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Boomer Bile

By ArcaneKani
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My first go at replicating the Bile Bomb in L4D2. Even though the game is without Louis and the rest of the cast I still feel compelled to make all the nice accessories.
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Is that Bottle of Puke
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Interesting fact: The boomer used to be more pale and the vomit was red not green but horde effects were more on the screamer wich is just a cut enemy. And the boomer had Co existed but his vomit took damage to the player.
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"Bottle of, ugh…puke here!
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bottle of puke, might come in handy.
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*throws money at the screen*
that's the best version of that item I've seen yet!
do you take commissions?
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how'd u make it
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grenade boomer vomit ...
is authentic.
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Im making my own now and using a peanut jar how did you make the label
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how you make it is awsome and real
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omg I love this so freakin' much :heart:
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Ew vomit in a jar...........I feel so compeled to follow it o.o
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OOOO RADIOACTIVE SIGN MINE *grabs it* i luv radio active signs X3
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Where did you get the orange sticky thing on the top? Or how did you make that?
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This looks very well crafted. My question, is how did you do the lid, per se? (I'm trying to find a cheap VOSS bottle, but some how I doubt it'll happen >>;. Did you pay full price for yours?)
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Hey just out of curiosity, my friend is looking at ways to make her own boomer bile. What containers would you recommend?
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Bile is an uglier green then this. It should have more brown to it or in some cases -- dark brown.
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how did u make it?
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seriously watch out with that shit spill one drip and your covered in zombie's
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looks REALLY good! It would be helpful if you could maybe post a step by step on how you made it, or the materials used. Im cosplaying Ellis in April, so maybe i could make one in time :D
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I love boomer bile in the game. It's so effective.
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Why did CEDA make it look like a gas grenade?!

They even tried to weaponize a tank in a train, the only thing a tank wants to do is to crush, kill and destroy, not stay a sleep, not stay restrained or be stopped by anything or everything.

But I do miss dropping myself as a boomer to unexpecting survivors from high ground splashing on them.

Good times.
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Forgive the delay in my response. As for what I used, Voss makes a plastic water bottle that is absolutely perfect. The cap has a smaller, internal cap which screws on, leaving much play room to dremel through the exterior part for the cottor pin that's in there. I used cardboard for the red and metallic part. A combination of elmer white glue/water is a good sealer for the cardboard. As for the insides? I don't quite remember what I used; I think it was a kool-aid/gatorade combination, though I'll probably make something a little more viscous next time to give it that bile look. Be mindful of your preference of liquid, as once complete it can still serve as a bottle to hold your con drink!
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Wow! that looks great! what is the liquid in it?
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