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   Amy finds herself in an unfamiliar room.

Well, damn. How drunk
-was- I, and whose basement is it this time? Jess is fine, but she's not here.
Where are my boots? Am I alone?

   "Hey! Whose house is this?"

   Amy looks around the room. The room looks like a large basement, however it's packed tight with boxes, crates, and the sort, all of which are closed. The ceiling is also lower than it should be, low enough that she wouldn’t even have to stretch her hand much to touch the ceiling. The room is a bit damp and smells as such, along with a bit of a chill in the room. There seems to be a few lights on the walls every so often, however due to the size of the room and the amount of boxes, and even a few lights not working, the room is dim.

   There is no one around that Amy can tell, but it does look like there is a passage at one end of the room.

Okay, this is not right. What is this, a warehouse? I would've remembered coming somewhere like this.

    Amy walks quickly and nervously towards the bit that looks like an exit. She  walks  for several minutes toward the passage. Her footsteps  echo loudly. From time to time it seems as though a shadow moves. The minutes stretch longer, seeming to take too long. Finally Amy reaches the entrance of the hall.

   Many of the lights are out, leaving pockets of light leading up to double doors with tiny windows on each door. It looks like there might be something on the other side, but Amy is unable to see what, from where she’s standing.

None of this is right. Where am I? Will anybody come for me?

   Amy checks her pockets. If her cell phone is still there, she's going to try to call Jess, she decides, If not, she's going to be pretty scared and angry by now. She's going to try to kick down that door. (Because handles are for sissies.)

   Amy finds her cell phone, but doesn’t get a signal from where she’s at. Amy runs down to the double doors and gives them a good, solid kick.

OW, my foot! Okay, not trying that again.
   The doors move slightly, but it's clear their locked quite well.  Suddenly there's a knocking on the glass of one of the door's windows. A clean shaven man's face appears in the window. Amy’s cell phone begins to vibrate. Amy waves cautiously to the man behind the glass, then checks her cell phone. She answer the phone call and sees the man holding a cell phone to his face. in a deep, gravelly voice he says:

   “look in the box with the red circle and take the bells. bring them quickly and I’ll let you in.”
   Amy turns and starts walking back towards the boxes, looking for the one with the red circle. As she goes, she asks,
   "Where am I?" She lets a little fear into her voice, but not too much - just enough for sympathy. there's bit of static before the man answers:
   "I will tell you if you survive. quickly now." the man urges. it's clear that he cares more for the bells then for her safety.
   "They are beginning to hunt you" he says coldly, but with almost a tone of excitement.
   Amy hears children begin to giggle every few steps.

Oh, great. This is some psycho's game, isn't it? Fine, I'll play along for now. I wonder how much I can get out of him.

   Amy says into the phone, "Who are they?" She's running now, trying to cover as much ground as possible so she can find the right box. There’s more static.

   "th... ..e......."

   The phone cut off. Amy hears a soft whisper cut through the giggles, almost as though it was right by her ear.

"Play with us."

   Amy finda a group of boxes with various markings and different colors. It looks like there might be some useful stuff, but the box Amy needs is all the way in the back.

Dammit! What is this place? That voice isn't real. It's from a speaker or something. There's nobody here.

   Amy shoves aside the other crates to get to the one she needs, and try’s to open it. The crate is nailed down. Amy sees a different crate that's pretty loose and looks like she could pry that one open. Amy begin to hear something scraping the walls as the giggling continues. Look at the other side of the room--the one opposite of the hall--She begins to see the outline of something that's not a human shape.

Of fucking course. What IS that thing? God, I hope somebody's looking for me.

   Amy has not yet learned her lesson about kicking things. She kicks the box she needs, as hard as she can, before she tries to pry open the other one. And she breaks it! No just kidding, she kicks it rewarded  with a hurting foot and nearly falling off. The creature gets a little closer and with it the sound of children giggling.

   When Amy pries open the other crate she finds a large flashlight, the long metal kind a police officer might have, a crowbar, a chocolate bar, a backpack, and a book titled "Rainbows: Nature's Deathtrap"

Nature's deathtrap? Chocolate? Is this some kind of riddle? This is getting out of hand.

   Amy yells some profanity at the thing coming for her. She puts the flashlight, chocolate bar and book into the backpack, puts it over one shoulder, then grabs the crowbar in one hand and tries to open the box she needs. It takes her a few seconds to get the crowbar wedged in enough to start opening the box. She spends an entire minute prying at it before it begins open. All the while, the creature is getting closer and with it, the sounds of children giggling and something like nails dragging against the concrete.

   Amy manages to open the box, and there sits a finely made wooden case. Surrounding it is packaging peanuts and plenty of silk cloth.

Okay, silk cloth. Silkworms. Bugs. Add rainbows. Butterflies? Oh, I don't fucking know. Is there even anything to solve here? Or is somebody just fucking with me? Either way, the bells better be in here.

   Amy grabs the silk cloth and use sit to pick up the box. Then she heads for the doors. Despite the load she’s carting, she manages to beat the creature back to the double doors. Amy hears a click from the doors indicating their unlocked.

I should not kick that door again. That would be pretty dumb.

   Amy kicks her way through the door, ready to have some serious words with the man she spoke to earlier. The doors open wide, allowing her to enter with her loot. However, the man isn't there. The doors swing shut and lock. The creature is near the door but doesn't seem to want to enter. As close as it is now, Amy hears children giggling manically, almost painfully along with howling and a variety of other animals, as if someone mashed them into one creature.

   The room Amy is in has stairs. one side leads up, the other side down. There also another door, a single door that look like to an office, placed at a side of the room.

I am going to find that man, and I am going to punch him in his stupid face. And then I am going to get the hell out of here.

   Amy heads for the office-looking door. The door's locked but it does have a large glass window in the center.

Fuck it. Time to break things. God I love these boots.

   Amy looks through the window. She can’t tell if there’s anything resembling a person in there because the glass is dirty and the room is dark, but decides she will (shockingly enough) kick the glass.

Crowbars are for the weak!

   Surprising, after several kick, Amy manages to break the glass. The final kick left her leg awkwardly positioned through the door. When she shattered the glass it cut up her leg pretty badly.  On the bright side, none of the cuts look too deep, although Amy now has a somewhat bloody leg that stings. Also she can now unlock the door.

Okay, um, fuck, bleeding leg. Ha! I knew I kept this cloth for a reason.

   Amy steps out of the room and wraps the silk cloth around her leg as a bandage. Then she reaches through the window to unlock and open the door. The room is pretty dark. From what she can see it looks like there's a desk, a chair and a really old computer. The hall light doesn't let her see much else.

Right, flashlight it is. Also, rainbows. Gotta remember rainbows. And chocolate. When did I last eat?

   Amy turns on the flashlight and looks around. The room looks dusty, as though it hadn't been used in years. There are several bookshelves lined with old nick-knacks, pictures, awards and books. Notably one of the selves appears to have several books rather similar to the she has. There are no windows just walls in a drab shade of white paint that's coming off. The desk has is clear, aside from the computer and mug of pencils. Amy checks out the titles of the books, although she is careful not to touch anything. The dustiness kinda weird her out. She also looks around at the knickknacks, specifically looking for anything made of glass.

   There are a few dusty glass animals and picture frames made of glass with picture of people smiling. there's even one of those dipping birds that go down for water and back up made of glass, although there is water is looks stale with stuff floating in the water.
   There are book titles labeled:
"The Wonders of Unicorn Alchemy",
"1001 Reasons Not to Trust a Rubber Ducky",
"Book of the Dead: Volume V",
"How to Turn Demons into a Foci",
"Masks: Why They Make Great Power Conductors",
"The Book of Answers: Everything You Need to Know, When You Need It",
"Fay: Don't Trust them" ,
"Homunculus: What Every Master Needs to Know to Take Care of Their Man Made Servants"
Are these books some kind of joke? What IS this place?

   Amy shines her flashlight at the animals to see if any of them make the light into a rainbow. Then she picks up "The Book of Answers" and opens it to a random page. The flashlight shines on the dusty glass figurines and mange to create weak rainbows.
   The Book of Answers reads: “The one you seek was never here, try the stairs. But remember, rewards and punishments both, are hidden in the mundane and even obvious place. Sometimes they reside in odd places.”

Well, at least the book works. Sort of. I thought I was doing alright with 'mundane' things. Maybe I won't eat that chocolate bar. Or maybe I should?

   Amy picks up an intricately made wolves wrestling, or killing each other—she’s not quite sure which because from one angle it looks playful and from another it looks more violent animal--which made the best rainbow and puts it in her ever filling  backpack. Then she leaves the room and goes back out to the stairs. She asks the book, "Up or down?" and opens to a random page.The book reads:

 “Up or down, have dangers alike. If darkness you seek, down into the earth you should go. If escape is what you seek, up into the sky you go.”

I like this book. This is a good book.

   Amy puts the book in her bag. Then uses the flashlight and play/fighting wolves to create a rainbow in front of her, and walks up the stairs with it. Amy goes up a flight of stairs, a bit winded by the amount of things she’s carrying. There's a sign indicating the floor Amy's on and a door for the actual floor. The sign says she’s on floor B44

B44? Is this some kind of joke? What kind of building goes this deep underground? This can't be just one psycho. This is bigger. Fuck.

   The door on B44 is unlocked.

Let's explore, then. Into B44 we go, flashlight rainbows at the ready!

   The room is similar to the previous floor, low ceiling and tons of boxes. there's a hissing sound coming from inside. The room is dark aside from your flashlight and a light at the very end of the room, illuminating an empty spot.

No, I'm not doing this again.

   Amy turns around and heads back up the stairs.  it takes quite a while to reach that level and becomes rather fatigued after the long climb up. There’s another door on level B21, and rubble blocks her from going any higher on the stairs.

Okay. Definitely need to work out more. Jesus. Time for a break.

   Amy sits down in the stairwell, takes the chocolate bar out of her bag, and takes a careful bite. She take a relaxing break. The chocolate taste pretty good, especially for having been in the crate for what must have been a long time.

Mmm, chocolate. Alright, break's over.

   Amy eats half of the chocolate bar, then picks up her flashlight and explores B21. The door is locked and before she can do something (like kick it) her phone begins to ring.

I might not've kicked it - my leg hurts now. (But I probably would've kicked it anyway.)

   Amy answers her phone with, "Hello?" Her powers would tell her if it was Jess, but otherwise she wouldn't know who was calling. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it's not Jess. It’s a woman's voice.

   "Hello Amy Richardson. You may call me Etha. I'm afraid that Mr. Glass isn't quite as stable in reality as he'd like to be. But then neither is the place your currently in. If you go down to floor B35 you should find an elevator."

Oh, that makes perfect sense.
   Amy starts back down the stairs and says, "Thank you Etha, I'm headed down there now. What do you mean about Mr. Glass?  Is he the man I spoke to earlier?"

   "The man you spoke to was Mr.Glass. Unfortunately, he had a run in with a Reaper. He can't bare to stay in one realty for any long periods of time. I expect the pain to be too excruciating to do so.”  Etha speaks calmly but with no emotion, it isn't even cold, just a lack of emotion.
Amy is on floor B23.

God, I feel like I'm back in French class. I never understood more than half of what was going on...

   Amy keeps going down the stairs, and asks, "What's a reaper?"

   "Lets say that people, everything that is them, has a pattern. Realitys also have patterns. If it finds something incongruous to that reality's pattern, which they often do, then it begins to tear apart that pattern. Pray you do not run into a Reaper."
Amy is on floor B25

Yeah. French class.

    Down and down. "Is there anything I can do if I meet a Reaper? Are there any in here?"

   "There is nothing you can do aside from hoping you are able to enter a more compatible reality quick enough. I do not know if there are any nearby."
Floor B29

Great. Great. Just fucking great.

   Amy keeps going down the stairs, as fast as she can. She asks, "How do I switch realities? How did I even get to this one in the first place?"

   "There are doorways and cracks in all realitys. The best course of escaping the current reality would be to create a door way, however certain conditions must be met to create one. It is possible you fell into one of these cracks."
Floor B30

It would be a really bad idea to say, "You're cracked!" She's the only help I've had, except that book. Oh! The book! I should remember that I have it.

   Amy says, "Can you help me get out of here?" as she continues down the stairs.

   "My influence But you are not completely powerless. There are always clues set for Outsiders."
Floor B32

So this place IS a fucking puzzle. Wonderful. Down and down!

   "Can you give me any advice?"

   "Be sure to keep the bells, especially if a Reaper catches you."
Floor B34

Right. Keep the bells of a reaper, keep the rest of the chocolate in case I get hungry, keep the book in case I need answers, keep the flashlight in case it gets dark, keep the animals in case the OTHER book is right, keep the crowbar in case I run into a locked door...god.

   Amy heads down that last flight of stairs and asks, "Is there anything special I need to know about the elevator?"

"Yes t..e.......m...s..e....e....fh"

   The phone cuts off and Amy is on the correct floor in front of the door.

Lovely. Just fucking great. Wonderful. Christ.

   Flashlight at the ready, Amy heads into the main area of the floor. The door was unlocked. This room is well lit. There are cubicles throughout the room and from what she can see in a few of them, there are desks, computer, and what overall looks like work stations for a business.

Right. Okay. Right. Um.

   Amy takes out the Book of Answers and asks, "How do I leave this place?" the book reads: "left then up, a door on wall the leads to a hall."

   Amy hears typing on a keyboard somewhere in the room.

   Left then up. So the elevator is probably on the left? What is that noise?

   Amy pulls the box with the bells out of her bag (alliteration!) and heads towards the typing sound. The sound gets louder and clearer the closer she gets. Amy navigates the maze like amount of cubicles and find the one where the noise is coming from. Inside, the computer is on and sitting in front of it appears to be a very skinny person.  The person pauses momentarily, then continues to type.

Oh, that's polite. Well, time to turn on the old charm.

   Amy stands a few feet away from the person and says, "Hey there. Do you work here, or are you lost like me?"

    The person continues to type as though they didn't hear her. Amy can see some of the screen, enough to tell that the person is in some kind of word program and is typing rather quickly.

Really polite. Great.

   Amy takes a couple of steps closer to try and read what's on the screen. Words flash by extremely quick, she is are able to catch a few words though, but not enough to make sense : "name" "1920" "game" From where Amy is, the person smells strange, stinky. The person's hands blur over the keyboard masterfully, but look reddish-pink.

Right. Great.

   Amy says, "If you want to get out of here, come with me and we can try to figure it out. Otherwise, I'm heading off now."

   The person at the computer stops, swivels in the chair to face her. The person isn't alive, it looks like a rotting corpse. The skin has decomposed several layers giving it a shiny look, muscle and what’s left of the skin cling to the skeleton of what was once a man.  The eyes are gone and the skin around the teeth and mouth have retreated, making it seem larger. The rotting corpse gets up and begins to close in on Amy.

Fuck! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! Oh fuck, is this a reaper? Fuck!

   Amy is still holding the box, and she backs away slowly while trying to open it and take the bells out. The corpse grabs one of her arms in an almost spongy grip. It seems as though it's attempting to take a bite out of Amy.

Oh no you fucking don't!

   Amy kicks the corpse-man, aiming for the stomach/pelvis, and the force pushes it off a little, but it doesn't seem to feel it. Amy uses that little bit of space to back away and open the bell box. She backs up and manages to get out the bell box. There are seven bells of different sizes. Each bell has a symbol marked on it but none Amy is familiar with.

Why can't things just be easy once in a while?

   Amy makes a random decision and starts ringing the biggest bell then  the others. The corpse pauses, as if considering what she’s doing. None of the bells work on the corpse and it attempts to grab Amy, nearly bites a chunk out of her.

Well, fuck. Okay, um, the book said left for the elevator, right? Time to get the hell out of here.

   Amy kicks the corpse again, then runs off towards the left side of the room, looking for a door, elevator, or other exit. Amy runs toward a wall and begin to follow it in search of a door. As she does, more corpses begin following her, most are in the same condition as the first one, if not worse. She manages to find the elevator.


   Amy pushes the call button for the elevator and stands next to it with her back to the wall. the elevator was pretty high up. It's going to take at least 10 minutes for it to reach her. The corpses are getting closer.

Aw crap. What do I do? Oh hang on!

   Amy reaches into her bag for the crowbar.

Let's whack some zombies.

   One of the corpses comes closer than the others and attempts to grab and bite into Amy.

No you fucking don't!

   Amy slams the crowbar into the corpse's head. Blood and brain goo oozing out. But now three more are closing in.

Dammit! Where is my fucking elevator? What is this, a fucking horror movie?

   Amy smashes all the dead heads she can reach and tries to kick the bodies into a pile in front of her. She receives several scratches  on her arms and more than a few bruises in the effort but manages to take down the three and move them in the way of the corpses. Amy hears the elevator getting closer just as a particularly aggressive corpse rushes her. Amy yells, "FUCK YOU!" and takes a particularly hard swing at the ballsy zombie. The zombie is by no means intimidated by her use of the word fuck. Corpses move in as she swings, and only get clipped, it manages to get in a few hits, but so does Amy. The elevator dings and slides open as another corpse closes in.

   Amy backs into the elevator and tries to find the "close door" button, yelling, "Fuck your mother too!" As it closes she manages to keep them out. Just as the doors are almost shut, one corpse sticks his head and arms in, and the doors squeeze him until they chop him in half, just under the shoulders.


   The elevator has buttons for all the floors, but some remain unlit. Amy pushes the button for the ground floor but unfortunately the buttons for floors B30-A9 are broken. The floors available read B60-B40 and A10-A30.

Of course. It's never easy in this place, is it?

   Amy pushes A10. It takes several minutes before the elevator hits floor 10. When it opens, she finds herself in what looks like a rather nice hotel.
Sure, that makes sense.

   Amy leaves the elevator and takes a closer look at her surroundings. She also puts away the crowbar in her bag and tucks the bell box under her arm. To the left is a hall leading to a dining room and to the right is a hallway.

This is the part where whatever that woman was saying would probably have been helpful, isn't it. Damn. Okay, left has served me well so far.

   Amy heads for the dining room. The table has been set up with a long table and tons of mouthwatering food, as though someone expected tons of guests for some kind of fancy dinner part. But no one is around.

Man, if I wasn't so fucking terrified I'd probably be really hungry by now. Then again, for all I know it's been fucking poisoned or something. That would fit the bill for this place.

   Amy passes by the table to see what's beyond it. There's a door that leads to a kitchen and an open door way that lead to an open area and then to the hallway.

No bloody idea. I don't even know

   Amy takes out her trusty Book of Answers and asks, "How do I get home from here?" Many of the words a covered by something that look almost like blood spatter except with ink. The words that remain are "N" "Kitch" "all" "ke" "ugg" "ware" "ble"

Oh, great. Was there a three-use rule or something? Okay, kitchen, clearly. And maybe tall kettle? Stoneware? Marble? Whatever, maybe I'll know when I get there.

   Amy heads for the kitchen to take a look around. The kitchen is modern, although very high tech looking with the ovens and plenty of other cooking stuff. The design of everything looks silver because of this. There's several fridges and closets of foods and spices in the large kitchen, it's clear this place was made to create tons of food. There is a door to a storage room.

Right. Okay.

   Amy starts opening cupboards and ovens (as long as they're turned off!) and fridges to look around for anything that jumps out as unusual. Nothing strikes her as unusual, there's cooking supplies where there should be, food where there should be, and stuff to make the dishes, where they should be. The only thing that's odd is the lack of people and the amount of cleanliness. In fact, the place looks like it's never been used.

Why is this never easy?

   Amy heads for the storage area. it's a small storage room with boxes of supplies of food and extra cooking items. There doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary. Amy’s cell phone begins to ring. She  answers the phone with, "Hello?"

   "Do you have the bells?" a gruff voice asks.

How many people know about this? How do they all know I'm here? Cameras somewhere?

Amy says, "Yes sir, all seven."

The Situation: You are given instructions on traveling to a different reality, with no idea where it will take you.

“Bring to me…….. create a circle with salt, inside the circle mark the symbols of the bells in salt. Make sure the largest bell’s symbol faces your front and the smallest to your back....  the second to smallest should be to the top of your left shoulder and the second biggest should be to the bottom of your right shoulder. Third smallest should be to your right and third biggest to your left…. The remaining should be below you. Create another salt circle so that the symbols are trapped between two circles of salt, except the one below you….be sure not to smudge any of the salt. And then say ‘Open the Gate to the World of Perditus and for I have gone astray.’  I will be there to claim the bells.”

Tell me what you think, player and reader alike. Anything you think I could do to make it more enjoyable and so fourth.

Readers, if you think the player should face something I haven't put in and you don't want the players to see, send me a note with the subject: Serendipity Ideas

If you want to play, read this [link]

:iconthecrazymagnet: send me a note subject: Serendipty2 to begin chapter 2
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