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May 28, 2014
His lap was reserved for science... by ArbiterGirl resonates with, as the suggester says, "intense longing", and achieves impressive characterization in relatively few lines.
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i still see his hands
coated in soil
playing god
coaxing seeds to life
bringing his creations to us

maybe that was his love

the calluses from wooden shovels
from making wooden fences
from the circle-purple grapes
the quarter-blueberries
the furry peaches

maybe he loved us
the same way the cat did
secretly perched atop my toddler bed
until dawn danced on my fluttering lids,
leaving before the morning sun
would make stark her black in the light

maybe he loved us
through the water and earth and wind
that fed his garden plants
maybe he loved us
with the force of sunlight

but we just never knew I learned to love the stars

Feeling nostalgic
Times are hard

I was always a daddy's girl.
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Or maybe he just loved gardening  :(