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Ain't Got No
Spirit of Ecstasy
The Horse Being Beaten and Beaten (Six Word Cento)
god is just a lonely masturbator.
The Painter's Vision Is Not A Lens (A Cento)
the water was too cold for us: boatloads of hands draped with purple (like, it seems, the color of the saints in Holy Week) burning, burning, whiskey blind, swaggering, manly, comfortable, not avoiding injury to others, blasting, grunting like jack-hammers across the grand piano, came, singing to their drunken Trojans, and I was a stuffed skunk, not avoiding injury to myself, Old Glory with thirteen stripes hung on a pole; our magnolia blossoms - life begins to happen. remember our lists of birds? why are they no help to me now? we've lost our summer. we are poor passing facts, grow slimmer and younger each year. we a
I've Married A Cupboard of Rubbish (A Cento)
your brother will trim my hedges: i should have loved a thunderbird instead, the zoo yowl, tapped like a cask, ready to bleed sticky pearls if it comes to that. hill and valley stiffen. this is a man, look at his smile, church smile - the vampire who drank my blood for a year. call him any name and he'll come.
An Old Beast Ended In This Place (A Cento)
your absence is inconspicuous. there is only a crow in a tree. make notes you bastard: the telegram says you've gone away. i lose sight of you on your blind journey, your cry fades like the cry of a gnat. the old dregs, the old difficulties take me, haunched like a faun, church smile, dead hands, dead stringencies on spread newspapers. my mind runs with them. the magic saw dust writes: address unknown. the wingy myths won't tug at us anymore. i'm through. i've had to kill you. i used to pray "you will not do. you will not do. the nose, the eye pits, the full set of teeth. you will not do. you will not do", the tongue stuc
Frog-Mouth and Fish-Mouth (A Cento)
let them start: the queer alchemy that melts the skin and, unusually humorous, walks the unwalked garden of rose- beds. two suicides; this is number three. this is not death; it is something safer, a monster of wood and rusty teeth, soft suede tongues, a basketwork of cattails thick as foreign coffee. how long his carcass had foundered under the bower at the lily root. resin drops ooze from the pine bark; and with a sluggy pulse the spawn percolate.
Still, Stubbornly, We Try To Crack The Nut (Cento)
o god, how shall I ever clean the muck funnel, muck funnel?   bush-stink, fizzy with sedatives and unusually suicidal, dead as a nazi lampshade; the fountains are dry and the roses erected down the gangways of fine jew linen [i think i may well be a jew - flesh, bone, there is nothing there]. one thrust, one thrust, one thrust. a negro, masked like a white, nobody can tell what i lack. i may be skin and bone, a speckled conch, a wedding ring, that crooked line laughing, laughing; the nerve curlers? the convulsors? none of them seem to notice. the only thing that comes now is the sea.
As A Crime We Hear Little Of This (A Cento)
when you were mine they wrapped you in dire clothes like a dead potato. my green green hands said novenas to my ankles and elbows, a fist of my unease, a world of beats thrusting for one Angel of fire and genitals, his tyranny, his absolute reference work in sin: hand-me-down monogamy, little bits of dried blood, hotel towels and an aphrodisiac coffin to lie in.
Do I Have To Beg For Your Pardon (A Cento)
there'll be no more curtains on your windows, no pictures on your walls: we have feet and wish for wings. we’ll talk about it when the morning comes - you'll wake the fish, you'll scare the birds. you ask me what it’s all about, what is it that I had to be before you let the stranger in. we are meat, we are spirit, we'll waltz to the counter with our pockets full of american money, to shine and comply just like a boy of nineteen would do. and when the band starts to play lead me onto the dancefloor - ça me fait tant plaisir - and wake the devil. so what if the sky is on fire? someone's lost out in the storm a
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I can't stop giggling at your account pic/gif! Giggle Giggle :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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TheGalleryOfEve|Professional Digital Artist
That name!!! :iconhurrplz: :la: :heart:
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my next name will be @calisssssssssssse or some such.
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Stygma|Hobbyist General Artist
saintciboiredeboutdeviarge (but it might be too long! :XD:)
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RezaBisuto|Professional General Artist
See, I've stopped changing mine, but you're still at it. So you can't blame me anymore!
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who tf are you even.
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RezaBisuto|Professional General Artist
Yo mama!
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