorn I once again would put more...but it would never end. So I'm sorry if I left you out of this. Also you may need to find the last said stories in Fimfiction. I don't know if they are also in Fanfiction, so if you can't find them here, find them there.

I like speaking in different languages. Hell, if I could, I would learn everything I can. I at least know some words (yes words count in this, I don't care what you say XD) from Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Latin, Japanese, Russian, and even Draconic. In the last thing you might have noticed I also like dragons XD.

I have played a lot of games from the PS1 and the PS2, and I have recently acquired the PS3, though I only have Gran Turismo 5 for this one. I have played a little for the Nintendo SNES (I think it was the SNES. It might have been the NES for all I remember), and the Sega Genesis in my home, where stuff like Mortal Kombat 3 Trilogy was my source of distraction XD. Then Sony came in XD. I did play once or twice the Nintendo 64, Gamecube, and Wii, but that's it. Hell, I haven't even TOUCHED an X-Box XD. Out of my PC, I will always remember the games of my childhood that were BattleZone and the Interstate 76: Nitro Pack, both from Activision. My childhood heroes of gaming, as I call them, were the series of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Tony Hawk and Gran Turismo, all in the PS1. I played ALL of their games for said console. In my teenage life the hero was the Final Fantasy series in the PS1 and PS2. In order, I played XII, X, X-2, VII, IX and VIII. And my favorites out of them all are XII and VIII. I have played stuff from my childhood heroes in the PS2 as well. Everything From Spyro and Crash, almost everything from Gran Turismo, and a bit of Tony Hawk. I have played other stuff like for example the Vigilante 8 series, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, and more...I like gaming a lot XD.

I also enjoy comedians like Joe Matarese, Lewis Black and Gabriel Iglesias, all of them which freaking rock XD. I have watched the infamous Ray William Johnson and have laughed my ass off with him as well. And as for TV, well it is a mixture of cartoons (I watch and still watch DBZ and the Fairly OddParents, Hell to da YES!), american series (Two and a Half men, Castle, CSI and much, much more), and sports (like football matches and tennis matches). Therefore I have laughs, drama, and passion all in one XD.

Here will be a profile of my OC Arcanel and maybe, other OC's in the future:

Arcanel: 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 metres (I like putting different numbers XD). He has short black hair and brown eyes. His likes and dislikes and story are that of me so go look that. He will normally use confortable and sporty clothes whenever there is an opportunity, and the less the clothes he has to use, the better it will be. He hates the cold, but will not mind the cold if there is snow. He thinks a lot, but he distracts himself quite easily. He also has the mind combined of a 6 year old child and a 45 year old adult. He isn't too strong, somewhat robust. He is quite stubborn, but he is very vague. Blames himself very easily, and tries to get the truth first unless necessary or for a joke. He has a low self-steem and lack of self-confidence. He is not very social, but likes a close circle of friends. He also likes to philosophize if he is very bored. In the case of himself, he will always analyze a lot about his surroundings and he will try to refute his bad things with his good ones, but he won't prejudge the people he just met, unless he knows them well. And I think that is all XD.

By the way, the next thing I'm putting is like my first "real" work before my fic in the literature world. I felt like putting it and see what people think about it. Besides, it is kinda what I feel sometimes about the stuff around myself, or rather, how I feel sometimes. I also signed it as the name of my alter ego in my story, Arcanel. Here it goes:

Whenever the stars shine upon me,

I feel renewed because the light is conforting,

as well as the night when I'm strolling.

Shrouded in the solitude of darkness,

it gets me thinking till the point of numbness.

And even though it doesn't let me dream,

and it's the most confusing place I've ever seen,

I keep on walking to try and find the answer,

to any question that comes into matter.

For the one who bears a burden in his shoulder,

it is a burden that weighs like a boulder.

And for those who cannot resist it,

they just die. Crushed beneath its weight,

like gravity forcing down with all its might.

To find happiness it's what I call my must,

as much as meeting someone I can trust.

I have to get the place where they can stand everything,

and as such not be hurt by anything,

so they will not feel like a defenseless lamb,

as the people who want that can only be called dumb.

Never to be bothered and make stammer.

Never to talk and introduce the word stutter.

Music is my way outside the atmosphere,

so I never feel like I am JUST here.

Calm sounds and powerful vibrations,

are two things I want to call a good combination.

My emotions come out like money,

and that is all I want to study.

Be happy, listen to music, have a life,

I only want that and not one strife.

But I know that is impossible,

although I have tried in every way possible.

I learn to live with it, and embrace it.

Because I know that once I do,

It will be like a mountain, having finished climbing the summit,

I will not care about what may happen, despite not knowing where I will go.


And also this as my feelings towards music:

Hearing music trying to find it some meaning.

Hearing it far and wide in all the cardinal points.

It is an expression of feeling,

and that some people only call tiny dots.

Long streams of delight for the ears,

that may mean to break into tears.

Everlasting within the history of man.

As entertainment and connection, was something it could grant.


I hope you enjoyed it!


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