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3/3 Commission slots open!


- Pricing -

Full Detailed/Neat Painting  of character with background - £34.11  /  $45.00 / 4500 points
Lighthouse Guardian by Arcamira
COMMISSION - Seraphim by ArcamiraSolar Dragon by Arcamiradesert mun by Arcamira
^(this bottom one's closest to what I mean by fully painted character)
This includes paintings which include 1 character, with a background.
Prices could increase depending on the complexity of background and the number of characters, but one character on a simple background (i.e not in a dense, detailed area such as a library) would be the base price at £34.11  /  $45.00 / 4500 points
Resolution is 300 dpi, 2560x1440

Detailed/Neat Painting without background - £26.53 /  $35.00 / 3500 points
Teri by Arcamira
Note for more information.

Rough Painting with simple background - £20.73 /  $28.00 / 2800 points

Sif by Arcamira

(This is like a full painting, however detail is not as refined, and brush strokes as well as roughness will be more visible at full resolution.)
Note for more information.

Cell shaded full character - £16.29 / $22.00 / 2200 points
Maya Fey by ArcamiraKebu by ArcamiraYANDERE-CHAN by Arcamira
Fancy Penguala by Arcamira
Note for more information.

Half body full colour- £13.64/ $18.00 / 1800 points
Note for more information.

Headshot full colour- £10.61 / $14.00 / 1400 points
Therona by Arcamira
Note for more information.

Shaded sketch of character - £6.06 / $8.00 / 800 points
upu by Arcamira
Note for more information.

Small coloured sketch - £2.25 / $3.00 / 300 points
creepo by ArcamiraVdbd by Arcamira

Note for more information.

Note me for more information about these, the prices may vary, and I can make something if there's something specific you want not on this list.

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