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The Bright Side: Chapter 35 p444


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The Bright Side: Chapter 35 p437


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Majestic WildChild

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Patrol in the woods


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KH - Heart of an Assassin Pt. 2

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Call me V


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Dreams unlimited.

“This looks, at first glance, quite interesting but frankly, I cannot see any application for it.” The sandy haired man across from the hopeful student gently closed the dossier and carefully pushed it across the desk. “You cannot see an application? But – cheap fuel for everybody, isn't that what everybody is looking for?” The man behind the wide, highly polished desk leaned back with a faint smile and steepled his fingers over his belly – a belly that looked as if it received the careful attention of a personal trainer at least trice a week. “My good man! Cheap fuel is the philosopher's stone of

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Allons-y !

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Sora - Anti Form

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Gladius Herois Aevi (Link's Master Sword v2.0)

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Steampunk Gauntlet - Here comes the BOOM!

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The Bright Side: Chapter 35 p444


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Dreamfall Chapters. Kian Alvane

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Reader-chan (colored)

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10 Character Meme!

Choose 10 of your favourite characters/OCs/Friends/Celebrites/other. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 1: [4] finds a time machine! What time period do they visit?! 2: [2] falls in love with [9], but knows that [9] is dating [6]. What happens? 3:[1] wakes up in [3]'s house with no memory of how they got there. 4: [7] receives a love note from [5]. What does it say? How does [7] react? 5: [10] and [6] get married! 6: [2] and [5] are stuck on a deserted island. Who survives longest? 7: [9] beats up [3]. Why? 8: [8] murders [4] and [10] takes the blame. 9: ZOMBIES! How does [7] react? 10: [2] traps [1] in a hole. 11: [6] is captured by


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