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Day in the Life of a Dragon Cult
The High Priestess bowed low before the Dragon, atop his treasure hoard.  Her costume was ornate, heavily accented with gold; but the primary accents were sapphires and azure, fitting the colors of the draconic lord.
The Blue Dragon had a name, of course, but it was never spoken by any of his servants.  A handful of other Dragons knew his name, but he did not converse with them, and indeed intended to kill them.
“How goes the day, faithful one?” the great blue wyrm enquired.
“All is well, Great One.”  She smiled up at the great creature.  “All the realm sings praises in your name.  As you know, the gold mines are running thin, but the new gem mines show much promise.”
“Yet I sense your heart is troubled,” the Dragon prodded.  “Which of my subjects disobeys?”
“None, Great One!”  She hastened to reassure her master.  “Rather it is your rival to the north, the Silver prete
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First Trump came for the Mexicans
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Mexican.
Then Trump came for our private healthcare,  and I didn’t speak up because I figured Hillary or Bernie would do the same thing anyway.
Then Trump came for public property by way of corporate asset forfeiture, and I didn’t speak up because I rent an apartment.
Then Trump came for the Muslims, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Muslim.
Then Trump said “We should shut down the internet” ….and then it was too late for anyone to speak up.
:iconarcalian:Arcalian 1 3
A.N.G.E.L.S. Recruit: Brian Waters
Brian Waters
code name "Targeter"
Born: October 4, 1989 in Leeds, UK
5 foot 11 inches. Blonde hair, green eyes.
Background: Originally a member of the British SAS, he was recruited by a (classified) British agency who also gave him an arm-mounted xenon laser weapon.  Political maneuvering in Parliament meant the funding for his agency was cut.  After a brief but effective tour in the Middle East, he was recommended for the Guardian A.N.G.E.L.S. division.  His laser almost sent him to the Avenging division instead, but he's neither a heavy enough hitter nor trigger-happy enough to qualify.  He is happy enough to be a Guardian.
Personality: He gets along well with most other operatives, if a bit distant.  Only two things really annoy him; totally disorganized people, and foolish political maneuverings by politicians and military brass who aren't "on the ground" facing the threats.  Good at taking orders, going into action and saving the day; not so good at f
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Then and Now, part 2 of 2
Then and Now, part 2
by Jay McIntyre
Brent, London
12 February, 1993

The TARDIS materialized in a dirty alley. A bitter wind was blowing, and snow was coming down fairly heavily.
There was a pause, then the door opened. The Doctor, Amy and Rory stepped out, all dressed for the winter weather.
The Doctor looked up, expression unreadable. “A cold winter's night in London....”
“So?” Rory asked.
“It reminds me of something.”
“You've been everywhere,” Amy pointed out. “Everywhere reminds you of something.”
“Something specific,” the Doctor said. “Something from long ago.”
“How long ago?” Rory asked. “From before the.....the....”
“Before the Time War,” the Doctor agreed. “Yes.” He drew a deep breath. “Come along, Mr. and Mrs. Pond!”
Amy chuckled, and Rory sighed. They followed him.
The snow was heavy; Amy hoped they wouldn’t be out in it
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Then and Now, part 1 of 2
Then and Now, part 1
by Jay McIntyre
Falmouth, Cornwall.
1 September, 2011.

The harbor was busy, but not too busy for the locals to start in amazement when a blue box ground into reality on one of the docks.
Inside that blue box, the Doctor and Peri saw everyone staring, via the view screen.
“That.....wasn't supposed to happen,” the Doctor muttered, for once not nearly as loud as his garish patchwork coat.
“Admit it Doctor,” Peri said, “You've had a harder time piloting the TARDIS since you regenerated.”
The Doctor emitted a genuine harrumph, restored to form by her jibe. “I'll have you know that this incarnation is a vast improvement on the last, young lady! I've become the flower of Gallifreyan elegance!”
“I'm a botanist,” she reminded him wearily, “And you're not so much a flower as a weed.”
The Doctor's eyes flashed, and for a moment she saw real anger there; but then the light faded and he snorted.
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Fallen Angels: In The Shadows...
Fallen Angels: In the Shadows....
Page One
Mac welcomes the team to the briefing, shushes their usual banter, and briefs them on a henge recently discovered off the western coast of Ireland....
Page Two
Specifically, this is Croaghnakeela Island, off Ireland’s Atlantic coast. (a real place, I looked it up)  A shadowy figure with a distinctive ring on his finger is briefing his troops on securing “the relic below the henge.”  Most of these are garden variety troopers, but the shadow figure’s lieutenant is a skilled swordsman, probably some sort of bastard offspring of aristocracy, with training to know how to use his weapon, no doubt an ancient family heirloom.  Maybe magical?
(I entertained the shadow figure having a video communication with Viper here, then dismissed it as an unnecessary complication)
Page Three
High speed transport (supersonic jet?) gets the team to Ireland quickly, but getting to the island is another matter.  Mac has a se
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The Man who didn't know How To Be a Father, part 2
The son and his friend eventually found other people to help them climb out of the river.  But it was a near thing; they almost drowned.
The father who didn't know how to be a father didn't apologize for his cowardice, or offer any real help.  But for the son's birthday, he did take him to a mall to buy shoes.  
Now, the non-father was getting older, and moved slow.  But the son was also slow, with a neurological limp since he was born.  So he was walking slow with the old man, trying to help him along.  The old man became snippy and demanded the son move slower.  The son put up with this as best he could, then finally tried to help the old man to move faster, then finally left him behind.  The old coward tried to remonstrate with him, and the son turned and took his not-father's hands in his, pleading with him, trying to explain he hadn't been moving too fast.
The old man's ability to talk finally failed him, and he replied "Don't aggravate me."
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The Gar Logan Show #2: Starfire
Announcer:  It's the return of the Gar Logan show!  Here’s your host, Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Logan!
*Gar dances out to wild applause*

Gar: Hey everybody!  Sorry it’s been so long, but we had a falling out with one of our sponsors.  Some people say they’re fans of certain characters, but aren’t unless they’re written to their exact specs.  Some people claim to be students of history, but are very selective about it.  And some people try to give financial advice when they’ve never had to fend for themselves.
*crowd goes ooooooh then applauds*
Gar:  *nods solemnly*  Sometimes you have to leave the wrong person behind.  But enough of that.  We’re gonna talk about someone whose proper characterization has been left behind instead.  That would be my next guest, Starfire!
*cautious applause as Kory come out.  She looks a little stressed.*
Gar: Thanks for coming on the s
:iconarcalian:Arcalian 1 10
Horses of Kittens by Arcalian Horses of Kittens :iconarcalian:Arcalian 3 2 The Farming Equipment and The Chemistry by Arcalian The Farming Equipment and The Chemistry :iconarcalian:Arcalian 6 3
Apprentice Plagueis
Darth Plagueis’ eyes opened.
His master stood before him, frowning.  “Now is not the time for sleep.”
Plagueis rose briskly.  “Not sleeping Master, meditating.  I have always tried to emulate your avoidance of sleep.”
Darth Tenebrous shook his head.  “Bith do not need sleep. Muun do.  And while I applaud your will and determination in the matter,” his voice hardened, “There is no try.  Achieve your goal, or do not attempt it.  Even the Jedi understand this.”
Plagueis sighed inwardly.  “Yes, Master.”  Tenebrous did not shock him with lightning often.  He favored other, more subtler ways of disciplining him.  Plagueis had understood for some time now that Sith Apprentices killed their Masters for reasons beyond gaining greater power and becoming Masters themselves.
Sometimes he wished he had lived back in the days of the Sith Empire, when Darth
:iconarcalian:Arcalian 7 7
Alcoholic roomie
I don't drink, but I don't care if others do, either.
....Unless it's with MY MONEY.
This conversation just happened.
Roomie: the gift certificate covered $28 of the bill, but I drank and ate $31.
Me: So you only spent $2, hey, that's pretty good!
Roomie:  Um, no; the gift certificate covered $28, then I *spent* $31 above that.
Me: *shocked into silence, unable to even be angry.*
(Roomie goes into bathroom)
Me: (to myself) At this rate, we won't last the year before the money runs out.
Somebody help me.
:iconarcalian:Arcalian 0 4
....And for a little while, he felt hope and joy.
The traveler had walked alone for many years.  It was his way.  From time to time, he would be in the company of others, but never truly one of them. Even when they accepted him and called him one of their own, he didn’t feel it inside.  Not through any failure on their part, but simply because that’s who he was.  How he was wired.  How he was made.
And then he saw a treatment of the old story of Ebenezer Scrooge, only this time it was different.  This time instead of scaring him and terrifying the old man, the ghosts simply changed his history and showed him how things would be if he had taken a better man from the start.  And old Ebenezer was touched and heartened by what he saw, and accepted this better path after an inspiring speech about human nature and choice.
And then the traveler moved on, and saw the grave some some superhero artist or other.  He didn’t recognize the name, but he did recognize the amazing art.  Like sculpture, but breathtakingly real, breath
:iconarcalian:Arcalian 2 11
Terra II part 87
Donna led the others into the Doctor’s blue box.  Some of them--notably Redwing and Mirage--were hesitant, whereas Terra and Changeling were right behind her.
But all of them were stunned into silence once they got inside.
The box was bigger inside than out.  There was a whole room inside, pristine white with roundels set into the walls.  A hexagonal machine sat in the center.  A cute brunette girl in a dark jacket leaned against one of the walls.  There was an open door in the far wall, and through a hallway winding yet deeper.
Donna looked around, awed.  “The Justice Society mentioned that it was larger on the inside, but...”
The Doctor nodded.  “Only their Green Lantern saw the inside.”
“Oi, Professor!” said the girl.  “What’s with all these people?”
“This is Ace,” the Doctor said, gesturing to her.  I believe Miss Levine could compare notes with her concerning explosives.”
Redwing brightened.  “I
:iconarcalian:Arcalian 1 6
The Man who didn't know How To Be a Father
Once upon a time there was a man who didn’t know how to be a father.
In his defense, it should be pointed out that this lack of knowledge was not really his fault.  His own father was a drunken abuser of him, his two sisters, and his mother; after several years of torment, the mother fled from that man, taking the children with her.  After that, he was subjected to a series of boyfriends and step fathers, none of whom did anything to be responsible father figures.
So he grew into a man without this knowledge.  He was a cowardly man, prone to talking a good game--and having the mind to back it up--but no courage and no convictions.  He took a government job, and became a backroom button-pusher, a data man, a programmer.  Good at figures, but not much else.
Despite this, he eventually found a woman whom he could whine and plead into being his wife.  They married, and had one son.  When his own son was about four years old, his wife caught him chea
:iconarcalian:Arcalian 2 13
The Gar Logan Show #1: Red Beast Boy
Announcer: It's the Gar Logan show, broadcasting for the first time from the deviantArt network!  And now, here's your host, Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Logan!
Garfield Logan dances out on stage to wild applause.
Gar: All right!  Good to be here on dA!  This network deal was a great coup for us, beleive me.  Hah....politics eh?  How tiresome.  I was gonna do a routine on Robomney and Orama, but really, they're pretty much mirror images of each other.
Crowd rumbles in puzzlement.
Gar: I mean in terms of how they'll do their job, gang!  Try to keep up.
Some laughter.
Gar: Or more accurately, how they won't do their job!
More laughter.
Gar: Right, okay, on to our first guest.  Now, when I heard that DC was reintroducing me and Terra as part of their new 52, I was pretty sure i wasn't gonna be us at all.  That it was gonna be some crazy elseworlds thing.  Mind yo
:iconarcalian:Arcalian 3 5


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The High Priestess bowed low before the Dragon, atop his treasure hoard.  Her costume was ornate, heavily accented with gold; but the primary accents were sapphires and azure, fitting the colors of the draconic lord.

The Blue Dragon had a name, of course, but it was never spoken by any of his servants.  A handful of other Dragons knew his name, but he did not converse with them, and indeed intended to kill them.

“How goes the day, faithful one?” the great blue wyrm enquired.

“All is well, Great One.”  She smiled up at the great creature.  “All the realm sings praises in your name.  As you know, the gold mines are running thin, but the new gem mines show much promise.”

“Yet I sense your heart is troubled,” the Dragon prodded.  “Which of my subjects disobeys?”

“None, Great One!”  She hastened to reassure her master.  “Rather it is your rival to the north, the Silver pretender, that causes us trouble.  Her servants raid our territory.”

The Blue Dragon lifted his head and gazed through the walls with the power of his Sight. He saw, indeed, that the Silver Dragon had sent raiding parties of her own followers; Dwarves, mostly.  His followers had successfully repulsed the attackers, he saw; but a few had been lost.  Enough to cause concern.

“We will soon have to send some of the priesthood into battle against further attacks,” murmured the priestess, anticipating his thoughts.

The Blue Dragon felt a surge of annoyance.  “Do not presume,” he grated, sparks of electricity showing between his massive teeth.

She genuflected.  “Apologies, Great One!”

“However,” he went on in a more conciliatory tone, “You are probably correct.  Therefore we shall anticipate the next attack.  You will indeed appoint ranking members of the faithful to lead our own assault parties into the pretender’s territory.  In the meantime, a separate party will be sent into unclaimed territory to gather more recruits.”

“Do we offer membership, or take slaves?” she asked.

“The former, if possible.  It is always better to inspire loyalty than create resentment.”  Actual slaves in the Blue Dragon’s domain were few and far between.  He wanted loyal followers, not rebellions waiting to happen.  “Try the southwest first, then the east.  Many there are desperate after the raids of the Red Dragon.”

The High Priestess doubted those easterners—Lizard Folk and a few Orcs—would welcome her Blue lord any better than the Red.  But both races respected strength. 

The Dragon read her thoughts.  “We will probably have to kill a few,” he said.  “But the rest will fall into line.  A greater challenge will be integrating them into our society.”

The High Priestess nodded.  “It might be prudent to use them as shock troopers against the Silver pretender, at least at first.”

“And perhaps set up their own separate enclave afterwards,” he agreed, “In the long term, they will see the benefits of working with my other subjects.”

She bowed low.  “It will be done.”

“You have served me well.”  The compliment was genuine; he valued his subordinates.  It was also a dismissal.


The High Priestess left the Great Lord’s personal cavern, descending the great stone steps.  Looking around the main cavern, she was pleased with what she saw.

There were a few openings to the sky; occasionally the Great Lord liked to spread his wings and fly.  It was not a true underground cave network, though there were several tunnels leading to the underground realms.  The Great Lord, she knew, did not intend to broach those realms just yet.  One thing at a time.  Conquest of the surface was the first priority.

She heard laughter from the common market to the northwest; the the south, the clink clink clink from the mines.  New cartfuls of gems rolled out daily.  A bard was reciting the triumphs of the great lord, to laughter and applause.  The taverns beyond, tucked under an overhang, were doing well; the Great Lord understood well enough to keep his servants happy.

He had come to these lands some 400 years ago, subduing the few villagers and miners who lived there with ease.  But he had only killed one; like any sensible Dragon, he wanted to rule the realms, not send people scattering to the winds. 

Through the centuries,  he had built his empire slowly, first by encouraging the locals to breed, and also by bringing in new recruits.  Like his Silver rival to the north, he treated his subjects relatively well; they were raised to believe not only in him, but to understand that his way was the best one.

She went to one of the lesser temples at the southern edge of the main cavern, and met two of her ranking priestesses.  “Come with me,” she said.  “The Great Lord has work for us.”

Eventually, a tunnel led outside, where some of the guards and hunters were in camps, waiting.

Storm clouds were coming in; one of the archers was grumbling about the weather.

“You are correct, the rains do come,” the High Priestess  said, breaking into their conversation.  “But we press on regardless.”

“We meant no offense, High Priestess!” the hunter declared, bowing low.

 “I know, worry not.  Our Great Lord has a task for you.  Each of the priestesses with me will lead one of your hunting parties to find new followers to join our peoples.  Don’t enslave if it can be helped.  Likewise, only kill if you must.”

The hunters nodded; they knew their master’s creed.  “Good, we need new blood.”

“Others will march north into the enemy’s territory and strike first, before they come to us again.”

Now there were grins amongst the crew.  “Oh aye, that will be a pleasure!”

The High Priestess smiled indulgently.  “Try to keep yourselves alive though; no berserker fury. “

“As our Great Lord commands!”  The hunters raised their bows, pikes, morning stars and fails.  Some claimed the flails were impractical, and didn’t do much damage; well, they had never seen the guards and hunters of the Blue Dragon’s forces wield such weapons!   (Also, the High Priestess suspected the Great Lord’s own magic was involved in making weapons so effective.)

Her lieutenant priestesses walked amongst the hunters, giving their orders; the High Priestess turned back, returning to the enclave proper.

She passed through the peoples, some genuflecting as she passed; it did her heart good to see so many of her Great Lord’s followers.  Oh, there were occasional malcontents, of course; but on the whole, theirs was a prosperous, and happy society.

As she prepared her evening offerings for the midnight mass, she reflected how much better off they were than those living in the wilderness or under more cruel Dragon Lords.

Day in the Life of a Dragon Cult
The idea of Dragon Cults is, of course, not new.  But what if they were the norm, and almost everyone lived in one? 

Yes, this is my first story in years, be amazed.  I may do more in this vein later.
So I just got another fucking email from my dad about how the CO2 is gonna kill us all any day now.  *head against wall, over and over*  It’s like he’s telling me to kill myself.  I have no intention of doing so; as my father’s son, my response to negativity is rage rather than despair.  But damnit, why does he keep feeding my fire?!?


Jay McIntyre
United States
Just another angry fanboy geek who thinks he can write.

Current Residence: Pennsylvania
Personal Quote: If you don't take yourself seriously, who else will?

Christmas Help?

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2015, 4:33 PM

So I make the mistake of asking my smartarse dad what he wants for Christmas and he says  “check around among the deviantart crowd and/or elsewhere, and find a few websites (NOT amazon) where you can download low-cost or freemp3s (they would obviously have to have a HUGE selection, or would be no use to me). please trouble to actually TEST these sites by downloading a song you might like, and when you’re sure they work well then you can send them to me in an email.“ 

So does anybody know any sites like that?

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