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MM7 Sprited Miriam Godwinson

By ArbonGenre
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Part of this ongoing series of sprited up Faction Leaders from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. This is Sister Miriam Godwinson of the Believers. And I hate her guts. If I can't wipe her out immediately, she and her faction grow like flies from rotton meat.

I'm not particularly proud of this piece since it only required some minor recolors of my standard base and some editing of the eyes and neck area.

Do be aware that the base for the sprites is that of Megaman from Megaman 7, so the sprites belong (somewhat) to Capcom or whoever owns MM7.
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Miriam is fun when you just want to play "the bad guy." She also has some of the best lines; the antagonists usually get the best quotes. I played the Believers in one game, and I managed to side-step every other inter-faction war until the final quarter of the game. Why? Initially it was because everyone avoided me like the crazed religious fanatic I was. Later it was because while everyone else was squabbling among themselves, I easily spread over one of the main continents while building a great infrastructure and military. By the time people started closing in on me, I had enough power to SMITE with impunity.

Sometimes it's fun to play the bad guy.
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sounds like how I play the gaians. MINDWORMS TO EVERYONE! just loads and loads upon loads of mindwormsxD and then a planetbuster and some burnt cities.
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HAHA word bubble for the win~ XDXD
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*comment for every sprite submission* MOOOOAR.
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yeah miriam is a pain in the ass
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I love Miriam whenever I'm playing an aggressive faction. Pact, burn everyone else, win the game. Perfect plan.

I'm loving these sprites! I am envious of your pixeling skills.

Also, I seriously laughed out loud at the bottom text.
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Glad you liked it. I was kinda stealing from that whole MiramXZakharov photoshop probe-team picture you have in your Gallery. Which probably means that Morgan is coming next with a related comment. XD
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PFFFTTT Believing Probes, they always get the best stuff. XD! Morgan is next, I can't wait to see that comment. xD
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Saria, I love you, but stop linking me to this. I have no clue what is happening, and you know that.
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