Legends of DC Universe 30-32

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Legends of DC Universe 30-32

In response to the challenge at Superman Wonder Woman group on Deviant Art
How the ending could've gone. ;) Also loosely inspired by a mutual friend's wacky love life. ;)

She was furious and he knew she had every right to be.  He accused her of doing something she would never do—compromise herself, her morals, her body for a man.

"What do you think happened last night? What do you think I've done? What do you think I am capable of?" a furious Diana demanded he answered.

"I'm sorry," Clark apologized. "There's nothing else I can say but I'm sorry and I was a fool for not trusting you."

"Sorry isn't enough and you are a fool!" The anger in her voice, the hurt in her teary eyes crushed Clark. If he could do anything to reverse this, anything to take away the pain that was in Diana's heart, the pain he caused, he would.

"I expect Flash, perhaps even Batman, to think so little of me, to think I would lie with a man to bring about peace to a ravage land instead of thinking of another way, but you," she said with such disappointment, "I expected better. I thought you would trust me and my decision."

"Diana, I was wrong. I admit that," Clark said, "but can you blame me? Alcmaeon was a madman. Who's to say he didn't start that war just to get you in bed with him because he knew you would get involve to end it?"

Diana hadn't considered that and truthfully, Diana wouldn't put that past Alcmaeon to do that. "Even so, you didn't think I would say no?  No," she answered for him, "because you didn't think much of me."

"That's not it," Clark argued gently. "You're so trusting and inno—"

"Innocent!" Diana finished for him. "Is that what you are going to say? Kal, I've been in this world for years. I'm not that green anymore and even if I arrived in this world a week ago, I still would not be so naïve and gullible to sleep with him or anyone else for that matter so quickly or so foolishly."
Clark sighed with relief, muttering to himself more than Diana, "That's good to know."

"And what does that mean?" Diana snapped.  

"Nothing," Clark lied. "I'm glad you won't be sleeping with anyone."

He knew it was a mistake to say that the moment the words were out of his mouth.

Diana was seething. "What I do with my body and who I do it with is none of your concern!"

The words hit him as if Diana punched him in his stomach. She knew just what to say to get under his skin. Diana had a point Clark admitted to himself. It wasn't his concern. Shouldn't be his concern but Clark didn't like the idea of anyone talking or touching Diana intimately. It didn't sit right with him. If Clark was honest with himself, he'd admit it pissed him off.

"I don't understand why you are concern with whom I spend time with," Diana went on to say.

"You're my best friend, Diana. What kind of friend would I be if I wasn't concerned?"

"There's nothing wrong with a concerned friend but the meaning of friendship often gets blurred with us, don't you think?" Diana questioned. There! She saw it; the faintest flicker of resignation before Clark put up that mask that fooled everyone; even his wife who was to know him so well.

Everyone but her.

"I… I don't know what you are talking about," Clark denied.

"Yes, you do," Diana told him. "You had your chance, Kal, and you blew it." She looked at him with disgust. She had enough of this game they played. She had enough of him! "You coward!"

Diana jumped in the air to fly away but Clark grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the ground. "Stop."

Diana pulled her arm from Clark's hand. "Don't touch me. You don't know how angry I am with you now!"

"Be angry with me all you like but I am not a coward."

"Really now." Diana didn't believe that. "'I'm just a farm boy from Kansas and you are out of my league, Princess.' Those words don't sound familiar to you?"

So Diana wanted to go there. He knew it was going to happen one day. It was the elephant in the room they ignored since their failed first date. Clark preferred it wasn't this incident with Alcmaeon to finally bring about this long awaited conversation but things were not going his way today.

"I said that," he admitted, "but what has that got to do with anything?"

"It has everything to do with it. Everything that has happened to us since that day still affects the choices we continue to make." Diana sighed. She was at the end of her rope. They couldn't continue like this. "I have to know. Do you still feel that way?"

"I… I…" Clark couldn't answer. Something was stopping him. "It doesn't matter how I feel anymore. We are friends now and I am married."

"Married." Diana laughed but it wasn't merrily; more like scornfully. "Then how about you start acting like a married man for once!"

"And what does that mean?" Now Clark was getting upset.

"Start confiding in your wife with your innermost secrets and thoughts.  Start going to her when you are conflicted instead of me. Stop with the mixed signals. I've had enough of it." Diana put more distance between her and Clark. "By the way, I saw you, Kal."

Clark's heart dropped. She couldn't have. He was so careful. "I saw you following me the whole time I was with Alcmaeon. You left your wife in the middle of the night to watch me with Alcmaeon!  Who are you, a married man, to follow me around all night when you should've been in bed with your wife, Lois? I'm a single woman and I can take care of myself, Kal. I'm not your daughter, your wife, your little sister. I am not someone you should've followed around. "

She knew. She knew he was watching her the whole time. He wasn't as careful as he thought. Clark knew he wasn't going to get out of this good.

"I don't have anything to say to explain my behavior," Clark apologized to Diana.

"Except maybe the truth for once," Diana bitterly said. "What if I wanted to be intimate with Alcmaeon?" Diana asked him. "It would've been my choice but you would've intervened because you wouldn't want me to be with him or perhaps anyone for that matter."

"No, I wouldn't have," Clark admitted truthfully. Just the thought of Alcmaeon touching Diana, the way he—"I would've broken his hands if he touched you."

"You know what, Kal, you can't have it both ways. You can't be married to Lois and yet want me to stay single and for what? You?" She sounded repulsed by the idea. "You want me to wait for you because of a vow you made to someone else you don't want to fully honor?" Diana shook her head defiantly  at him. "That's not going to happen, Kal. I've had enough of this with you. Either be a husband committed to Lois and stay the hell out of my love life or be honest with yourself for once."

Diana turned to leave again but Clark grabbed her arm again. She was going to punch Clark this time but he pulled her against him roughly and kissed the sweet life out of her. Diana resisted as long as she could've before she kissed back giving back as much passion as he was giving her.
When Clark ended the kiss, Diana stared in his eyes. She no longer saw a man clouded with doubt and indecisions but a man who knew what he wanted and it was her.

"What about Lois?" Diana asked.

"I guess she and I will have a long overdue talk. You were right about everything and it was in that moment, I saw you and Alcmaeon on the balcony, rage poured through me like never before. Just the thought of you with him in a way I wanted you drove me mad. I knew I love you and wanted you more than my wife. I knew I couldn't sit back and let go of the woman I truly wanted but foolishly thought I couldn't have. You were right, Diana and it's time I be honest with myself and my feelings for you."

"No more holding back?" Diana wanted Clark to assure her.

Clark smiled and kissed Diana's forehead. "No more holding back."
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In response to the challenge at Superman Wonder Woman group on Deviant Art on changing the ending between Superman and Wonder Woman in a comic or cartoon.
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Sigh. Reading your stories just makes me yearn for more of your writing. 
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sknngHobbyist Digital Artist
that was good, wish DC actually made these two characters as human and real
as you did, they just feel so 1 dimensional and weird

I also like how Diana was able to tell the truth about Clark and confront him about
so awesome!!!!
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psylocke1234 Filmographer
Brilliant!!! I wish the dc writers would give Diana a bit more oomph to say the truth about clark, I mean how pissed off would you be if your husband pissed off in the middle of the night to see if his best mate was shagging another guy, surly alarm bells would be ringing or Is that me, when writing about these two characters I feel as though they don't treat them like human beings.
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Aww, so well said, Arcadia :) You captured The tension between them so well. I love it!
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I guess Lois was right all along these 70+ years. Clark really is a spineless wimp
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psylocke1234 Filmographer
Yeah defo!!!!
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Aw, that was real nice. Honest. More honest than DC would ever be prepared to write. Stupid DC. Imagine Clark backing out like a coward with Diana and not even the man Martha raised to give someone like Diana a little time to adjust to the world. If I didn't love Clark so much I'd punch him too for that.
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psylocke1234 Filmographer
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