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LOTR OC - Elves of Amon Andune

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This is a LOTR elven kingdom I have been working on last week. For this elven faction and it's units armor/weapons I used elements and designs from the elves of Rivendell, Mirkwood, and Lothlorien, however for the weapons I used, I mainly used the weapon designs for the Noldor (Imladris) because this faction is of Noldor origin so it felt necessary to do that. 

The background of the elves of Amon Andune is that they are Noldor elves that survived the previous conflicts of Middle Earth including the War of the Ring, they are also among the few elves who refused to leave Middle Earth. The lord of Amon Andune is named Caundaer, he is a descendant of one the Twelve Houses of Gondolin. Amon Andune first started out as a large hill that stood near the Bruinen river, after the war of the Elves and Sauron Caundaer and his people inhabited and founded Amon Andune as a fortress city. It was built on the east side of the river Bruinen near Imladris that served mainly as a fortress during the War of the Last Alliance. During the War of the Ring, Caundaer and the elves of Amon Andune participated in the war and aided the armies of the north. They took part in some battles in the north, including the Battle of Dale in order to halt the advance of Sauron's easterling army. After the war Caundaer along with the majority of his people remained in Middle Earth during the events of the Fourth Age.       
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