What Would Clark Do?

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Lois stirred the olive in her martini bored. She and Clark were covering  Wonder Woman in Metropolis. The Amazing Amazon was stopping in Metropolis to attend a fashion show fund raiser headed by Lana Lang. In addition to her appearance, Wonder Woman was donating an artifact from her home Themyscira to raise more money. All the money donated were going to local women shelters.

Lois hated covering stories like this. More correctly, she hated covering stories where Wonder Woman was doing yet another magnanimous thing. She only have to show up and men would fall all over her and do whatever she wanted. Sometimes the women responded the same way. She was so perfect. Perfect hair. Perfect teeth. Perfect smile. Perfect eyes. Perfect body. Well, almost.

The breasts were fake. Lois knew that. They had to be. No one had such large, proportioned, perky breasts without surgery. Yeah, that was it. The Amazons were a scientific advanced race. If they can build an invisible jet, they can make fake breasts. If the rumors were true about Amazons, some even lopped off one. Lois shuddered at the thought. She couldn't imagine ridding herself with one of her most valuable assets.

Glancing to the stage, Lois spotted Clark talking to Lana Lang. She still couldn't believe Clark once dated a gorgeous, fashionable woman like Lana Lang. Of course they were in high school at the time and high school romance are fleeting. Maybe he was the best thing in Smallville and if that was the case, Lois didn't want to think of the type of men that resided in the small town.

Lois finished her martini in a single gulp. "I guess the women there don't know any better men."

A waiter walked by carrying a tray of glasses filled with champagne. Lois replaced her empty martini glass with one flute glass filled with rich, expensive champagne and quickly proceeded to drink that down.

"How much longer until her royal highness get here?" Lois muttered. "Some of us have better things to do."

"What was that?" Clark said as he approached Lois.

Lois rolled her eyes at Clark. "You know who I am talking about. Wonder Boobs, Princess Diana, the Amazing Amazon. Wonder Woman."

Clark adjusted his glasses. "I don't think Wonder Woman goes by the name of Wonder Boobs."

"She might as well," Lois snorted. "She has them."

Clark sighed. "You know, Lois, you really should stop making petty remarks about Wonder Woman. If you keep going at this rate, you're no better than Cat Grant with her distaste for Supergirl."

Lois was flabbergasted. "I can't believe you compared me to Cat Grant."

"Only in your attitude towards Wonder Woman." Clark took Lois' glass from her. "And you had enough of these for one night."

"Oh come on. I didn't have that many. This is my second glass."

"Lois, refills do count. This is your fifth drink. You've had enough."

Lois grabbed a wine glass from a waiter walking by. "I'll take a cab home."

There was a sudden rush and flash of cameras going off towards the door. Lois didn't have to ask what was going on. Wonder Woman had arrived.

And as usual, she looked stunning. Wonder Woman wore a sexy red halter dress that accentuated her well endowed breasts and showed off her stunning sexy legs. Her muscled yet sensual arms drew more attention with the gold Amazonian designed armband. Her hair was as always perfect in big, sexy curls. She spoke with regality, smiled at everyone, causing everyone to gush all over her.

"Tuh," Lois scoffed. "Look at the men. They are practically drooling over her. Have you seen anything so pathetic?"

When Clark didn't say anything, Lois looked at him. Like all the other men, Clark was enraptured with Wonder Woman as well. His mouth parted slightly, his eyes fixed on her as if he was undressing with his eyes. Lois didn't dare look down in fear of seeing Little Clark poking out. Lois never seen Clark look like that towards a woman before. Not even her. Lois was infuriated. Not that she wanted Clark but why couldn't he look at her the way he looked at Wonder Woman? She wasn't a beast. She was a sexy woman, too.  

"Miss Lane?"

Lois turned to face Wonder Woman who was looking down at her. She hated Wonder Woman was so much taller than her, too! "Yeah?"

Wonder Woman held her hand out. "It's so nice to see you again." There she go flashing that perfect smile of hers. Why couldn't one of her teeth be yellow?

"How good for you?" Lois said as she daintily shook Wonder Woman's hand.  "And you know Clark." Lois gestured to Clark with her left hand. The same left hand that held a glass of red wine. The same glass that held the red wine that spilled from Lois' glass and onto Clark's jacket and shirt.

"Oh, my," Wonder Woman said at the spill.

"I'm sorry, Clark," Lois apologized though part of her really wasn't sorry.

Clark tried napkins to dry the shirt but they were getting soak and increased the red stain on his white shirt. "And this was rented," Clark grumbled.

"I'll pay for the dry cleaning," Lois offered.

"No, that's okay," Clark said. "I'm so clumsy I would've done it to myself. I have another shirt and jacket in my car. Excuse me." Clark excused himself, making a haste exit.

"Clark better hurry if he wants to see the show. It's going to be starting soon now that you arrived."

"I'm afraid I cannot stay long," Wonder Woman said to Lois. "I am on a busy schedule. I explained this to Miss Lang. Excuse me. I have to give Miss Lang the Themysciran artifact I promised her."

And with that, Wonder Woman excused herself from Lois. Lois caught the eyes of the men in room once again following Wonder Woman. "I'll be so glad when this night is over."

Clark touched down on the balcony of his penthouse apartment just seconds after leaving the fashion show. He didn't have a spare jacket and shirt in his car. It was a white lie to Lois  but the time it would take for him to change clothes in his apartment and return would be no different than if he was in the restroom at the building the fashion show was going to take place.

Clark removed his shirt and jacket and neatly hung it on a hanger. Standing only in black pants, Clark crossed the room to his closet. He pulled out another jacket and white shirt. As he started to pull his shirt on, he paused and examine himself in front of the mirror.

Diana was a little too playful this morning and bit his chest. Diana was a biter and little chest crazy he thought with a smile. She was so playful this morning, it actually left a mark. Well, marks Clark thought as he recalled the many love bites he got from Diana. She bit so hard it actually left a red mark on his well defined chest. Checking himself out in the mirror, he saw the wounds were gone.

"That is a lovely view."

Clark turned to see Diana standing on the balcony. "Diana."

Diana moaned softly as she walked to him, gently swaying her hips, seductively letting her breasts bounce in her dress. Diana placed her hands on Clark's chest, running her hands over the smooth layers of muscle, from the tight, ripped six pack of his stomach, up to brush her thumbs over his hardened nipples, squeezing the firm, hard pectoral muscles of his chest. She looked at him like a woman possessed, a woman who wanted to be made love to. Her eyes said, 'I want you'. Her body said it as well for Clark could smell her.

Clark knew what she wanted and as much as he wanted to give it to her, they had obligations. "Diana, what about the show?"

"I gave Lana the artifact. I don't need to be there anymore than Clark Kent has to." Diana went about placing kisses on his chest, darting her tongue out occasionally to lick the hard flesh.

Clark shuddered and closed his eyes to fight his body's desire. "But, uh, er, um, I don't know."

"Forget them. I want you. Besides, if you're shirtless..." Diana stepped back  and loosened the cloth that held her dress up. The front of her dress fell to her waist and her breasts bounced freely from the confining clothing, giving Clark a lushly view of Diana's breasts. Nice, round, proportioned and perky soft flesh with hardened pink tips that were ready to be played with. "It's only fair that I am, too."

Meanwhile, the fashion show fund raiser was well on it's way to being a huge success. Lois looked at her watch. "Damn it. What is keeping Clark?" Lois looked around. "And where did Wonder Woman go?"
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Something inspired from the SM/WW group
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I love this. So cute
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Hey! I remember this!

Vewy, vewy funny! Lol

Lois is going to waiting for quite some time!

Your Lois is very funny :-)
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Lois is such a hater. If Clark had been modeling for Lana's fashion show fund raiser in nothing but his red briefs, then Lois would be drooling at Superman the same way the guys were drooling at Wonder Woman.
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Marchant01Hobbyist Writer
Hehehe, no one would dare think Clark Kent was with Woner Woman, would they? That was amazing. :iconiloveyouplz:
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Thank you. :) I love your emoticon. I'm actually thinking of writing a follow up to this called "The Dance" but it would be a little racy. :D
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Marchant01Hobbyist Writer
:la: Thanks, I saw some one using it and fell in love. Well I think that would be awesome and I could read it.
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Thanks for this A.

It was funny. :)
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