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I bid thee greetings

Argh! Why does it sound like I’m gargling gravel? Why!? Gah! I need better sound recording equipment, on top of everything else that’s wrong here.

Still can’t decide between gray eyes or blue eyes, though I am now absolutely certain that I want the feet to be both pink, and to look like an actual mouse’s feet as opposed to a cartoon mouse’s feet. Curse my sense of laziness, cartoon feet are so much easier to draw …
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Greetings small mouse, and not bad, though, yeah, the voice could match better, have you considered a voice altering program?
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that some EPIC Skills you have there
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Ah, so you do have some work. It's not bad, although your voice is gruffer than what I deem appropriate for a mouse. Actually your voice sounds like you're a programmer (all programmers sound the same).

When I draw rodent feet, I merely draw a round shape into a pointed shape for the toes in one swift motion. It looks pretty rodentish that way. You could consider something similar if you're looking to get the rodent look without spending a million years on it. Although these feet aren't that bad, they at least don't look outright canine. And as you know, all furries assume all animals are just canines with different tails.
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BTW, I would go with blue eyes because it would give him more character.
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Hmm ... another option I considered was having his eyes be a dark gray under normal conditions, but turn blue (and have a glowy effect) whenever he's especially emotional or using magic. The point being that it gives him a wider range of expressions for very little effort on my part, while at the same time avoiding a hard decision entirely. Your opinion is noted regardless, and THANK YOU for being the fi- ... second to offer your thoughts.
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That's pretty solid man!
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This is cool. I really like the movements, especially Arbon's ears and tail movement.
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This is pretty well done. I look forward to seeing what comes next.
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