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In the past few days I've been taking a look around for nice prints since I've just moved out of home and my walls are bare. Plenty of great stuff on deviantprints, so I added a few to my wishlist and popped an artist or two on to my deviantwatch in case they added any other prints I was interested in.

When I hopped on deviantART today, I had a note from kil1k telling me he'd used some of his deviantcash to buy me a print of his that I'd put on my wishlist. This is from someone I've had zero contact with before, so his generosity completely blew me away.

Thanks a lot for the gift kil1c, it's put a real smile on my face. I suggest anyone else reading this stop by and take a look through his gallery, very impressive.
The team at link(, have gone on strike, citing a lack of financial support from members and a need for new servers as justification for their actions.

Quoting GFXartist,

"That's why we have decided to go on strike for one day to make people realize that maintaining GFXartist costs us a lot of our personal money and time and that we are not able to continue without a serious attitude change towards non commercial community sites.

GFXartist is not "ours", it's a site shaped and formed by it's members and to continue we also need your help.
I'm asking your help to become a GFXartist Server Sponsor, For every 100 members that subscribe we will place a dedicated machine next to the main GFXartist server increasing the speed amazingly and best of all, you are directly helping to keep GFXartist alive.

If you become a server sponsor for US $ 2 Dollar per month you also will be able to upload your artworks to gfxartist directly without having to link your artworks.

While I realise today is April 1st, this matter does not seem to be any kind of joke.

GFXartist is one of the best sites in this community, with unique and refreshing delivery of the best digital art has to offer. Support this site as you've supported us, as it would be sad to see it go down.

Update: GFXartist have slightly revised their statement and are only 'striking' for one day. As I understand it, they have not changed their minds but are simply clearing up a misunderstanding with the original post.
To keep up with the increasing popularity of vector works here at deviantART, we have added a new section under Indy Art called 'Vector'. Vector art should be placed in this category, or if you wish to share your native vector files then submit it into the Resources - Vector section.

The resources category was released so that artists could share files that would assist others in the creation of their deviations, such as brushes, .FLA files and native vector files. Recently, many artists were upset when the Resources - Vector section was cleaned of all deviations that did not have a native vector file included. Instead the deviations contained images of vector files. It is likely that the deviations that were deleted now belong in the new Indy Art - Vector section, so if artists wish to resubmit their works into this section that'd be appreciated. deviantART apologises for any misunderstandings in relation to this, but hopefully everything is clear now!
Does anyone remember the days of connecting to bulletin board systems when the Internet hadn't reached its prominence? ANSI graphics made up of 16 colors were used to display blocky images, and from these bulletin board systems one of the first digital art communities formed. Well, the ANSI art scene still exists and you can reminisce the old days by telnetting to

Start off by downloading an ANSI-compatible telnet client. MTelnet is the preferred choice to call ansi boards, and can be downloaded at link(, Unzip and load up the software, hit F1 to modify the first entry then fill out the details - description as "piranha" and hostname as "". Press escape to save, then enter to connect! Once you're in, visit Piranha's door games and venture into a game of LORD 1 (Legend of the Red Dragon). The entire game has been redesigned by some of the ANSI scene's best artists, so it's definitely worth a look.

The ANSI scene is undergoing a small revival of sorts, with groups like link(,iCE) pumping out some of the best ansis around and several other groups popping up. It is from these original ANSI and ASCII groups that art groups like link(,breed) formed. If you're interested in checking out some more ANSI art then either visit piranha, link(,, or our very own link(,bym's gallery) here at deviantART.
Looking for great new art to feast your eyes on? link(,Breed) have just released their latest artpack filled with amazing art, skins and music from some of the best artists around.

link(,Larkie) joins the team this month, serving up some freaky dark images. Ice-hf has also joined us as a skinner, and flysounds increased the strength of our music division by signing up this pack. Other recent membership changes include the departure of Koolflasher and Xpediton, both are LONG time members who both joined Breed in its inaugural pack. All of us here at Breed thank them for getting us here and hope they have great success in their future endeavors.

As for the rest of Breed we've got some incredible suprises next pack (we keep saying that I know... but we really mean it this time!). We hope to simultaneously open our Breed store and introduce several new great web designs and coding to back them! The music division also have a contest going to manipulate a set of samples and loops, so be sure to check that out.

Visit link(, and take a look at what this group has to offer..

I just noticed that link(,k10k) has returned from its extended hiatus. The new version is overflowing with masses of content - you could get lost in here for hours! Head on over to link(, and check it out now.
The team over at link(, have released a five page review on the link(,Wacom Graphire 2). The Graphire 2 is the budget option in the Wacom range of tablets, priced at around $99 USD for a 4"x5" tablet. This review details all relevant information about the product, from installation to the included software.

It's a pretty solid article so for those who aren't quite sure what graphics tablets are all about, I suggest link(,you read this).

Edit: As some people have pointed out, the author has made a mistake in reference to their comments about relative and absolute positioning. Please ignore this section in the article as it is incorrect.
Halcyon is the latest art release from link(,breed), combining art, skins, animation and music into a veritable plethora of goodness.

Joining the breed crew this month are scissors-hands, weadah and sevenflow, adding their god-like skills to the flow. The skins division have also made three Winamp 2.x skins, and even a new design for the link(,breed) site.

Need some fresh music for your speakers? Download the 8 new tracks made by our team for Halcyon. Of course our regular art division continues to assert their dominance - Halcyon contains 44 images from some of the best artists around.

Visit link(, to take a look. The team continues to grow stronger as we expand into all avenues of digital expression.
After several months planning the first issue of link(,deviantMAG) is finally available to the public! Our goal is to reach beyond the familiar green background that we've grown so fond of and to bring the professional and technical aspects of the art closer to ourselves and to our readers.

Our first issue includes the following content:

  • Travis Smith

  • Michael Brown

  • Dave Daniels

  • Richard Nowitz

  • fCoder Group

  • Traditional VS. Digital

  • Erotic/Fashion Photography

  • Creating A Hybrid Darkroom

Software Reviews:
  • Adobe Illustrator 10

  • Allaire Homesite 5

  • POV-Ray

  • Sound Forge 5

  • Terri Baugh Norman

  • Henry Asencio

  • Jaosn Brookes

  • Jo Chen

  • Marci McDonald

  • Marcus Grey

  • Socar Miles

We'd like to personally thank each and every one of the deviantMAG staff members. They've had to put up with a lot while we worked out how to manage a globally spread workforce over the Internet, and we've received minimal complaints throughout the entire time. link(,Liquisoft) put in an amazing effort, going through 4 designs until we found one we were happy with. link(,Dygel) as editor-in-chief also worked his tail off, as did many of those producing and editing content. Check out the staff/contributors page on deviantMAG for all those involved.

We hope you enjoy the content and find it different and unique from what you might expect. Load up link(, now and keep your eye out for issue 02 in the not so distant future!
The long awaited release of deviantART version 2 will be arriving at a screen near you at 8-10 PM PST on this very day, so keep your cursor over that refresh button! Expect to see an entirely new look to deviantART courtesy of link(,dj-designs), festivities to celebrate the launch with prizes up for grabs, a brand new offical deviantART Winamp skin, and various other items of interest.

Later on in the day there will be POP3 email addresses and link(,subscriptions) to deviantART awarded to lucky individuals, with some kind of hooliganism and general banter to occur in #devart on This may involve the channel engaging in philosophical discussion about art, but more than likely you can expect to see the spamming of MP3 scripts and deviations amid fruitless attempts by channel operators to run a contest of sorts. We can't wait for it either.

An important fact to note is that the release tomorrow will only be a portion of what's to come for deviantART version 2. Our main objective is to introduce a new appearance to the site, allowing users to browse deviantART with a more attractive design tomorrow. Considerable work has also been done to the code of the site, which although not visible to users will make expansion in the future easier. We will release further improvements to the second incarnation of deviantART in stages over the upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for news.

link(,Subscribers) have had access to a limited functionality version of the design for three days now. Subscribers found deviantART version 2 worthy of much praise, labelling it as "awesome", "very kool", and "killer". Admittedly there have been some complaints however, with one person confessing he had to change his shorts after viewing the design. As the new version is far from complete, subscribing will still give you access to unreleased areas of the site, so you certainly have every incentive to link(,subscribe) for a month or twelve.

Set your alarms to ring some time in the general vicinity of 8-10 PM PST to see the new design, and ensure you head over to #devart on!
Renaissance is the 12th installment from link(,Breed), symbolizing the art group's first successful year of existance. With the latest pack comes an entirely new and skinnable web site, made available largely due to the efforts of g-host and scree. The new breed site has an online store coming later on in the month through which visitors can deck themselves out with gear made by the artists at breed, and the recently opened web forums are becoming very popular.

The 12th pack also signifies the increasing strength of our music division, with new tracks from g-host and xpedition accompanying the release. A skinning division will be launching soon with the same high level of talent you've come to expect from Breed, and of course our regular art division continues to kick on.

We also welcome another member to our family this month. Allent is a particularly talented individual who fills a hole in our digital repertoire - ensure you check the latest pack for 3 of his stunning images.

That's been the dilly with Breed over the past month. We've been hard at work putting together this web site and we hope you're all impressed with the results. Until next month, peace.
The deviantART staff would like to wish everyone an extremely merry, jovial and pug-free Christmas! 'Tis indeed the time to be jolly. Furthermore, we wish to extend our sincere hopes that your New Year is happy. Read on to find out what the staffers have been up to in the year that was 2001.

Over the last few months, the Jarkmastah has been busy working on both deviantART and his real life job. He has had a very colorful social life; Jark was arrested in April this year after assaulting a Disneyland employee, and has recently come into the public spotlight again after winning the annual Dance Dance 2000 competition. It was generally kept quiet, but deviantART was in a very volatile position at one stage before the new servers were implemented. Without Jark's efforts over the past year, deviantART simply wouldn't exist as a site. It's not only the fact that he has coded almost everything from the ground up, but Jark also pulled the site out of serious financial problems with the help of Spyed and Mccann.

Matteo is still at the University of Texas and is doing well with his education. His site link(,Wastedyouth) is going strong, with the latest version looking suitably awesome. Unfortunately, his infatuation with pugs and 'cutesy dolls' has reached a new high. Some evidence of this comes from the following AIM discussion I had with him:
matt eo: ok, i'm gonna go play with the pugs
matt eo: haha i'll give em a kiss for ya

Clearly his obssession with pugs is going to extremes.

Tack also studies at the University of Texas with Matteo. After a period where he literally vanished from the face of the planet for a month (we think he briefly got a life), Tack returned in full force and is working as our Public Relations guru. Basically, this involves repeating the phrase "Our official stance is for you to shut the hell up" whenever trouble occurs with any deviants. He does it so well.

Our software man, Attila, has been doing a godly job with posting software updates since he was brought on board. Check all the news articles and software reviews he's written some time - the man is a machine. Attila is also behind the Webcam Clique - a project that serves as a central repository for webcams of various devious individuals in the community.

Dj-designs is a key person involved with deviantART Version 2. He produces some of the best graphics around, and has talents in almost all areas of digital art. Of late, dj-designs has been working on many interfaces and small graphics for deviantART and its related projects. He's even creating a new deviantART Winamp skin to be released with the launch of the new site!

Jsenn, the Goddess of Words, has worked tirelessly on the Daily Poem feature of deviantART along with her associates. After recent visits to hospital, we can't wait for Jsenn to start posting on the deviantART Staff mailing list again. She's always been there to add a bright "LOL" to the action - it brightens our day up every time. :)

MikeyLove has been heavily involved working on porn movies for the past few months. His job in the porn industry has had a huge impact on his life, and the previously rotund admin of deviantART is now in buff, sexy shape. We're still holding out that one day he'll start working on deviantART again, but unfortunately he is in the sticky grasps of having a life at the moment.

Both Spyed and Mccann are working hard behind the scenes at deviantART. These two had a huge part in ensuring the survival of the site, and without their help deviantART would have died a long time ago. Spyed was recently involved in choosing a Daily Deviation - something which gave him great excitement. Mccann also submitted a deviation some time ago - an old image from '92 that truly puts the "old" in "oldskewl".

As for me - I've just finished up high school and managed to get through with good marks. I'm on to university next year which I hope will be a lot of fun. But for now, I've got a few months of holidays to enjoy and with any luck I'll have a great time.

Anyhow, we hope you've all had an awesome year 2001 - may the next be even better!
Over the past two months, we have been hard at work preparing for the next step forward in our online presence. In the near future we will reveal specifically what this will entail, but our first project involves the release of deviantART version 2.

The site will be redesigned and skinnable in version 2, with the base skin created by none other than our very own Daniel Jansson (also known as link(,dj-designs)). A number of other skinners will be contacted to create their own skins for deviantART once we have built our skinning engine. A preview of the base skin is shown below:

We have a list of other features to be included in version 2, but these will be kept secret until a later date.

If you're interested in seeing version 2 as it is developed, we are offering beta access to the new site to all our subscribers. To those who haven't subscribed yet - this is the perfect way to see and participate with the new site as it is developed. More info on subscription is located at this link(,news article). Information on beta access will be available to subscribers very soon.

As always, we are open to ideas on how to improve deviantART so please share your thoughts through comments on this news article.
deviantART is pleased to offer a basic subscription service which offers members a better experience, a chance to support the site, a chance to support other deviants as well as a few other little goodies.

For the price of 2 Big Mac's at McDonalds you can get yourself access to an advertisement free version of deviantART and more!

This means that there are no banners on the top and bottom of the site as well as in the "Hot Topics" table on the right.  There will also be no pop-under advertising as well.  The site will be, essentially, banner-ad free.  On top of this feature, those that subscribe to the basic plan will also obtain access to a subscriber-only forum and an exlusive monthly deviation (either a wallpaper or a skin) from some of the greatest artists on deviantART - created just for you!  With that, you will help pay for the thousands of dollars in hosting fees we rack up each month as well as help out the artist that created the deviation for the month that you signed up.

By signing up, you get access to the following features:

  • Commercial Free: A version of deviantART that is completely free of commercial advertisements.  This means no banners and no pop-unders!!!

  • Private Message Forum: Obtain access to a subscriber-only message forum. Say "Begone!" to those evil "Today's DD Sux Check Out My Stuff" threads!

  • Exclusive Content: Obtain access to an exclusive deviation, either a wallpaper, skin or theme, each month. We have got Shea working on the first wallpaper with Nuvem on the second. What is even cooler about this particular feature is this: 10% of the profits we earn from subscribers each month go straight to the artist who created the monthly deviation, so you are helping them as well as us.

The first wallpaper is in production and will be released to subscribed members very soon.  We plan to add new subscription features in the future as well as other incentives, but those will be announced seperately as they become available.  In the meantime, a banner-less site is a nice thing to see and does speed the load time up a bit.  On top of that subscriptions actually support deviantART much more than banner advertising therefore we hope to see many deviants take advantage of this opportunity.

Sound cool? Interested in signing up?  Here are those small details that you need to know.  Ensure that you choose the plan that you feel best meets your needs. =)

  • $3 for 1 month's subscription

  • $8 for 3 month's subscription

  • $30 for a 1 year subscription

(Note: Prices are in US Dollars)

Once the transaction is complete it is final.  This means that if you sign up for 1 month and then immediately decide that you want a 1 year subscription you will end up having to pay $33 for 13 months of subscription.

At the moment, once your payment is confirmed, it will take the deviantART staff to manually validate that the payment was in fact received properly.  The validation, generally, will take around 2 hours, or so, but may take up to 24.  Once we validate your subscription, from the exact time that we validate is when your membership begins.   This means that if you are validated at 3:30pm on the 14th of December, and subscribed for 1 month, your subscription is up at the same exact time on the 14th of January.  We are working on creating a completely automated system but will not have it in place for some time.  We continue to work with PayPal to ensure that we are able to create a seamless system that allows us to validate subscriptions automatically.

By signing up you ensure that deviantART will be able to survive as your primary source for desktop customization and digital art, as well as helping us build new projects and features for the future!
The deviantART staff would love to welcome our newest member to the team - link(,dj-designs)! Daniel is best known for his incredibly intricate and detailed Winamp skins, and we're hoping he can port these skills over to the role of GUI creation for deviantART and related sites.

Daniel has constantly demonstrated his maturity, skills and strong support for deviantART and we're honoured that he's aboard. Everyone give Daniel a timid wave, a shy smile and perhaps even a flirtatious look if you're into that kind of thing - he'll understand, and feel welcome no matter what you choose to do.
After receiving over 175 applicants for staff positions at link(,deviantMAG), our next task is to work out exactly what content you would all like to see in the magazine!

One aspect of deviantMAG that we would like your thoughts on are what information you'd like to see in relation to some of the art sections we'll be covering. These include 3D, freehand, design (site/corporate/motion), indyart, photography and skinning. Aside from information such as tutorials, artist galleries and interviews, what specifically would you all be interested in reading? Treat this based on the categories - so if you're a 3D artist and would love to see a portion of the 3D section dedicated to modelling, then tell us! The more specific you are, the more useful it is for us.

If you have any other ideas you'd like to suggest for deviantMAG, then also leave comments here. Try to be a little bit more creative than simply a "links section" or something similar. Be original, propose some fun, unique and interesting ideas for us!

We have been busily sorting through all the applicants and are currently finalising what the roles of these applicants will be. Expect to receive a response to your application some time this upcoming weekend, along with some more information about the general idea of the magazine.
The latest project from the deviantART staff is slowly taking shape in the form of link(,deviantMAG). This will be a highly unique and exciting project designed to harness the creative energy of the deviantART community and focus it into an amazing development revolving around what we love: art. One of the key aspects of link(,deviantMAG) will be the staff that creates the product. We want to create a dedicated team of individuals to be involved in every aspect of link(,deviantMAG), from ideation to final development.

If you're a committed and talented person who may be interested in joining the deviantMAG staff, please visit the site at link(, and send in an application. You can also join our IRC channel on in #deviantmag. We hope to hear from you all soon!
The due date for submissions into our Fight the Future contest has passed, and so the contest draws to a close.

Thanks to everyone who participated, we received over 200 submissions from people striving to win that Wacom. Some of the art has been amazing, and the final result is going to be a close one. Over the next few days, the deviantART staff will judge each of the submissions and decide on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places - so stay tuned.

Any new submissions from here on will be discounted from winning a prize. We're also welcome to ideas for new contests, so give us your thoughts.
Want to win a Wacom Graphire Tablet simply for creating a deviation? Upload a submission to the Fight the Future contest on or before the 17th of September for a shot at the tablet, a deviantART free T-shirt or a deviantART POP3 account! The due date is fast approaching so get cracking!

Now is the perfect time for everyone to participate in this - the contest is wide open for a devious individual to take home the bacon* and the Graphire. What have you got to lose? Have a go, you might be suprised.

For a recap of the general idea of the contest, load up the link(,original news article). Thanks for participating, and good luck!

*"Take home the bacon" was a phrase of speech. deviantART takes no responsibility for disappointed individuals who don't receive bacon as a prize.
With a move that many saw as completely out of the blue, our resident self-proclaimed freakmastah extraordinaire known as Jark has managed to bust out a completely new link(,forum) for deviantART, all whilst avoiding throngs of ecstatic, wild teenage fans.

Several deviants, almost giddy with excitement, labeled the fresh new look as "Cooooooool", "sweet" and "very nice". One of the older deviants known as itirep burst out an "ooooooooo", then fainted on the spot. Even 'grumpy-pants' weaponzero divulged that he had creamed himself upon viewing the new forum. In a shy, embarassed tone he added "Please don't tell anyone about that incident. It's strictly between me and the dog". Oops.

Although an inside source close to Jark has stated that the new forum is essentially complete, he also revealed that there may be the possibility of introducing titles for deviants who fit into certain forum post thresholds. He went on to explain "The deviantART staff would like users to be somewhat rewarded in a sense for their involvement on the site. A deviant who has posted between 1-10 messages may have the title 'apprentice', and on the other end of the scale someone who has posted 300 forum messages and up may have the title 'freakolicious dingo lover'. These titles would be displayed underneath a deviant's username on each forum post. By the way those titles aren't finalised, I just made them up on the spot. Pretty creative, no?"

The deviantART staff has made an appeal to deviants for comments and suggestions on the new forum. Apparently though, all requests for the old forum style to be returned will be met with a "talk to the hand 'cos the face don't wanna hear it" approach. No doubt this will leave some deviants bawling their eyes out, but MikeyLove was quick to point out "If anyone needs a hug, just talk to me". Very noble of you Mikey, very noble.