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Pestle, AngelZoneOCT Ref

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Name: Pestle

Alias: Project PESTILENCE

Race: Human

Sex: Genderless, prefers female terms

Age: 9

Occupation: Experimental Bioweapon

Height: 4' 6"

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair: Black, kept short, past her ears

Eyes: Green

Skin: White, pale

General Attire: A simple white shirt, oversized for her, reaching to her knees. Kyle fashioned a belt for her, so the shirt doesn't billow around so much, and a box cutter she stole is tied to the belt. No shoes or socks, or even any other undergarments are given.

-Box Cutter: Stolen from a building before being transported into the tournament, more likely to hurt herself with it than others.

Special Abilities
-Living Hive: Pestle, as a living bioweapon, was made specifically to be a walking hive. On command, Pestle may summon forth dozens of specially made hornets, having them seemingly erupt from her skin at a moment's notice. The hornets follow her wishes precisely, usually to swarm and sting people attempting to harm her. The hornets' stingers are longer than a normal hornet's, and they can pierce denser materials. Once summoned, the hornets will last for about ten minutes before dying and crumbling to pieces. More weaknesses are covered under Weaknesses.

Strengths: Pestle is small and nimble, able to usually avoid trouble coming at her by running away. Her strange body structure allows her to summons swarm upon swarm of hornets to help her when running away isn't an option.

Weaknesses: Pestle has little to no experience in dealing with the outside world. She cannot improvise quickly and often gets frustrated and/or scared by what's happening around her, and her first option is always to run away. While she can summon swarms quickly, each new swarm requires a large amount of energy from her body, quickly weakening her and causing her to grow dangerously thin. She will starve to death if she summons too many at one time. She also has a strong aversion to cold, powerful smells, and must eat a large amount of food each day to keep her current weight and strength. 

Likes: Food, exploring, humming, food, bugs

Dislikes: Anything that threatens her, cold, strong smells, loud noises

Personality: Socially awkward and shy, Pestle is still getting accustomed to the outside world. Hyper curious, Pestle wishes to explore everything she sees, but is easy to boss and push around, thanks to her timid nature. Her main motivation is usually food, as she requires a large amount to function, and will regularly mention she's hungry. As of now, Kyle Warren is the only person she trusts, and follows his words without question. It's not a friendly relationship, but Pestle doesn't seem to realize that as of yet.

Brief Bio: (SPOILERS FOR AUDITION) Many years ago, Project HORSEMEN was enacted by a shadowy organization called Cloak and Dagger. The purpose of this project was to create a series of super-soldiers and weapons to sell to hungry governments. Among the various projects with HORSEMEN, Project PESTILENCE saw much success after two decades of long labor and countless failed and destroyed clones. Pestle is the newest and most successful version of this long process, but still has flaws that are deemed unacceptable. She was on her way for elimination and final data collection when her convoy was ambushed and she was stolen by the ALOS.....

an adorable little girl for the :iconangelzoneoct: tournament

picture drawn by the ever fabulous :iconandyetnobananas:
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This such a cool concept! I love her already ^^
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Thank you! Pestle loves you too