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First things first..

If you like old Arcade games and you're keen on art which promotes stuff related to old gaming, then this club was made for lovin' you baby! ;) :crazy: :heart: :lol:
Well, in order to oficially be a member, you need to do some simple, basic stuff. And I'll name them here, as I've noticed that some people are confuse and ask questions :) ;)
1. Click on the button for "Join our group"
2. Click on the button for "deviantWATCH"
3. Start submitting your art work into the "Featured" folder, available in our gallery
4. Optionally add the icon of our group in your journal or profile, so more people can find out about us :)

That is just about everything ... and well, don't forget to join the Arcade Club right now! ;) :D

P.S. : For any other question, just post a comment on this page, or send us a note ;)


Hi arcade fans!

This post is addressed to the cute and wonderful, namely the arcade ladies. As you know already, the internet is full of interesting things and could help our cool factor, if we can find something unique which appeals to our arcade nature, and I'm not talking about the cool men factor - as in saving the princess and being a badass! We will appeal to that later on :).

I've stumbled upon the site instructables lately : , which is a wonderful site for diy projects. When you are in a vacation or want a hobby or you are simply bored, go there!

Anyway from all the projects lying around one caught my eye :sherlock: :… . I love the colour and the cleverness behind it. So girls you should wear these!
Hi all you arcade fans ,how have you been this wonderful days? Playing didn't get you bored I hope.
For those of You who like to create things ,and I know that among you are some really talented dudes wanting to get their tiny little hands dirty on something, I have a little surprise or maybe not so little about a tiny program called :star: SCRATCH :star:.

This program is mostly an application for children but in order to create you have to become one, because playing like a child is a lot of fun and a tons of ideas come out this way.

So don't let the children have all the fun and start building something with this ,...Ooops forgot all about telling you what "it" does:

:bulletred: It let's you define sprites, or drawings and let you make very easy scripts on them

:bulletred: You can make games, animated videos, with music, actions and colors...did I mentioned drawings

:bulletred: You can learn the way of programming without knowing a programming language

:bulletred: Develops imagination and makes you want to dream on

:bulletred: You can share your beloved creations with the comunity on Scratch

And last but not least the website where you can find all this wonderful features:

:onfire: LINK :onfire:

I hope to see lots of projects,ideas and games on that community and share them with the group by posting the links in the comments section.

:empllama: Have Fun! :emplllama:
Long time no post Arcade fans.
   I am very busy with work and some projects I got to finish so I will stop here when I have a breather(like now :D ).
   I hope you all remembered to play some good all fashioned arcade games.
The games I like to present made my childhood fantastic ,as I stared in front of the TV, comfortably in an armchair ,with my controller in my hand and thinking: "This is the best game I ever played".Well the game was hard but in those days I took it as a challenge and there are always cheats around :giggle:.And from time to time my mom yelled at me to do something else :P (Parents :rofl: why do they buy the consoles in the first place if they are going to spoil all the fun later).

   The game opens with the lead character, Ryu Hayabusa, remembering his father's death at the hands of an unknown ninja in a mysterious duel. He is perplexed as to who killed his father and exactly why he chose to partake in the duel that cost him his life. After his father's disappearance, Ryu discovers a letter in which his father instructs him to take the dragon sword which has been in their family for generations, and travel to America. Once in America he is to contact an archeologist named Walter Smith. I don't want to go into too much more detail on the game's story because I want you to play through it, so to make a long story short this meeting with the archeologist leads to Ryu's quest to save the world from an age-old evil.

   Basically every game has it's evil.I personally liked the third part but all the games are unique in a way and are worth playing.
   I strongly suggest that you play the games in an emulator because on the web emulator it is pretty fast and it can ruin the feeling and makes the game harder.
Here are the links to play online:

:bulletblue: Ninja Gaiden I click

:bulletblue: Ninja Gaiden II click

:bulletblue: Ninja Gaiden III click

Ninja gaiden still has a lots of fans and players today, that's why Team Ninja made games for XBOX and XBOX 360 with new stories and new graphics
It is an old NES game which i use to play when i was little, on my tv with the NES console.
For anyone who doesn't know what the abbreviation stands for it's Nintendo Entertaining System
There are many emulators for NES.And you can find the best here: click
The games for this emulators are called ROMS.
The roms are free to use if you own the game at home, this is the policy, but every now and then
you can brake that policy because mostly they are abandoned games.
In one of my previous blogs you can find sites with roms.

Now i will talk a little about one specific ROM which is kick master :D

The kingdom of Lowrel is attacked and burned by monsters sent by the evil sorceress Belzed(sounds like beelzebub to me :giggle: ). In the attack, the King and the Queen are slain and their only child, Princess Silphee, is kidnapped. The king's guards were all killed, except for the powerful knight, Macren. He and his younger brother, Thonolan, an aspiring martial artist, take off on a long journey to free the princess. As the fight against Belzed's minions commences, Macren is mortally wounded. With his dying breath, he pleads his brother to use his great kicking powers to avenge him and Thonolan swears to make Belzed pay for her crimes.

The game is a classic punch them in the nose,kick them where it hurts game in 2D sprites
The hero collects items when defeating an enemy which gives him experience and mana or magic power.
When gathering more experience the character can use different kicks and moves, the magical items give you magical powers(quite useful for boss fights) which you can use as long as you got mana.

Thonolan's quest will take him into the following levels:

    * The Witches' Forest (boss: a witch)
    * The Caverns of No Return (boss: a Woman with wolves)
    * Belzed's First Stronghold (boss: a Gargoyle)
    * Bottomless Crevasse (boss: A Chimera)
    * Aboard the Ship of Strife (boss: a giant octopus)
    * Across the Swamps (bosses: two Harpies)
    * A Long Way From Home (boss: A giant spider)
    * Belzed's Haunted Tower (bosses: four doppelgänger guardians of the throne room and finally Belzed herself).

If the player manages to complete the game, Thonolan kills Belzed and rescues Silphee. He then torches down the Belzed's tower and disappears, never to be heard from again. (The player is then given an opportunity to try to beat the game again on the higher difficulty level.)
Watch out! Spoiler Alert :D
Now a link to a video which shows the whole game : click
For those who want to play the game and feel it's intensity i suggest not watching the video :P

You can play it online also, integrated in browser :)
Here is the link : click Controls: Z-kick ; X-jump ; arrow keys for movement ; CTRL-Select ; ENTER-START
Well this is it! Have fun arcade fans!
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