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Alice muttered her thanks as Lemon let her free of the villain black marketeer's latest booby-trap, which involved energy projectors, hair dye, and of all things, won-ton soup.

"You'll dry off in a minute," Lemon assured her, then skipped back to where Lime was dealing with the customers who had been here in front of her.  

This interested Alice, as she had never been to Lemon and Lime's "little shop" at the same time as other customers before.  She didn't know either of their names, but she knew these two were a pair; a cute blonde femme fatale and her second, a brooding young redheaded man who was reputed to be a psychic and hypnotist.

The couple finished paying Lime for their purchase, apparently some energy rifles and plasma blades, then stepped out.  The blonde nodded amiably to Alice as they left; Alice blinked and nodded back.  Was it a good thing or a bad thing that other villains were recognizing her?  She wasn't sure.

"So, what does Kinny want this time?" Lime asked.  

Alice sighed.  "He wants three components for the interocitor he's trying to build, and also he's looking for that long-range machine controlling device you guys were offering a sale on. Here's the list," she said, handing it over.  It had all the parts numbers that Lemon and Lime used in their arcane filing system.  Alice didn't even want to know the details.  Dealing wtih Kinesis every day was enough.

Kinesis.  She still thought of him as that, even since she'd learned his real name.

Lemon went to get the parts, while Lime leaned her elbows on the table and smiled.  It was unnerving how perfectly domestic and cheerful these two were; and the crazy thing was, it wasn't part of any kind of cover.  They just happened to be nice, sweet girls who enjoyed making a living selling weapons of mass destruction and other items to the supervillain community.  And they were good at it.

"So what does he want the controller for?" Lime asked.  "Or doesn't he want anyone to know?"

Alice shrugged.  "Apparently he's got a new fixation with forklifts.  He wants to use them to kill people."

Lime snorted.  "He's been watching too many bad movies."

Alice didn't even want to know what movie that idea had come from.  "Anyway, how much do we owe you?"

"Forty thousand all together," Lime said.  "Unless he wants to pay us a vis-"

Alice slammed the heavy steel briefcase down on the counter.  "There's sixty-two thousand in there.  Take what you need, feel free to count it in front of me."

"Oh," Lime sighed, dissapointed, as Lemon came back, struggling to hold up the entire pile of parts.


"I take it they accepted the payment, then," Kinesis said as Alice returned to the lab, hefting a heavy sack with the components over her shoulder in one hand, and the much depleted briefcase on the other.

"Yeah," she gasped, "How'd you guess?"

Kinesis smiled, her sarcasm lost on him.  "They are truly predictable."

"You could pay me some of this money, you know," Alice said.  "You can afford it."

Kinesis shrugged.  "Why?  All your needs are taken care of here."

Alice sighed loudly.

"Tell you what," he said.  "Next time you want something particular, I'll arrange for its purchase, how's that?"

"I don't think Lime and Lemon have the sort of stuff I'm looking for," she pointed out.

He stood straight up and stared at her through his glasses.  "I didn't anticipate you wanting something for yourself from their stores.  I rather thought it would be something from one of the online computer merchandise websites."

Alice blinked, surprised for the second time that day.  Kinesis was never so generous, he must want something from her.  "Thank you," she said cautiously, putting the sack and briefcase down, gently.

"You're welcome.  Now, I need you to debug the computer again."

"I knew it," she groaned.  "What did you do to it this time?"

"It seems I downloaded too many modular entertainment programs to the fantasy game," Kinesis admitted sheepishly.  Well, sheepishly for him, anyway.

"And why can't you fix it yourself?  You're comptuer savvy."

His stare intensified.  "Two reasons.  First, because I wish to spend my time on more relevant issues to my plans for world domination.  Second, because as my Second-in-Command, it is your task to perform such duties for me as I direct.  Without," he added pointedly, "Question or insubordination."

Alice's shoulders slumped and she nodded her head.  Insubordination?  He didn't know the meaning of the word.  Maybe she should talk to Computer about another prank in the near future.

Finally, she said, "I'd think you'd spend more time playing that supervillain game, anyway."

Kinesis snorted.  "The villains in that scenario are too reactive; they don't spend enough time actually plotting and setting up doomsday plans or attempting world conquest.  But perhaps...yes....after you finish fixing the computer, I shall hack their game and rewrite it appropriately.  Thank you, Miss Evanson!  What a clever idea!  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA....."

Alice buried her head in her hands and made a frustrated noise.
Fanfic for [link] which is owned by :iconthaliathetiger:

There are several pop references in here. See if you can spot them all. Some are much more obvious than others.
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Is a good webcomic. Check it out!
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Haaa! Oh my gosh, that was amazing! Spot on, as it were. :XD: Great work! :heart:
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Arcalian Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2009
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Lemon and Lime were perfect! Dannggg you're awesome! I really liked reading it :D
Arcalian Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2009
Wait, I see Lime in your avatar...are Lemon and Lime yours?!?? :ohnoes: Ulp....
ChibiSilverWings Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
:3 Alexis/Thalia and I are roomates and I am behind Lemon and Lime in some ways, but it was a joint effort. I help with ideas and writing things XD LAter I might help coloring, but at the moment my main computer is on the fritz.
AlexisRoyce Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Professional General Artist
Hee. I can't see Kinesis playing a villain-based computer game, but I can see him playing a villain-based computer game and calling it training. That makes far more sense than I think he'd ever care to admit. Especially if he hacked it and remade it to his liking. ^_^

I also really enjoyed the description of Lemon and Lime, which was dead-on, and you did a good job with Alice as the passive (but not for long, if you tick her off) observer.

I'm still trying to figure out who the cameo villains are; it's a lot of fun racking my brains. But I think you have me stumped. :D Who are they?
Arcalian Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2009
Who the two villains are is not immediately obvious. I did tweak them a little. I didn't list the blonde's powers, aside from her sexual charm. She is orignially from comic books, but has had a more recent cartoon incarnation that, unless you are a big time comic book fan, would be the only version you really knew.

The hypnotist second is based on someone I know you know, because you've referenced the show he's from in Evil Plan. Only, the version of him I'm writing here is sort of my own take on him, and has more to do with the old incarnation of the show, than the new. Also, he wouldn't play second to anybody.

Want more hints? Look at the other stuff I've written.

I was really worried about getting Kinesis right. Glad it mostly worked.
AlexisRoyce Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009  Professional General Artist
Okay, so checking your gallery, I'd guess that the blonde is Terra (and I actually have the old Teen Titans comic before they introduce her gahh, why didn't the antique shop have the next issue, too? D: ). And I'm guessing that the man is from Doctor Who, but I'm at a loss as for exactly who he is. The canon is SO BIG, and I don't have much of a handle on it yet. I've seen quite a few episodes of the new series and just a little of the old. I like it, but I only really get to watch it over the summer, where I have the sci-fi channel and ability to access sites which host old eps.

Close/No Cigar? :D
Arcalian Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
Terra is indeed correct. The man is loosely based on a more old series notion of the Master (with more emphasis on personal hypnotism, as it was in those days), if he was younger and a redhead (or as they say in the new series "ginger" haha.)
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